Internet Systems Administration Assignment Computer Science Essay

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Internet Systems Administration is a most popular and interesting sector now a day for any job seeker. I have been asked to administrate an online retailing company and also asked with updating any require field of the website in this scenario. In this chore I have to maintain a page to accept the whole details (name, email, address etc.) of the customer for validation. I should validate the entry of specific fields and make sure that customers filled up all the required fields with valid input before submitting the page. Here I used XHTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop the mentioned page and functionalities.


To begin with I have designed the page using XHTML integrated with CSS. After accomplish those sections I have formed a JavaScript page for scripting and checkout clients input to verify without refreshing the page. During validation users would be unable to input anything and after validation he/she will get a confirmation page that his/her input was right and have been accepted by administration.

Below this page has been shown off the requirements, where I have asked to accomplish those options.

Figure 1.1: A screen shot of Address Entry Page.


In that page administrator allow customers to specify standard 'Titles' for themselves (e.g. Mr. / Mrs. / Miss) from a dropdown list. However there is an extra option 'Other' in the dropdown to enter a title (Doctor, Engineer, Mechanic, Lecturer etc.) which is not mentioned in the list. Users can apply this option by clicking 'Other' in the dropdown list. After clicking 'Other' option there would be a text box appear in right side of the title box to enter custom title for users.

Figure 1.2: Screen shot of Title entry.

Figure 1.3: Screen shot of Other's title entry.

If any customer or user left any field empty here in this page, then error messages will show him/her to fill all them up before submission.


After successfully mentioned the 'Title' whatever it is a customer or user is approach to next step in 'Username'. Here customer or user only capable to input 'alphabetical' order. If any customer or user left this field empty then a warning message 'Choose a username' will appear to let him/her know that he/she left a field without input something.

Figure 1.4: Screen shot of Username field.

E-Mail Address

Here in this section the 'E-mail address' and 'Confirm e-mail address' fields validate fully qualified Email Address and do match between them. If anyone does not input a valid email address or do not match those address then there would be error message will appear to warn customers such as if anyone input wrong then this message will appear 'Enter a valid e-mail.(e.g: [email protected]'.

Figure 1.5, 1.6: Screen shots of E-mail address field.

Confirm E-mail Address

The 'Confirm e-mail address' field check out whether the user or customer does not did any mistake with his/her email address. If anyone does not input the same e-mail address which he/she input before in 'E-mail address' field then this message 'Email address do not match' will appear to warn their valuable customers.

The warning message will remain show off while the customer or users does not input the same e-mail address. So if the user fails to enter same email address for two times it gives them a warning message again.

Figure 1.7, 1.8: Screen shots of Confirm e-mail address field.

Date of Birth

The fifth step is to determine the 'Date of birth' of customers or users. This is one of the most important section to mention in 'Address Entry Page'. Along this section 'Date of birth' administrator can view the customers or users age if he needed.

Figure 1.9: A screenshot of Date of birth section.


This is about the sixth section 'Address' entry. This option allows a customer or user put down the address where does he/she live. This is a vital section or option as gain a account and get or send any further necessary information if admin needed. This section mixed up with 'alphabetical' and 'numeric' order for users or customers advantage. Through this address administrator can easily seek out users or customers address which he/she mentioned.

Figure 1.10: A screenshot of Address entry section.


'Mobile' option is one of the very critical option because if a user or customer mention his/her 'Mobile' number in 'Address Entry Page' as a part of complete the entries then he/she will be noticed any information by 'Administrator' easily.

Figure 1.11: A screenshot of Mobile section.


As like before 'Mobile' section 'Phone' is also a vital option to do accomplish the entries of 'Address Entry Page'. This section allows a customer or user input land phone number once.

Figure 1.12: A screenshot of Phone section.

Postal Code

The 'Postal Code' section only accepts four (4) digits zip code or postal code. In the validation of this field it does not allow users to input any alphabetic characters and restricts other than few zip codes from Dhaka city.

Figure 1.13: Screenshot of Postal code section.

Finally if any customer or user tries to 'Submit' the address entry form without validate all of the fields correspondingly it will give them a message to amend the invalid input(s). On the other contrary any user or customer can 'Reset' all the field if he or she want.

Figure 1.14: Screenshot of Submit and Reset section of Address Entry Page.

After completion of all fields correctly he or she will receive a confirmation message from 'Administrator' saying that 'You have entered all your data successfully'.

Figure 1.15: A screenshot of Confirmation message.