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A town council is needed to upgrade its network because to protect the following facts. Attacking from external hackers, accessing information from unauthorized users, accessing unauthorized sensitive information from internal users, losing the password are issues for data protection.

Attacking from external hackers

External hackers will alter or delete your sensitive information to prank or attest that they can hack your data.

Accessing information from unauthorized users

Unauthorized users will try to access stored data, such as personal mails.

Accessing unauthorized sensitive information from internal users

Unauthorized internal users will try to access sensitive information, such as marketing plans, salary details.

Losing the password

Authorized users can lose the password so write it down in the paper immediately after changing the password and essential to have a password recovery system.

Task-3.1 (b)

Plans for Data Protection

Using Firewall

Firewall is a security system based on the network or software based on network traffic control to analyze the data packets incoming and outgoing and determine whether it should be permitted or not on a set of rules material. A firewall is a network bridge between the internal network or computer security, protecting the other network is secure and reliable, usually an external network (inter) such as the Internet, which is not considered safe and reliable.

Disks Encryption

Disk encryption locks the entire contents of disk drive or disk partition, and transforms it into an unreadable code. Automatic encryption of data occurs when it is written to the hard disk and automatic decryption occurs before being loaded into memory. Some packages create invisible folders that act like a hidden disk within a disk.

Using Biometrics technology

Biometrics refers to the identification of individuals. Their properties or characteristics of biometrics are used in computer science as a form of identification and access control. There are two types of biometrics. They are Dynamic biometric (for example: speech recognition, signature, speed of typing) and Physical biometric (for example: iris, retina, fingerprint, and face recognition, hand geometry).

Using Anti-Spyware software

Anti-spyware programs can combat spyware in two ways:

You can provide real-time protection from similar protection anti-virus, because: scan all incoming network data for spyware and blocks threats that it finds.

Anti-spyware software can only be used for the detection and removal of spyware software that has already been installed on your computer. This type of anti-spyware often configured to scan on a regular basis.

Real-time protection from spyware works identically with the anti-virus real-time protection: the software scans the files on the hard disk when downloading and blocks the activity of components known to represent the majority of software anti-virus, spyware. Anti-spyware/adware how many tools often require updated database of threats.

Backup file

Calculation of backup and archiving computer data, because it can be used to restore the original after a data loss it is. Backup two different purposes. The main objective is to restore the data after the loss or erasure or destruction of data. Data loss can experience for general computer users. The secondary backup to recover the data from earlier in the year, Accor ding policy users the necessary information, retention, most often for production use extra method for many copies of the data set.

Task-3.1 (c)

Alternative methods

Using VPN network

VPN extends a private network through a public network such as the Internet. They can all functions, to send and receive data in the public network server or share as if it were part of a private network and the management of private network and security policy. This is accomplished by creating a connection or a combination of both virtual point-to-point coupling, through the use of specific encrypted.

Using Anti-Virus Software

Computer viruses malicious BHO, LSP is the Trojan hijacker, ransom ware, key loggers, backdoors, root kits, Trojans, worms, malware, dialers, Fraud tools, spyware and adware: Anti-virus software as follows: Remove the software used to prevent detection of malware. Real-time protection, most anti-virus, anti-spyware, synonyms and on-access scanning, background guard, resident shield, the other Auto Protect, refer to the automatic protection provided by programs anti-and other malware. This system monitors your computer for suspicious activity, such as an object other malicious viruses, spyware, adware, real-time

Task-3.2 (a)

User Authentication

Authentication to verify identity (Unit of time, equipment, or other) companies need access to applications, data and resources. Validates to establish trust relationship for a further navigation. I want to allow access to the connection ID for specific actions and responsibilities, and authentication. After authentication, authorization processes can be used to allow or restrict the level of access.

User name and password

Users will enter their credentials when they access to view information.

Security token

Users who come in some cases personal identification number to connect to the gateway password generated by the token code that combines the security token.

Client certificate

The user logs presented based on the characteristics of the client certificate to show the gates to access the gateway checks. Client certificate authentication is used in the situation, a double source authentication, in other types of authentication.

Task-3.2 (c)

Privacy and security methods of data transmitted

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN extends a private network over a public network such as the Internet. You can use all the common functions for sending and receiving data to the public network or server as if it were part of a network of private and management of private security. This is accomplished by reacting a compound or a combination of the virtual link point-to-point through the use of special achieved encrypted.

Leased Line Technology

An internet leased line is a premium product connected to the Internet, usually delivered over fiber that is engaging and offers uncondensed, symmetrical speeds, full-duplex. It is also known as Ethernet leased line, DIA line, data connection or private leased lines circuit. Typically be used by businesses to connect geographically distant offices. Unlike dial-up connections, a leased line is always active. The fee for the connection is a fixed monthly rate. The most important factors are the monthly fee distance between end points and the speed of the circuit.

System vulnerability

System vulnerability is a weakness that can reduce an attacker to compromise a system to safeguard information. Vulnerability is the intersection of three elements: a susceptibility or flaw, the attacker access to the mistake and attackers can exploit the error. To exploit the vulnerability, an attacker must have at least a suitable tool or technique that can connect to a system weakness. In this context, the vulnerability is known as a desktop. A security risk can be classified as vulnerable. The use of vulnerability with the same sense of risk may lead to confusion. The risk associated with potential significant loss.

Biometric Technology

Biometrics refers to the identification of individuals. Their properties or characteristics of biometrics used in computer science as a form of identification and access control. There are two types of biometrics. Is dynamic biometrics (for example: voice recognition, signature, typing speed) and Physical biometrics (for example: iris, retina, fingerprint and facial recognition hand geometry).



(Decryption) and encryption is the process of science of cryptography. So as to be perceived by a person before sending the prying eyes decoding key. In Internet, encryption and owns the device is safe to use on a daily basis to send the password over the network and so as not to, the payment of significant other details on the website and trust you to get the message in encrypted and plain text.

Task-3.2 (e)

Using Firewall

The firewall application in the work to determine whether a process should connect to accept. Application firewalls accomplish their function out by the socket calls to connections between the application layer and the lower layers of the OSI model filtering. Firewall application, the hooks in the socket as a socket calls known filter. Apply the firewall application act as a packet filter but application specific filter filtering rules (allow / block) on a per-process instead of filtering connections on a port. In general, the input is used to define rules for processes which have not received a connection. It is rare, no combined or used in conjunction with a packet filter to find application firewalls.


This paper attempts to identify issues of data protection, plan, authentication method, the transmission plan and how monitored and remove network vulnerabilities Hall. The above descriptions and explanations are privacy issues, plans and methods change discuss benefit to the City of limited storage and secure data transmission. And then the user authentication methods are useful for corporate privacy. Many methods are evaluated, selected and discarded for the municipality can choose the best method for your network to be good. And susceptibility software is a great help in the local council. It external avoids all attacks and internal interrupt.

At the end of the mission that I have a lot of knowledge about problem solving and know that the average network. And then I got a lot of knowledge about the data protection method authenticates users to plan and monitor the transmitted data, and how to eliminate the vulnerability.