Information Security And The Internet Computer Science Essay

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Means keep your information security under your direct control and full, ie the lack of access to it by anyone else without your permission, and be aware of the dangers posed to allow someone access to your private information.

You certainly do not want that others have access to your private information. It is clear that most people want to maintain the privacy of their information content such as passwords and credit card information and the inability of others to access them, and a lot of people do not realize that some of the information may seem trivial or meaninglessfor them, it may mean a lot to other people, especially If what has been assembled withthe other pieces of information. For example, a company may wish to obtain personalinformation about you for marketing purposes to buy this information from the person who compiled through access to a computer illegally.

It is also important to understand that you even if you do not give anyone your personalonline, some people may be able to access your computer system to get the informationthey need without the knowledge or permission.

Weaknesses in the Internet

Internet is vulnerable to flaws and weaknesses in the defenses. This weakness may be caused by software bugs and flaws in the design of the system. The reason some weaknesses to the wrong data entry, as often allows direct execution of commands or language SQL statements. And sometimes fails programmed to check the size of stored data, which lead to a flood of data which causes stack corruption or regions binary tree in memory.

And often allows vulnerabilities an attacker to circumvent the program to bypass screening access or execute commands on the host system for this program.

There are a number of weaknesses and be your computer or your network vulnerable. It is the most common validation errors such as data entry errors resulting from code format text symbols, and the wrong deal with changing symbols for the cover of the program is therefore interpret these symbols, and the introduction of SQL statements and include conflicting scripts - Location within web applications. It is also common vulnerabilities crash stack overflow data in the cache in addition to files symbolic links (Symlinks).

Screening weaknesses

There could be weaknesses in all major operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh, Linux, OpenVMS, and others. And weaknesses can be examined in the network and servers through a special test is used for the test servers and web pages and firewalls and is to see how exposure to vulnerabilities. The software can be downloaded examine the weaknesses of the Internet.

Security problems

The problem occurs when security is penetrated your system through one of the attackers or intruders (the hacker), viruses or other types of malicious programs.

And more people are targeted in security breaches are the people who are surfing the Internet, where penetration causes annoying problems such as slow browsing and movement interrupted at regular intervals. And can not access the data and at worst can penetrate the user's personal information.

In the case of programming errors or wrong settings in a web server, it is possible that let remote users unauthorized to confidential documents containing personal information or to obtain information about the host device server which allows a break of the system. As these people can execute commands on the host server, which can amend the rules and launch attacks dumped leading to machine crashes temporarily, as that Aligracah attacks (DoS) target slower or Shell data traffic across the network. It is also during attacks of Distributed Aligracah (DDoS), the aggressor is using a number of computers seized by an attack on a computer or other computers. The main program is installed for the attacks Distributed Aligracah (DDoS) in a computer using a stolen account.

The spy network data and intercept information transmitted between the server and the browser can become possible if you leave an open network or servers and weaknesses exposed.


A hacker is a person who creates and modifies computer software and hardware. This term has become a significant negative terms became known to the person who exploit the system to get through unauthorized access to systems and carry out unwanted and illegal. However, this term (hacker) can be given to the person who uses his skills to develop computer software and computer systems management and the security of the computer.

Computer viruses

Computer viruses are the most common among the information security problems faced by individuals and companies. The computer virus is a program that is undesirable and enters the device without permission and enters copies of itself in computer programs, and the virus is a malicious software or spam. And other malicious scripts called worms, Trojan horses or publicity programs or spyware.

Malicious programs can be just for the inconvenience of the impact on the computer and uses Tbtih and cause outages and breakdowns at regular times and affect the various programs and documents that the user may wish to access. The most dangerous malicious programs can become a security problem by obtaining personal information from your electronic messages and other data stored on your computer.

As for the publicity programs and spyware are often troublesome and lead to the emergence of pop-up advertising windows on the screen. The spyware gathers your personal information provided to third parties requesting them for commercial purposes.

Banditry (Phishing)

The term (Phishing) to express identity theft, which is a criminal act, where the person or company spoofing and fraud by sending an e-mail claiming to be from a company regular and asks for the recipient of the message to personal information such as details of bank accounts, passwords and credit card details. The information is used to access online bank accounts and access to the corporate websites that request personal data to enter the site.

There are programs to combat banditry Phishing and disclose the identity of the real sender, and the best way to protect the person from publishing personal information to those who request it to be the person vigilant and cautious and has sufficient awareness, there is no bank known or institution effectively asking their customers to send personal information via email.


We should always remember that e-mail does not guarantee privacy, Fajsusith similarity privacy postcard. And moving e-mail on its way to the recipient via multiple servers where it can be accessed by the people who run the system, and people who try to sneak him illegally. The only way to make sure to what extent the privacy of your e-mail is encrypted. See the following paragraphs.