Improving Productivity By Using A Computerized System Computer Science Essay

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Malibrown is one of the fast-food leading companies in Srilanka. They have newly established an IT Department and currently they are running all the operations on manual. Since they need to expand their business and need to cut down the number of employees working in the outlet they have decided to move into innovative technology such as converting all the operation into automated system.

I have appointed as IT executive in Mali brown Food Company. And this report indicates how to improve productivity by computerized system as well as how to enhance the profitability margin. According to their requirements I have produce this report.

Comparing manual system (handling with book and ledgers) and automatic system (IT)

In the past, people used to do their work progress in books and calculation were done

in ledgers. But presently the computer revolution has made a tremendous effect on IT. Beyond working on books, the IT field seems easy to complete huge business work and account works with in few minutes. Essentially IT reduces a man's mental work and it keeps human free. Although in accounting the calculations are made automatically with the given values.

Computer Systems

A system is a collection of elements that work.togather to achieve a common target. A "computer system" is made up of the cpu,operating system and peripheral device. All desktop computers, laptop computers, network service ,minicomputer and mainframes are computer system . Most reference to computer imply computer system.

Introduction of input & output device

What is a Input device

The components or peripheral which feed the information and the data in to a computer is called as Input device. The process of the input device is, it converts the user's analog into digital electronic signals. The electronic signals are transmitted in binary codes which are understood by the computer.

For example:



The keyboard is a way to input the numbers and letters into application or programmers Keyboard is one of the upgraded versions of the equipment known as a typewriter, when pressing a key the electronic sheet attached under the keys will send a signal to the system and the system will act according to the signal. A key board also have special that key help operate the computer.



The mouse is used to open and close files, navigate web sites, and click on a lot of commands (to tell the computer what to do) when using different applications. , As a result of these actions the arrow headed pointer moves according to user's mouse movement. Basically the mouse is used for pointing, Clicking and dragging.

Web camera


Camera can be used to take pictures. It can be hooked up to a

computer to transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer. . The most popular use of a web cam is online face to face conversations and online conferences.



A microphone is used to record sound. The sound is then saved as a sound file on the computer. Converts the sound into electronic signal and sends it to the system.



A scanner is used to copy pictures or handwritten texts and coverts it into digital image other things and save them as files on the computer.

Touch screen


A touch screen is a computer screen or other screen that you can touch with your finger to enter information. Easy to operate & any people can understand this method and easy to calculate and save our time.

Barcode readerC:\Users\s.vivek\Desktop\sim6a-blk.jpg

A bar code scanner scans a little label that has a bar code on it. The information is then saved on the computer. Bar code scanners are used in libraries a lot.

What is a Output device

The components or peripherals convert the signal which is sent by the computer and it is forms that can be seen, heard and processing system. , the output device will change the signals into a form which the human can understand and shows the result to the user.

For example;



An external hardware device responsible for taking computer data. An image by using pins or hammers to press an inked ribbon against the paper simple example of an impact printer is a typewriter, which uses small hammers strike the ribbon .the most common type of impact printer is the dot -matrix printer and others are line printers and band printers. which we use to get hard copy outputs from electronically stored data; printer are one of the most used peripherals on computer and are commonly used to print text .image, and or photos.



Monitor is one of the major output devices, without a monitor a human communicating with the system is impossible. The monitor is an electronic device which displays the image generated by the system. Basically monitor is a modified version of a television. When the system release the visual output signals the monitor will convert it in to a viewable image.



Headphones give sound output from the computer. They are similar to speakers, except they are worn on the ears so only one person can hear the output at a time.



Speaker is an audio output device, that can generate sound which is sent by the connected system. hardware device connected to a computer's sound card

sound card that output sounds generated by the card.

Multimedia Projector


A hard ware device that enables an image ,such as a computer screen, to be projected on to a flat surface. these device are commonly used in meetings and presentations as they allow for large image to be shown so everyone in a room can see.

Recommended computer devices

According to the problem of description the restaurant is facing a problem for calculating bills and registration at the customer counter which is done by manually . The above devices are consumed by both registration and calculating , could be done effectively , efficiently, also it cost effective and no need of employing more workers .Able to get a high turnover with minimum recourses. These are the Input/output devices which I recommend for the system and I also given the justification for my selection.




Consumes higher cost

Less cost

Ease of installation

Varies of greatly by distribution

Programs may be installed by the user

Contains numerous programs

Natively supported NTFS, FAT

Supported for ext2, ext3, NFS, NTFS, FAT

Multiple versions of boot loader

Multiple versions of boot loader

User focus is mostly consistent

User consistence is usually among desktop environment

Windows operating systems based on the NT kernel

A Linux window manager, a key component of the X Window-based GUI system, can be highly stable.

Device drivers are provided by Microsoft or written by the hardware manufacturer.

Some vendors contribute to free drivers or provide proprietary drivers.