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I'm IDCS student. Now, I sit for exam I must do my assignment. So, I do my assignment now. When I do my assignment, it includes 3 Tasks.

Task 1 is especially for installing Ubuntu Linux distribution version 9.10 server editions.

For installing Ubuntu operating system software, it can download from

Task 1

The facts of point in Task 1 are

  • The comparative Networking features of Windows and Linux.
  • Interoperability features of Ubuntu with the existing Microsoft Windows Workstations.
  • You need to install Ubuntu on a machine and configure network services for Windows and Linux mainly for file sharing and printing. Necessary screen shots have to be provided.
  • Enumerate the various costs associated with the performance, security, support, and maintenance of the Ubuntu within the bank.

The Comparative Networking features of Windows and Linux

      The Operating System that depends on the network is based on the protocol. The protocols can connect the one computer to another or inter network connection. If we want to connect the one computer to another of the different network, we must use the other supporting devices such as the router, modem, etc...

      The both of the OS (Linux and Microsoft window) use the TCP/IP protocol. The TCP/IP protocol can use both of the Global and the Local network connection and this is the routable protocol. There are generally three class of the TCP/IP protocol and the Class C is the most used in the Global and the Local network connection. It can connect the 254 host computers and the about 2millions of different networks. The TCP/IP protocol is more secure and easier than the using of the other protocols that can use on the Microsoft and Linux platforms.

Microsoft Window Operating System

      The Microsoft Operating system is almost based on the GUI mode. We can connect the network, we can use and configure on the network feature on the window GUI mode by clicking. User can use only the common prompt when the testing the successful connection such as the ipconfig and ping of the response of the network.

This TCP/IP protocol can give the subnet mark by the class of the IP. If the class A network is used the subnet mark is If the network is successfully connected, we can use the network both the Local and Global servicing when the internet is connected.

Linux Operating system

      The Ubuntu operating systems use the same of the 32bit protocol, TCP/IP. The Ubuntu, we can connect the network the DOS with the common. When we connect the network is successful and we can use both of the Local an Global network(internet).

TCP/IP protocol

      The TCP/IP protocol can use both of the Window and Linux platforms. It can use all of the Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and the Wide Area Network (WAN). We can need Network Interface Card (NIC) and the other network supporting devices such as router, modern, switch or hub and the network cables (UTP or STP cable, fiber optic cable, etc.)

Interoperability features of Ubuntu with the existing Microsoft Windows Workstations

The feature that MS operating system contain like than the Linux OS is DOS feature. Microsoft buys the Linux DOS and used as the common prompt and so some common and keywords are like as the Linux. Eg. mkdir common can use both OS platform. The DOS common (common prompt) is more useful for repairing and network feature than the window. So network analysis use this prompt more than the window.

Installing of Ubuntu Operating System Software

Now, we will discuss the advantages of Ubuntu Operating System before I discuss the installing of Ubuntu Operating System software.

The advantages of Ubuntu Operating System software are

  • It pay software not cost.
  • It directly pays the formula of Ubuntu software if you buy it.
  • want to prepare this software, you prepare don't to pay money.
  • If you Ubuntu software is the no.1 of other platform software because it supports GUI.
  • You can install Google Chrome Browser software in Ubuntu Operating System.
  • You can use web-page in this Operating System.
  • You don't need to install license agreement in Ubuntu Operating System.
  • You can install this software with two partitions in your computer.
  • When you install it, require 20GB free spaces in your Hard disk but it use 10GB of your Hard disk.

                                                                                                                                 Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop Edition is easy to install, viruses and notebooks, desktop computers and servers in full freedom. The CD is based on extensive use of the installed languages and more support is available for download. This CD also contains, like Open Office, web browsers, multimedia players and many other applications.

The printscreen Installation of Ubuntu operating system

                                                                                                                                  Configure the BIOS of my computer to boot from CD ROM. Insert my Ubuntu 9.10 in the CD-Rom and let the system boot from the CD. Now Grub will be loaded giving me the first

Performance of Ubuntu within the bank

Well, Ubuntu is a very solid OS. After the operation, what do you do? Or are you looking for operating system functions. Since the network settings, desktop settings, etc.

The situation can, you Ubuntu Linux operating system, or go to:

  1. Surf website access and e-mails, “host” page
  2. To create a text editor, database, presentations, spreadsheets (Open Office applications)
  3. You can create multiple users and multiple desktops
  4. You can send images, video, audio
  5. You can create multiple workspaces, the more programs simply the entire desktop!
  6. Almost any type of “application functionality point of view you want!

