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Create a flyer that can be used by real estate agents to highlight their properties. Include a place for a large picture, and include a convenient place for property and agent information. The flyer should within one page only.

Assuming that you are marketing of Samsung (M) Sdn. Bhd., prepare at least 10 power point slides for your potential customer to promote the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. You are required to include the following information in your presentation slide

Image of your product



Comparison with any other model from the same manufacturer

Other relevant information

Introduction of Computer Application

Computer application also known as computer program and software is a course that focuses on the Microsoft office made by William Henry "Bill" Gates III (born in October 28, 1955), he is a former executive and chairman of Microsoft. The first version of Microsoft office contains Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. After a year, Microsoft Company has launched software, such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Publisher.

Computer application will also be covering the basic concepts in Computer Hardware, Software, Operating Systems, Telecommunications, Databases, as well as the usage of the Internet.

Flyer of Question 1

4 Bedrooms 1 FLOOR !

2 Bathrooms

1 Car Garage

Indoor Swimming Pool

Beautiful Lake View

No Basement



Ground Floor Plan

Contact us now for more information

Shawn Teh Shaw Chuan




Answer of Question One

Microsoft word also called Ms Word, is used commercial word processor create and design by Microsoft. Ms Word is one of the component that under Microsoft Office, but it can be purchased as one stand software/ product. In business, Microsoft word is an extremely useful software, usually use in creating memos, letters, legal copies and reference documents.

Spend more time on typing but less time for formatting

The Microsoft Word users interface present the suitable tools when we need, making it easy to format our documents quickly. Now, we can use the right features in Microsoft Office 2013 to make our project and documents communicate more valid. Using Quick Style, fonts and documents themes can quickly change the figure of text, tables, and graphics throughout the whole document to find out your own preferred style and color scheme.


Microsoft Word has many ways to create a table by the number of rows and columns in a form. The most straight method to create a table, we can use the pencil on the screen. By moving the pencil, we can draw a table, create cells of different size and specific the border of different colors and thicknesses.

Other Features of using Microsoft word

This software allows the users insert the test immediately as long as it dints set protected. There is a large variety of formatting options, including a color choice, font type (bold, underline and italic), line spacing and alignment. Images can be drag and drop into the software, insert manually or insert from the clip art galleries. Can be easily created and formatted as we wish. With using these features of Microsoft Word, the company can increase the office efficiency and improve the human resource utilization.

Why Microsoft Word is important

If you are creating a simple word documents consist less than 10 pages without a lot of formatting, you don't have to use Ms Word. You can create your documents with any word processor for free, you may even find the free word processor easily and simpler to use than Ms Word. But, what about when you have to create documents that involve many pages? Let's imaging that you have to create a documents that contains 200 pages with a lot of formatting and styling, Ms Word will be the best choice for this kind of documents. With using Microsoft Word 2013, there are a lot of features that can help us complete the documents as fast as possible. We can create a table of content with on a few clicks because this program will create the table of content instantly. When you have master how to use the heading style and then modifying the styles that according to your like. I confirm that u will be satisfy in using Ms Word.

PowerPoint slides of Question 2

Answer of Question 2

Microsoft PowerPoint also called Ms PowerPoint, is launched by Microsoft, same company with Microsoft Word. Ms PowerPoint is software that provides users with an interface to design multimedia slides to display on a projector or computer. This software combines images, sounds, text, and video, we can also create a chart with a few clicks for the presentation. Nowadays, PowerPoint is one of the simplest computer programs to learn and it is the number 1 program that we can use for presentation.

Create an extraordinary presentation easily

PowerPoint 2013 provides new and improved tools to increase the power to your presentation. In PowerPoint, we can easily drag and insert the picture, beside that we can edit and embed video. Now we can even add fades, format the effect, bookmark scenes, and trim videos to give our presentations a professional multimedia experience, since the embedded video become a part of our PowerPoint presentation, we don't have to manage additional files when sharing with others.

Create a slide show

When we started a new slide show, PowerPoint provides an array of templates to choose. Experienced users with a specific look in mind can start the templates with a blank presentation for setting attributes, such as fonts and colors. After creating the file, the next step is creating a slide which can be done by using auto layout, or we can use a blank screen in order to add components manually. You can then choose to add a combination of text and graphics to suit the needs of the presentation, and apply animation to either of these elements to create a dynamic effect. You can add as many slides and make them as content-rich as your system can handle; there are no limits imposed in the software itself. And you can access to tips of making a perfect PowerPoint presentation.

Other features of PowerPoint

We can use the action button in the slide show, such as home, back, forward, end, beginning, and help. Can draw many shapes as we like and fill in the color, insert and edit a text box, copy and paste everything in the PowerPoint slides, we can add a lot of features to attract the audience. For the chart, we can choose to create many type of chart, such as pie chart, bar chart, line chart, column chart, and area chart. For different chart, will have the different view/look.

Spelling and Research

The PowerPoint software has a features call spelling, it's very useful for the users. Sometimes the users might be rushing the time to complete their work, auto spelling will make the correction for them automatically. Research will search the information for us that we need, for example, it might be search in thesaurus dictionary.

Conclusion of Question 1

Microsoft Word is very important in our social, no wonder you are in school or office. To do our assignment and work, Ms Word is an effective tool for us to creating all kinds of documents like flyers, letters, memos, reports, term papers, and typesetting novels and magazines, etc. Without Ms Word, I believe that our work might be harder to proceed and complete.

Conclusion of Question 2

Microsoft PowerPoint is almost same with the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The different is PowerPoint is use in presentation, Ms Word use in create a documents, Excel is a spreadsheet application use for calculating and graphing tools.

At last, I might say the Microsoft creator is very great, he help us a lot, so that we don't have to worry about how to create an extraordinary presentation. I believe that a lot of people mind is same with me, Microsoft is the best for us in any situation now.