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How many interactively designed products do we have for our day to day usage. If we think about this and the typical ones we do uses in each days; mobile phone, computer, web, ticket machine, remote control e.t.c. in the above list lets now think of how usable, enjoyable and attractive they are and to evaluate this we will notice that each of them does different things from each other like a mobile phone which cannot do the work of a ticket machine or a computer doing the job of a mobile phone. These devices are design in a different way to do a different task. As we all know that many of the website designed for the user to interact with in carry out their task have not been mainly designed with the interest of the user.

In this report we will be talking about a shopping and fashion website, evaluating how the user interface adopt the principle of a good design and usability concept presented in the text. Also we will be talking about how the interface are visualized apparently and forgiving/instilling in its user sense of control effectively .i.e. if the user can quickly see what they wanted with full option and for them to be able to undo any activities whenever they wanted to.

The purpose of an interactive design for a website which I will be talking about in this report is [1] the usability design must be explorable [2] It must be learnable [3] It must be flexisible in dealing with [4] It must be easily readable [5] The interactive style must be properly design [6] The use of colours must be properly coded. Also readability, navigation, consistency and robustness must be put into consideration when evaluating the usability of the interface.

On the report a website has been chosen has a case study which is ( which lack sum of the above vital points listed.

An Explorable interface.

users must be given a well marked road .i.e. if a user wanted to check something quickly without going through the whole link on the main menu, they should be able to do so and their should be a quicker way like a drop down menu of which these particular website is lacking. Those who wanted to explore the site should be giving some lines of lower resistance, do not resist the user into a single path of the link to follow.

Allowing user to undo; in a state where user is not able to undo a particular mistake there will be a lot of unwanted dialogs which does slow people down. A study shows that people of years back in a hazardous environments does make less mistake than the people in more technological environment although they tend to work slower because they try as much as possible in making errors.


Avoiding an invisible navigation; this website does have so many invisible navigation, e.g. user has to click on men's link on the main menu before they can actually see all other links on men section like trends, underwear, plus size, sale. Even though you can see the specific page you were, but you can't see any of the sub menu or the vast spaces in between the pages on the men section. Memory loads should be minimised for the user by making object, action and option more visible. The instruction or display should be visible and easily retrievable at appropriate time. The use of navigation should be minimal as much as possible because it safe the user a lot of time, it offer a greater sense of mastery and autonomy.


The use of colour skim on this website is not very efficient enough. The colour is too bright, not very attractive. Most people nowadays have colour blindness. The cones in our individual eyes are the source of colour vision. Every one is sensitive separately to different colour, designs on this website need to be more modify and the colour coding has to be proper. I.e. the colour skim has to be properly followed.


As we all know a well interacted designed website should at least have display of some image on the home page changing by itself without clicking on it and this can only be possible with the help of a flash player e.g adobe flash, but on this website you have to click the picture by yourself before it can move to the next page of the pictures. The use a flash player which allows interaction independently by itself do attract many user into a website and as it is on the website the picture remain stagnant on the home page although there are little self interacted images on the section in the website.

Latency reduction

They must be put to background. The user does have to see the latency through the help of multi-tasking techniques, allowing user to continue with what they are doing while the transmission and computation does take place in the background.

Reduction in user's latency experience; introduction to text message to alert user as they are waiting for their order to be processed. Let the system make a sound or beep and visualized indication when the lengthy process is completed and making sure that all unnecessary application is been eliminated.


The texting should be readable and have an high contrast, also the correct font size were meant to be used and be large enough so the user wont be having any difficulty in reading the text in a standard monitors. Human language is redundant, allowing people to "heal" gamble information but numbers does not have redundancy unless there is a strict protocol declared. The old people should be put into consideration; they tend to have reduced light transmission in their eyes, "Presbyopia" this normally affect most 45yrs above. So contrast decision should be put into consideration and this tends to be affecting this website.


The presence of this offer the designer a greater help with the product without the disruption to consistency areas that are important to the user. More effective consistency design interface are easier to learn and easy to use. The user is expected to know a particular command which will work for the other. Although this principle works mainly for limited and simple interface. Consistent interface does follow rules like using the same operation to select different product. There are many choices to make on a particular website like shopping website but some can be inconsistence with other area of the interface. The are some things we need to know when we talk about consistency which are;

Level of consistency; the important of this varies, some interface element demand more attention than each other the example is a suite of product.

Platform consistency; inconsistency is a bad thing in a usability interface because user were shown that a product will be delivered on a certain day but was delivered on a different day entirely, this should be avoided as much as possible. The most important consistency is the one of the user expectation. User should not be wondering whether the display image is also same thing with what they have ordered. The platform convention should be followed.


The interface, computer and the task environment belong to the user but don't mean that autonomy rules are abandon. User should not have to be looking for the status of their information but they should be able to see it on their interface and should be able to get the approximation status of that particular ordered product. No customer will like a place where control is absence, status mechanism is important to supply the necessary information for the user.


There are some things that need to be improve on this website;

Texting format need to be more bold and clear particularly for an elderly person to see it properly without straining their eyes

The use of contrast need to be improves upon. As the way it is on this website, the interface is too bright and to faddy, this is because of the white background, the background need to be restructured, too much brightness could damage user's eyes.

The use of red colour is too constant on this website I believe it should more interacting by using different colour which will attract more users onto this website. Seen same things tend to frustrate user.

Navigation and drop down menu; the website is lacking this particular point, not every user wanted to go through the whole section of a particular page on this website, there should be a short cults to wherever you wanted to go, example is on ( if wanted to go to men underwear or shirts you don't have to click on men link before you can get there but instead you just have to highlight your arrow or pointer on men and click wherever you wanted to go to on the website even you can sort your search by the designers name which is not possible on (

So I will like to recommend littlewoods website for the designer of bonprix website to see some things they need to improve upon which I believe will attract more user to this website with limited complain.


It is of great importance to a fundamental areas of interactive design and on how to develop a conceptual meaning to it. The extent by which the user must learn in buy a product online and so on will depend on how they feel when using the website and how much they can trust you. If they feel frustrated when they use it or annoying because the navigation is very slow, user will stop using and visiting the site. User likes to visit a site or use a product that they could trust in term of readability, learn ability, constituency and explorable. So user interest needs to be put into consideration when designing website.


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