With regard to your operating system:

  1. Supports multiple units, the hard drive to manage one of the article (because I just saw all folders)
  2. management of multiple network cards
  3. a specific set of routing rules, so that traffic to pass or reject adapter (actually a router / gateway)
  4. Fourth, multiple monitor adapter
  5. for the users access to what they have to have access In short, Ubuntu is a different operating system, the cost of what you! It is a choice for Windows or Mac. It is running a big problem for the old machines. ...

Security on Ubuntu

The security of Ubuntu are:

ASLR Technology (address space layout randomization), including several built-in memory protection technology in order to stack the hope that libraries, and executable code in the user space is difficult to predict. In another memory location to keep private ( “Chart protection”). Even if an attacker can find an error ASLR technology, difficult to use.

Protection tray adds a random value (called the canary, as a converged service) pile side, the return address, so if the queue can verify the integrity of the proceeding. The “stack overflow” is very difficult for an attacker exploit.

Heap Protection: GNU LIBC, internal memory allocation and targets fabricated consistency checks. If the random error in the application can not handle such as allowing a heap overflow, or the problem of resources, Two rounds of free the same memory (double-free), the protection and utilization these weaknesses, from the run-time to stop the attackers.

     No executable memory: memory, executable code, the only area will be able to walk. It uses a 64-bit processor cores, or run the “server” processor core, which provides the “NX” strength. This means that they are malicious attacker can easily inject executable code vulnerable applications.

          The memory address is the core of secrecy to restrict user access to kernel memory tools, some of the technical. For example, let X Window access memory devices, but does not allow access to kernel memory, which can prevent the root package installation.

The empty address space protection: the low 64K of memory can be allocated. This can protect the system, if an attacker tried to loopholes in the kernel null pointer exception handling.

The empty address space protection: low 64K of memory, not allocated. This can protect the system, if a vulnerability, an attacker trying to kernel null pointer exception handling operations.

Support and Maintenance of Ubuntu within the bank

       The support of the Linux Ubuntu software is only in the java platform application. This can get only free for using this software and so the course of the software is cheap.

The software that develops by the java needs less performance than other compiler software and so this can use the less performance than the other. So we can reduce the amount of money. The supporting is easy, faster and useful.

The cost

It took me what I have. I had to burn a CD, because I have a CD for free.

This gives me a little. I own burned CD, but hardware is compatible.

It took me function. I was not consistent with the hardware, but not change it.

It took me a little money. I replaced the hardware one, which is incompatible.

It made me lose a lot of money. I had to replace two or three hardware.

It made me lose a lot of money. I had to replace more than four years of the hardware.


The questions of the assignment are:

  • A brief overview of current VPN technologies (both hardware and software)
  • Design a suitable VPN using appropriate Internet Service Providers (ISP) for the requirements of the bank.
  • Identify and list the hardware and software required to implement the bank's VPN
  • Produce a schedule for the implementation of the VPN, detailing the installation of any necessary hardware, network operating system upgrades and associated applications software required.
  • Write a section of the report on the responsibilities and level of service required from an ISP in order to implement a successful VPN within the company.

The hardware and software in VPN's Bank

The current VPN technology

       The VPN technology can use ADSL, Wi-Max and another method to connect another way. The VPN is more secure than the other network connecting system and so the bank and other place that is so important than the security.

       The VPN network is the one of the virtual networks and the private data flowing on the public network. We can get the VPN line by the buying the account at the ISP. The ISP gives the user name, password and the internet line that is upgrade as the VPN line. We need the VPN server and other client computers to use for the user. The software for the using of this network is the Ubuntu and the banking software that is developed by the java platform. For the complete using of the network, we need the switch, modem and the another network connecting software.

The differentiate of using the Wi-Max and ADSL, we use the ADSL line because is stayed for weather condition and it can be hacked. So, we can use ADSL line than Wi-max line because it is more secured than Wi-max.

The hardware and software required to implement the bank's VPN

The hardware and software requirements

               The hardware requirements for the VPN line are the VPN server, modem and the router. The VPN can use the 2003 or 2008 and the Linux Ubuntu Operating system with the server features (that used install as the server). The Linux OS can get free from the online and the cost for the window server is over 200$. And so we can reduce the cost of the using budget. The hardware that use in the Linux is cheaper than the Window server. So we should we the Ubuntu is more than the Window server. The window needs to check the virus and the Linux no needs to check them. The virus cannot infect in the Linux platform and so the Linux is more secure and compactable than the window.

The implementation of the VPN

ADSL is 512kB upload and 512kB download.

Wi-Max is 1MB upload and 512kB download.

The detail installation of necessary hardware

               We install the Linux Ubuntu as the server because the server can control the full control of the network using the network and the application using control. In the Ubuntu installation, format the hard disk with auto formatting. After installation of the OS, we upgrade the OS as the VPN server. We use the VPN line and so we should install the VPN server.

