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Present world is depends on internet or intranet application to do every day business activities, for this process all employees has to use computer terminals to complete their work. Each company works not only single state and they are expand in world with different branches. According to (wiley, 2007)human Resource management is reported that hiring cost will have large difference between online hiring process and news advertisement hiring process. This difference may be $2,800 approximately. By knowing this report I concluded that all company's human resource deportment is depends on online hiring process instead of media advertisement. The labor market functionality in the world mainly divided into 3 sub systems job search assistance, ,training and employment .in labor market job search assistance is main important task. in United kingdom job search assistance is provided by different consultancy services for fresh graduates and experienced employee and all job consultancy service deportments are sign up with different company human resource deportments. Getting employee information and recruiting them in company is time taking process .to implement this process many web applications are available but job seekers experience the problem in preparation of the resumes, covering letters, and present company technical skills requirements. many web application manuals are target the job seekers resumes but these are not targets job seeker's help process.

Further Drawbacks of the Existing System:

The following are the drawbacks of the existing manual System.

Time Delay: In the existing system, information related jobs availability is stored in different databases. job seekers has to search for interested job by registered with different consultants. Getting job will delayed

Redundancy: As the job information available in different databases, job seekers have to upload resumes with all database servers. So the same job seekers information is being saved at each database servers, which involves lot of complication and duplication in work and updating user information, thus it causes redundancy.

Accuracy: Since the same job seekers data is saved at different databases, the possibility of wrong data availability increases. Also if the data is more, validations become difficult. This may result in loss of accuracy of data.

Information Retrieval: As the job applying format information is not available with existing web, fresher /job seekers will apply with known unique format for all job providers. But format for job providers is not common and job seeker application will not consider.

Storage Media: In the existing system, data transmission between internal systems is language specific and it is not integrate with database .

Enquiry: Enquiry for different level of information about jobs and company and their format is much more difficult. Online information is not possible.

Aims and Objectives

The main aim of this project is develop human resource applications for job seeker and job providers using Microsoft web technologies

The objectives which will help to achieve the aim of the project are as follows:

Implement the designing process for online job searching application with the help of Object Oriented Analysis and Designing (OOAD) paradigm.

design database for online job board with Relational Database Management System

Develop and implement online job searching process using Microsoft new technologies

Implementing secured verification process for all actors to prevent illegal access

Implement user role based security in the online job board system

Implement user friendly environment to search FAQ, covering letters, resumes for job seekers

Online Job Board maintains information about the different job providers as well as the job seekers. It notifies every job seeker with the availability of the job as per the category in which the job seeker has registered user's resume.

The system also notifies the job provider with the information about the persons registered under the category required by the job provider. It also maintains a specialized search engine which provides instant availability of the jobs as the user's category.

The system maintains information of the users who have registered with the site and every user can post multiple resumes in every category.

The system helps the user in formulating the resume in proper manner, preparing of covering letters for different jobs, and frequently asked questions on their categories.

After searching the required job on the site the seekers can directly forward their resume to the corresponding email address listed in the search. This kind of functionality is again provided to the job provider who can instantly mail the candidates if one falls under their category.

To maintain online job board database and functionality of the site administrator will perform different activities and tasks. These activities will ensure the consistence of data in application for job seekers and job providers. Three user individuals' activities are categorized to start OOAD requirement analysis. By this I can prepare use case in unified modeling language.


job seekers is a main user in a online job board he has to register his details with system by getting access credentials he will use system .by using system interface user can upload resume and access resume tips, covering letter preparation tips, frequently asked questions .by checking /searching company jobs he can upload his resume. After completion of the work he has to sign out the system.


Administrator is system manager he will manage database and he will add new data about state, country, new categories for jobs, covering letters, sample resumes interview tips. He will login into the system to do above activities.


Job provider is a company employee he will search for best resumes and candidate's best resumes will be saved and employee positions will be uploaded to the online job board these all activities will be performed after login into the system.

The Job seekers can perform the following actions

Register with the web site:

The job seekers can register with the website by filling in a simple registration form. So next time when they visit they can use their username and password and can directly login to the website.

Post their resume

The job seekers can upload their resume as a word document to selected jobs.

Modify their resume:

They can modify their resume and add new skills and past experiences.

Search for job postings

They can search for jobs by different categories such as location, salary, industry.

Browse searched job postings:

They can browse through the search results of the jobs and can apply the selected jobs.

6) Add job posting to their favourites list: They can add the jobs to their favourites list.

7) Add frequently used searches to their favourites list: They can add frequently used searches to the favourites list so that they can use the same in the future.

8)   Can get suggested covering letters, Curriculum vitae and interview questions, CV templates according to their search keyword.

Ex: If he is searching for ASP.NET jobs than he should get all the CV's, Interview Questions, CV templates, covering letters along with the jobs.

The employers can perform the following operations.

1) Register with the web site: The employers can register their company with the job board.

2) Enter profile of their company: They can enter their company details in the job             board.

3) Post one or more job postings: They can post all the current vacancies in the job board.

4) Modify the job postings: They can modify the jobs according to the vacancies.

5) Search the resume database: They can search the resume database for appropriate resumes.

6) Browse searched resumes: They can browse through the searched resumes and can look into them.

7) Add frequently used searches to their favourites list: They can add frequently used searches to the favourites list so that they can use the same in the future.

8) Best profiles and resumes are maintained separately with favourite list at searching time.

Administrative user can perform the following operations.

Updating Education Levels: Administrative u ser can add/edit/delete education levels based on new requirement.

Updating Experience Levels: Using this option administrative user can add/edit/delete difference experience levels based on job seekers domain.

Development Model

For developing online job board application I adopted waterfall model as Software Development Life Cycle model. I used waterfall model because it is simple and each phase in Software Development Life Cycle have exit criteria and entry criteria and i can compete this project work with in specified time. Waterfall model each phase clear boundaries. Once I completed one phase it will not repeated and I will implement object oriented concept, database design concept which I learn in my MS program.

4 Software Technologies and tools

I want develop this application with Microsoft technologies those provides different reusable components

Hardware and Operating Systems











Layout of the project report

This project report document has been arranged into 5 chapters. These chapters are explained below

First Chapter: Introduction

Chapter of the report define the project critical factors like the Project Objective and guidelines.

Second Chapter: Literature Review

In this Chapter I explained about present labor environment and technologies which I want to be used for this application

Third Chapter: Analysis and Design

this project report Chapter is explain Analysis and Design step of the project ,here I will explain design activities with different tools which I will used to model the business activities for proposed Information

Fourth Chapter: Development and Implementation

Chapter Four of the statement presents the coding and implementation phases in development life cycle.

Fifth Chapter: Conclusion

The last Chapter of this report presents a significant evaluation of the project including completed work and further progression of the project.