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If the wireless LAN want to install in single room, small two or three rooms of office or home, a common thing that need to be consider is device for example access point, it provide all the coverage and capacity needs.

Collect as many documents as you can, including facilities maps, drawings and info to make sure the location of the computer systems and infrastructure and interference of existing network, for example walls and doors.

Surveyor must walk through to visually inspect the facility to look for the propagation of RF signals and also building features

Recognition which is a high degree of user and unused areas, after that identify the better location for the WLAN AP and antennas.

Implementation of the actual measurements to verify the AP real position. To ensure that you are using same AP model to survey and required resettlement and re-test for the access point.

Document your survey results. Record the Log and location of signal readings once if problem arise after the installation, this document can use as reference

b. What productivity benefits can be achieved if a WLAN were to be implemented in the job industry that you are employed in and also other industries such as retail industry, hotels, hospital and warehouse?

Cost Saving

WLAN technology not allows companies waste the money to buy the network equipment for exmaple cable, external modem, telephone cords and telephone line, it also to avoid the costs associated with the maintenance replacement and also the management fees.

More Wireless Devices Options

Business people who no longer need to access internet or receive their e-mail by using the notebook, they can use other device such as PDA, mobile phones, iPhone and others. The other reason is the device smaller than notebook, it easy to take to anyway and also can keep into their pockets or purse. They also did not boot up the device like notebook computers.

Accessibility and Availability

Business people no need restricted to their working places, because other place already provide the wireless service, such as coffee shops, bookstores, airports, parks and restaurants which is provide free WIFI service, customers can access the internet, people do not need an account to log on to the network. Otherwise the establishment will usually provide instructions on how to access the network.

Fast information transfer

Business people can send the data back to the office using a wireless device. They can send the data such as word processing documents, spreadsheets or sales result, for example the warehouse workers can exchange the information with center database by using the wireless connection. The sales person also can submit invoices or business expenses and they no need to submit paperwork. Meanwhile, managers get the information faster. Wireless technology has become to help employees improve productivity.

c. What are the four main design requirements for WLAN solution and explain how to achieve each of them?

a) Scalability

Scalability of network is the network capacity to meet the expanding need for companies or office and home, wireless network is more scalability than normal wire network, it can be designed very simple or very complex and wireless networks can support a large number of nodes and just only increase access points to improve or expand the coverage of large areas. Setup a wireless network just only take a minute such as install the wireless adapter in the computer then configure it to the AP.

b) Interoperability

With interoperability between WLAN may have several types. This will depend on both technology selection and implementation of suppliers. From different vendors using the same technology and implementation of the products are allow adapters and access points to interchange. Achieve of IEEE 802.11 specification, currently being used by user or vendor. It allows compliant products to interoperate without explicit collaboration between vendors.

Easy to install, easy to maintain:

The biggest advantage of wireless lan is reduced the workload of network wiring, as long as the installation of one or more AP device, also can covering the whole building or local area network. Wireless also easy to maintenance, people just focus on where the AP and router places and just replace the breakdown AP or router.

Economic saving, cost-effective

Many people think that WLAN is more expensive, but in fact, people can not just consider the price of equipment, because WLAN can reduce costs in other ways. According to a survey of Association of the wireless LAN, WLAN can greatly improve economic efficiency, increase productivity 48%, 6% increase enterprise efficiency, improve revenue and profit of 6%, 40% lower costs. WLAN not only reduce the demand for wiring and cabling, it also provides greater flexibility, mobility of information.  

d. The main factor that needs to be considered when designing building- to-building WLANs is path considerations between the radios line-of- sight. List and explain the path considerations.

Wireless Antenna - Wireless Antenna act an important role for desig the building to building WLANs, it allow signal wireless far away locatioan to be better reached, also can released a greater wifi range with a high gain, and send a strong signal to particular direction and literally aimed toward the area of the building where wireless devices located.

Type of Antenna - Parabolic antenna is the best choice because this type of antenna provides a signal in a very narrow angle, long signal distanace and faster link. So it suitable for long distance and building to building WLANs design.

Transmitter power -To design a building to building WLANs, transmitter power must be consider, transmitter power means actual amount power of radio frequency, less trasmitter power, the wireles coverage also less.

Question 2

Design a wireless networking for your "dream home". Describe all the wireless

Communication technologies you would include in your home, whether or

not they exist today. When you have finished with your design, do you think

the majority of the features you've included are for entertainments, lifestyle or

household functionality? You are also required to include the costing for the

wireless networking that you are setting up.

C:\Documents and Settings\derrick\Desktop\TMA 2B\wireless home design copy.jpg C:\Documents and Settings\derrick\Desktop\TMA 2B\¼’½’½„ ½†½Œ½½½’ copy.jpg

First Floor Second Floor

First Floor wireless technology

Living Room

-First thing, all in one wireless router must install for design wireless network. A wireless door access was installed then people can use the software that install in the notebook to open & close the door through wireless.

-Wireless CCTV is installed, the wireless technology already replace the signal cable and connect to 2rd floor CCTV wireless recorder.

-By using wireless LCD, people just direct connect it through notebook, people can enjoy the high definition video.

1st Floor Master room

-People can watch the video through wireless DVD player to connect to the wireless LCD. Pc workstation can install the wireless adapter then connect to wireless router for connect to internet.

Normal Room

-PDA also can use the wireless connect to internet and also can connect to the notebook for the data transfer, for example music and data transfer, sharing the data.

Second Floor Wireless technology

-To beef up the wireless signal, must install AP in 2rd floor,

-in the rest room, people can enjoy the game by using the wireless Xbox, wireless game control and connect to wireless LCD without using any wire, people can fully enjoy the game in anyway.

-2rd floor master is use for the CCTV recorder, PC workstation must install the wireless adapter, the wireless CCTV recorder can record four camera in the house without install the wire for the signal cable.

Cost of Wireless network design.


Wireless Device




Wireless Door access

Use for door access security, it can be control by software using the wifi technology

RM 900


All in one wireless modem

A modem than combine router and wireless function, use for connect to internet.

RM 210


Wireless CCTV

It can connect to recorder by using the wifi function, no need to install signal cable.

RM400 x4


Wireless LCD

LCD with wireless function, can direct connect to notebook and display the video.

RM 2300 x2


Wireless DVD Recorder

It can connect to wifi LCD without using the video cable.

RM 700


Aztech wireless adapter

Add one device for Pc workstation, it allows workstation connect to internet

RM 65 x2


Access point

Use for extand the wifi


Xbox and wifi game control


Wifi CCTV recorder

Question 3

Visit the web site for the FCC's and MCMC's RF band allocations. Identify at

least five RF frequency band allocations for each (FCC & MCMC) that can be

used in wireless networks. What are their frequency bandwidths?

FCC RF Band Allocation

AM Radio - Frequencies is from 535 kilohertz (kHz) to 1.7 megahertz(MHz).

IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g WLAN and Bluetooth - Frequencies is from 2.4 to 2.4835 GHz

IEEE 802.11a WLAN - Frequencies is from 4.9 until 5.5825 Ghz

Cordless telephone - Frequencies is about 900M

Radio- controlled (RC) aircraft - Frequencies is about 72 MHz

MCC RF Band Allocation

Wireless CCTV systems -Frequencies is from 5650 MHz to 5725 MHz

Mobile Radio location -Frequencies is from 10.5 Ghz to 10.55

Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) - Frequencies is from 1790MHz to 1800MHz

Wireless Access (FWA) - Frequencies is from 10000 MHz to 10700 MHz

MOBILE except aeronautical mobile - Frequencies from 10.6 to 10.68