               We use the Ubuntu both of the server and the clients. The Linux can use the java platform and so we may use the banking software that develops by the java software.

               When we mount the entire accessory for each of the computer we connect the local area network in the bank. After installation of the LAN and we connect the internet. The internet line upgrade as the VPN and connect to the VPN server.

               Each of the clients installed the banking software to use the bank data flowing system. The server controls the using time and usage of the application. The server should control the backup time and using time and so we command the server for this controlling.

The server should change the password weekly for the security to prevent and hacking and to check the privacy of the bank data. And control the viewing of the user level such as the manager can check the old data of the bank server and the staff can make the memorizing of the now flowing data.

               The client should backup the data to prevent the data losing and deferments of the file and should use the OS update.

The VPN should Line check to avoid hacking of the data and data flow checking data biography. The network administrator should line bandwidth check that is for checking the bandwidth of line.

Task 3

Trojan horses virus

               Trojan Horse programs are used for Early Administration purposes. Server system used Charter, to check their work - far stations. Housing program has two components, one works as a Server and the other works as a customer. Share servers Due to work and the client sets stations ? machine to the server. Although it is well Purpose, it can be used to improve their bad purposes. Hackers can use the charter to take control of their The machine aims and maintain all types of activities. This Dangerous than a virus and eCommerce Business.

Effect of virus

  1. This allows data integrity attacks.
  2. Allow it won control of the target machine For the theft of private information about the target System. How it affects the privacy policy.
  3. Storage and keys can be done with this vyevable Hackers. As a result, hackers can easily obtain Justification of the victims - IDs and passwords. How it affects Privacy Policy.
  4. Hackers can see the screen evaluation target machine Using Trojan horses. “Sometimes, if not vebsites Ensure the right, some third party company can Information for consumers and channels of communication with some other companies. This is a serious threat to consumers Privacy Policy.
  5. It can be easily installed on the target machine Just send a mail to add.

Trojan Horse Program affect core

Principles of information security.

Viruses and Worms

Viruses and Worms are computer programs that make computer systems not to work properly. There is a subtle difference between Virus and Worm; both can replicate itself, but when traveling on the network, Virus needs a carrier file. It can't travel on its own on the network; where as Worms can travel on its own without anything. It doesn't actually need any infected file to stick in. Viruses and Worms are really annoying problem for all systems. The ultimate aim of these Viruses and Worms are making a good working system to malfunction and sometimes worms can sniff in and steal private information to send it to its creator. As per Trend micro, so far 60,000 viruses have been identified and 400 new viruses are getting created every month. Earlier days, Viruses were spreading through floppy diskettes. Nowadays, it spreads through Internet, which is a broad gateway for these malicious programs. It can spread quickly and affect all systems in an organization within a minute and can create millions of dollar loss for the organization in a minute. Self-propagating worm virus. Webopedia worm definition:

“The program or algorithm for copying, through the computer network itself, usually carried out, as the use of computer resources, and can shut down the system, attack.” Its effects such as computer viruses.

Boot viruses

The operating system is a computer program is usually inhabitants unit. When you turn on your computer, it searches) to provide information on the disk itself (Master Boot Record MBR contains important information about the range of providers. When reading, the computer can identify a number of features disc, there is no other industry. Then read the Boot Record, a region where all commands load the operating system. operating system can be loaded from disk or floppy disk. In any case, if your computer is always in the first sector of the disk when the disk is contained in the MBR, and Boot Record contains the disk situation.

Companion virus

The MS - DOS, when the two files with same name in same directory, with “a location., and S '. exe file extension, “Dos always start '. Before ”'s COM and EXE“ files. File. Infected with viral replication partner with the same name. file exe files. However, with the ”. Extending COM '! Therefore, if you run the executable file from the “File” (for you, file) using the document (a copy of the virus).

This type of virus in the environment to run Windows 95, but if you start with the DOS box, it's really dangerous!

Virus File System

This virus mutates FAT (File Allocation Table). FAT What is the name and address of the index file. A virus in the file system changes before the original program a virus.

Macro Virus

This virus is the latest generation. The use of certain programs (like Word or Excel) elements. The program uses a specific language, allowing users to create macros. Macro is a series of activities (such as opening files, storage). It is a 'model', which will be in the program files (Word word processor, for example) can do something about these files. Therefore, in this case, it is a macro virus: action, but contains harmful to your system!

          Conclusion, all of the viruses can enter our computer by entering the memory stick and other USB devices. And, it can enter by entering e-mail for your account.

         There should be a Network security policy in place all the networked companies because if your company haven't Network security, you can be hacked by hacker of another companies and other facts of disadvantages.


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