Information And Knowledge Sharing Using Facebook Computer Science Essay

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Nowadays, information and knowledge sharing play an important role in any organization. Separate organization usually operates the process of exchanging data among variety of computer networks. Information sharing allows business to certain customer needs accurately and those needs are met with rapidly and efficiently. Today, web 2.0 technologies are becoming popular in order to share information and to enhance the knowledge in organization. Among web 2.0 technologies, social networking is increasingly important collaborative tools to create content for information sharing such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, etc. By using social media, user community and collaboration are improving and getting more knowledge on the web and information is usually constructed themselves for sharing.

Facebook is one of the social utility tools which connect people with those around them such as friends, family, workers or others with similar interests. In 2004, Facebook launched for college students as a closed community to require users by signing up with a valid university email address. Users are allowed to connect and share information in various ways by using Facebook. Moreover, the use of Facebook is expanding marketer's online footprint and directly engaging with customers for business organization. Nowadays, Facebook is becoming more popular than other social networking tools such as Twitter, YouTube, Myspace, etc.

In this paper, the role of Facebook in organization is described which includes features and privacy of Facebook. Moreover, this paper consequently discussed the advantages and how to overcome the barriers for information and knowledge sharing by using Facebook.

2. Features and opportunities of Facebook

Facebook page is customizable existence for an organization, business, product or public personality to connect the conversation with various uses. Facebook is the single-login media site which combines with many forms of social media such as messages, photo, videos, link, and discussions and so on. The flow of content is focused and posted by the page administrators.

People is allowed to interact with friends of their selecting which is also called one-stop online media and participated in groups with others. Status updates, photos, videos and links can also be posted on Facebook page and posts will start to appear in News Feed. In addition, Multi-media functionality will be enjoyed as the Wall tab which is central location for recent information posted by user and kept up-to-date content on user profile. Like a user profile, status with short text messages can be updated and News Feeds will be appeared by these statuses.

A Wall tab, Info tabs and Boxes tab are availiable on Facebook by default. The Wall tab is dynamic information; the Info tab is static which let to share key information and the Photos tab contains own photos and Fan photos. The Boxes tab is where application modules can be added in the wide and narrow columns. 'Drag and Drop' application modules can be around the page. Boxes tab include discussion boards and videos. The products, promotions and more can be discussed as full tab on discussion board. An unlimited number of videos can be uploaded and high definition video and audio are supported to Facebook. Video is targeted to have the highest image quality under 1GB limit. Users are allowed to upload photos and label on Photo tab. Metadata can be appended to the photographs that can be seen who is including in the photos and users can see the photos where is located. The metadata tag of user's name is to be manually removed when an annoying photo posted by someone else .Groups can be formed with other like-minded users and the available message boards are used with similar interests by Groups tab.

In additional features, online games can be engaged, quizzes are taken and groups or fans pages of celebrities such as favorite author, singers, about shows are joined on Facebook. Moreover, new data on Fans' engagement with posts from user profile will be included by the Facebook pages insights tool. User will be able to see how many comments, track how many new users start and stop viewing use's posts in News Feed. Several core of its Facebook page applications have already been made available for tabs including Events, Discussions and Reviews which can also be used by third party developers. In Event tab, Fans of movie premieres, in-store sales, concert dates and more are informed by posting an event. In addition, message can be sent to any friends at a time to communicate each others. Another feature is that the Facebook services are offered access by many new mobile phones either through the web-browsers or applications.

3. Roles of Facebook in Business

Nowadays, users are the most widely use for business in any organization which are revolving to Facebook to connect with their audience. Business is allowed to have a profile as its own page on the network which can show photos, videos and briefly information about products on their profile. Connect to the customers to find out what they want and what they like and dislike about the products or services. A service in conjunction is being offered to connect to similar companies for offering discounts and specials. Large companies are using fan pages to broadcast specials and fan only discounts on Facebook which is very beneficial for business. In addition, there are RSS feeds and email alerts utilities which the purpose of the business can be customized.

4. Privacy of Facebook

Privacy setting is an important role for social networking sites where unknown people could access personal information freely. Users are given a great deal of flexibility who is allowed to view their information by privacy features. All other users are allowed to view any profile information which a user posts to the service by default. Privacy of personal information has been acknowledged as a key right issue in any organizations. The concerns for information privacy affect the consumer trust in business organization is to a great coverage. Three types of dimensions of users' information privacy have found concerns about collection and control of personal information and awareness of practices correspondingly.

In most Facebook sites, communications setting are also provided for addition privacy settings in order to determine who can send them as messages or comments on their sites. Privacy and communication settings were responsive and utilized to create optimistic and protect the information and safety an experience. Security and privacy setting are being growing significant among the challenges for social network services. For friend list privacy, friend lists are described as a feature which allows creating private groupings of friends based on user's personal preference. Typical groups would be Friends, Family and Professional which can be used to apply variety of privacy policies. Privacy is an important one for tagged photo or video which user can select the option as "Only me" or "Friends".

5. Advantages of using Facebook

Facebook has become extensively popular with the last few years and has many advantages for both businesses and individuals. A major goal of Facebook is to allow users to interact with each other on the network. User is allowed to search for new and old friends and made it easier to join groups having similar interests. Through the organization of profiles, its users are allowed to access to other personal interests which the contact can use. The walls updates concerning upcoming events and gatherings can be posted by organizations on Facebook. For students, a door is also opened to connect student organizations and ideas since Facebook is popular with younger loads due to similar interests and habits. Most of university students communicate explicitly concerning about their lives, opinion, academics and interests. For sharing ideas or information in open surroundings, fun and its rapidity of learning knowledge are created by the social feature of Facebook.

There are many advantages for business by using Facebook. Since Facebook is enormous network of people, business can be advertised to specific groups which would most likely be interested. Another advantage is that advertising cost is very low by using Facebook. An excellent amount of advertising budget can be saved for businesses. Business is helped to develop relationships with customers and increase the visibility of the company or organization. Facebook is a good social networking site not only entertainment but also businesses as it helps them to connect and develop.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, Facebook is the most useful social network site to share information and knowledge for any organization. User is helped to push the information rather than have to work to pull them to some else site by using Facebook. Facebook is excellent for user with either subordinate literacy level or professional status who may be few likely to post a comment to a log, are more consistent posting a short comment to a wall post or tagging a photo. Although these features are offered to collect and communicate information, the achievement of applying Facebook depends on active participations among funs and how the organization culture is developed. Therefore, Facebook is the effective social networking sites that encourage the development of current and future activities in organizations.