Internet And Mobile Technology Advancements Computer Science Essay

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Over the past decade internet and mobile technology has advanced considerably and is now without a doubt part of our everyday life. The use of Internet which ranges from the way we interact individually to the way we do business. During my research period, I have conducted thorough analysis and have shortlisted a number of advancements which I consider to be most noticeable in our lives. While regarding to advancements over past decade which are linked to internet, I consider that the most noticeable advancements are; internet speed, access of information, communication through internet, business applications.

Taking into consideration that Mobile technology and internet are closely interlinked together, the significant advancements over past decade which I deem to be significant are: smartphones, wide accessibility, communication, applications and connectivity.

In this project I will structurally and broadly expand on these significant events which have advanced the internet and mobile technology over the past decade, while using real world examples to illustrate my findings.


The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use to serve billions of users worldwide. A decade ago, general public had little or no access to internet, today people are connected every single place they go. Internet has become part of everyday lives. The reason of internet success is the tremendous availability and its relatively cheap cost. Internet serves multiple purposes in our day to day activities; it can range from booking flights, banking to organising social events, connecting with distant relatives.

Fiber Optics

Over a past decade Ireland and the world has witnessed a surge in demand of high internet speed which lead to development of fiber optics technology. A decade ago, Internet was and still is extremely slow in Ireland compared with other EU countries and Japan/USA. Previously, the main provider of internet was Eircom which held a monopoly in the DSL cables. Their speeds were up to 24 mb/s. Liberty Global, Inc. which owns UPC is the new power house in providing bandwidth in Ireland which is up to 150mb/s.

In Japan, Sony, Inc. has launched fiber optics capable of delivering download speed of 2 GB/s and in America, Google has launched its own fiber optics which are capable providing download speed of 1 GB/s.


During this decade of advancements of internet the most significant quality is its unparalleled amount of information available to access by every single user, the freedom it gives us. As the world becomes more and more interconnected we witness the spread of information without boundaries. Citizens of Ireland can view videos, articles which are published across the world. By allowing to access information through internet, we as Humans are getting more educated, which in turn helps to stop concerning issues in our world such as racism.

Every single person can access website, which allows them to get familiar with the situation in Ireland, vice versa citizens of Ireland can view articles trending on or which increases their global awareness of current events.

Business Applications

As the spread of internet usage continues, we as general public begin to rely upon businesses that are innovative with Internet applications. As consumers we seek business applications which we can use in the comfort of our own home, without the need to leave. A prime example of such of application is Internet Banking. Previously in order to make any banking transactions we were required to visit the local branch in which we are registered, this proved to be time wasting process, thus internet banking was developed. Consumers now can view their bank balance, transactions and they also are able to transfer money through the aid of internet, hence it proved to be more cost effective and allow not only banks, but customers to save funds and time.

An example of internet banking in Ireland would be AIB; they require submitting a registration serial number, following your personal access code and last four digits of your number which is registered to AIB.


Over the past decade, with the advancements of internet and its significantly increased speeds and usage by the public, we are able to communicate efficiently through internet. There was a significant surge in demand for software which allows us to communicate individually with our relatives without restrictions of geographical area, further more entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg has developed social website's such as "Facebook". Later in the decade, video streaming became available through software's such as "Skype", by creating video stream between two parties it allowed to connect with the individual on higher emotional level, Video streaming truly defined limits and increased our expectations for the future of internet software and its technology.

In today's world, people feel more comfortable communicating through internet than ever before, arranging meetings it's never been easier, because of its easy access and wide usage by the general public.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has advanced considerably over the past decade and evidence of these significant advancements is all around us. A decade ago, mobile phones weren't used widely by the public, in today's world people have a phone everywhere they go. The reason of its huge success and accomplishment is the way it allows us to interact with each other while providing valuable services to ease our day to day lives. Previously, people had to arrange meetings in weeks of advance, and if they required changing the meeting date, it was downright impossible to change, due to lack of connectivity available between each individual. Mobile phones and its technology have simplified the way we communicate and interact.


Over the past decade technology supporting mobile devices has advanced considerably, while a lot of contribution has to be given to Apple Inc. for introducing a smart phone which has integrated touch screen technology which we have not seen before, but there is more to advancements which occurred over the past decade excluding the touch screen, such as wireless networks, ground breaking 4G internet, applications and over all simplicity of mobile devices which made it so more attractive to consumers.


A touchscreen is an visual display that the user can control through simple gestures by touching the screen with fingers. The touchscreen enables the user to interact directly with the device. Apple Inc. have developed "iPhone", it success was questioned by previous companies who dominated phone market such as blackberry or Nokia, who are playing catch up ever since "iPhone" release.

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet uses radio waves to send signal to a device which allows it to connect to the internet. As mentioned previously, mobile technology and internet advancements are closely interlinked during this decade. "IPhone" success is directly contributed with the applications business releases for the smart phone device, and its simple use of internet.

The use of internet on mobile devices has increased its appeals on costumers. The user of a mobile device now is able to be constantly connected with the world.


Mobile technology has significantly eased the way we communicate with each other. As previously discussed arranging meetings was extremely difficult due to lack of communications. Now, communicating between each other was never easier due to services provided by mobile phones. Mobile phone is able to send and receive calls, messages and photos between other devices.


Over the past decade, the only way to make a call was through landline. In this decade, making a phone call is simple and easy. It's an effective way to keep in touch with friends or confirm appointments.


Short message service (SMS) is a text message which is communicated usually through a hand held mobile device. SMS is the most widely used data application in the world, 78% of all mobile phone subscribers. SMS is mostly preferred by young adults to freely communicate between each other.

Internet Applications

Internet applications on mobile devices are an essential part of today's smart phone. With business constantly adapting to consumer demands of easy access to their products we can see that, business become more and more dependent on internet applications to cut its cost and please consumers, a prime example would be the banking sector or any retail shops.

Phone Banking

As previously mentioned on the section of Internet advancements, Internet banking has revolutionised the way we bank today while mobile banking is part of this revolution. With access to internet on your smart phone, it's possible to access your bank account through internet anywhere to perform transfers and other tasks.


With the aid of mobile internet developments of last decade, it's possible to perform task through your mobile phone such as purchasing clothes on or your favourite retailer as well as booking your flights for vacation or business meetings.


In conclusion, the advancements of past decade are important in today's world which allows us to perform all the tasks through internet and mobile technology. The success of internet and mobile phones is undisputable. Internet and Mobile technology has considerably advanced over the past decade. It significantly increased our knowledge of surrounding news, it allows us to communicate freely and most importantly it reduced the time spent on doing tasks, by reducing time spent doing insignificant tasks, we are able to spend the extra time doing things we prefer, which in turns makes us happier individuals.