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Frank Craig Brown Inc is a company which operates from a single Head Office in Dubai. This company employed 40 Junior sales staff and 20 Senior sales staff. Recently, the Management has set aside a budget to equip the Senior staff with wireless enabled portable Notebook PCs, printers, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). The Notebook PCs should come with pre-installed Genuine Windows Vista Business 32 bits and Microsoft Office Professional 2007 so that the Senior sales staff can deliver the company's message via a PowerPoint presentation. The Senior sales staff are required to communicate electronically with Head Office through internet. Within the office, the Management also wants to gradually convert the existing wired network to a Wi-Fi network.

The Head Office will need to set up VPN to allow employees access to the remote system. VPN is a private network that use internet to connect remotes sites. The connection between server and employee is private even though it uses a link across a public network to carry information. Employees can check the central database for available products, perform queries on existing customer records, send and receive e-mail, and complete sales order online.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Implementing Remote Working System

The advantages of implementing a remote working system within company are it will be a more effective business style. The business can be operated at anywhere and anytime, it can be a global market as well. After the remote working system has been implemented, this can help to reduce the office space. Employees who work from home do not need any workspace in office. In order to reduce office space, it can actually help to cut down a lot of expenses such as the electricity. Employees can access to their own responsibilities even though they working in home. They can access to the company database through the remote system. Employees can spend more their time with their family especially those have children. Employees are able to see who is in the online mode and what are they doing with. They can work together, discuss or chat with each other. Employees can remain in touch through video conferencing, video conferencing can also be used to have meeting. Besides that, employees can save the time for travelling to office every day. They do not need to rush in the morning and stuck in the traffic jam. Employees are flexible to plan themselves for any work. They can have a break while they feel tired and they can also go anywhere they wanted because they do not have any time limitations.


The disadvantages of implementing a remote working system within company are employees may lack of self discipline and motivation to work. They might not work for longer hours because they are not under guidance of their boss. Employees may also less to involve in some group activities. All of them did not meet up in office and their relationship might not be close. Besides that, this system might take some hidden financial costs.

Estimation of Costs


The hardware that we need to buy includes 20 portable HP Notebook PCs, 20 HP Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), 10 HP printers, 40 Belkin N1 Wireless Desktop Card, 3 Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router. The software we need to buy includes a Window Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition 64 BITS, a GRBackPro Server Backup Software and 6 Kaspersky Anti-Virus software.

There are 20 Senior sales staff in this company, everyone of them will be supplied with a suitable Notebook PC and a PDA as well. They will be using HP ProBook 4510s Notebook PC and HP iPaq hx2750 PDA. HP ProBook 4510s Notebook is an affordable notebook with 15.6" display screen for daily office applications. It memory is upgradable to maximum 8GB. The Notebook PCs will come with pre-installed Genuine Windows Vista Business 32 bits and Microsoft Office Professional 2007 so that the Senior sales staff can deliver the company's message via a PowerPoint presentation. HP iPaq hx2750 PDA has fast processor and it has dual expansion slots. It is build-in with Wi-fi and Bluetooth. 20 HP Notebook PCs will cost around RM 38,000 and 20 HP PDAs will cost around RM 40,000. The office will be provided with 10 HP Officejet H470wbt Mobile Printers which is wireless connected. It can connect to 1 Bluetooth, 2 USB and 2 memory cards. 10 HP printers will cost around RM 10,000.

Within the office, the Management wants to convert the existing wired network to Wi-Fi network so that the staff can access to internet at anywhere within the office building. We need to install Wireless Network Card to all the PCs in office and setup wireless router. The company will be using the latest technologies which are Belkin N1 wireless desktop card and Belkin N1 Vision wireless router. There will be around 40 PCs in the office. Therefore, the company should setup with 3 wireless routers, each of the N1 wireless router can support up to 16 WLAN and it build-in firewall. We assume that this installation and setup will cost us RM 15,000.


The security management of HP ProBook 4510s Notebook contains HP Protect Tools, Device Access Manager, enhanced Pre-Boot security, HP Spare Key, HP Disk Sanitizer, Drive Encryption for HP Protect Tools, Credential Manager for HP Protect Tools, File Sanitizer for HP Protect Tools, Kensington Lock slot and McAfee Security Solution. Hp iPaq hx2750 PDA has fingerprint reader for enhanced security. Belkin N1 Vision wireless router simple security setup includes WPA, WPA2-Personal, 64 bit/128 bit encryption and Multiple SSID. Belkin N1 wireless desktop card security includes WPA, WPA2-Personal and 64 bit/128 bit encryption. According to Microsoft, Window Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition 64 bits "improve security features and more easily ensure regulatory and privacy compliance with Advanced Certificate Services".

The company should implement with Highly Restrictive Security Policies. Security is needed for the network, data and system protection. To secure company data on network, the administrator should implement secure authentication and authorization. Authentication help to control who can access to the network while authorization help to decide what employee can do after they access to the network. The administrators should use IPSec to secure network data with encryption as well.

Wireless Security should be enabled on network devices by set Service set identifier (SSID). Company private WLAN should set a value which is long and hard to guess for SSID. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) must be enabled on all company network devices as well.

Besides that, we need to buy antivirus software for every PC and Notebook in company. The best recommended antivirus software is Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010. Kaspersky Anti-Virus software can protect better from viruses, worms, spyware and others. It is fully-automated real-time protection. It will block all the suspicious programs according to their behaviour. Kaspersky Anti-Virus software can support maximum 10 PCs for 2 years. Therefore, we need to buy 6 Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software and it will cost around RM 4,500.


A Window Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition 64 bits will costs around

RM 13,200 and it includes for 25 users to access. This Window Server controls who can log in to access the central database. Window Server 2008 R2 Enterprise edition 64 bits support 2 TB of RAM and unlimited number for VPN connections. The feature of it includes virtually unlimited Network Access Service connections, Network Policy Server connections, and Remote Services Gateway connections.

Our company's Backup Operators must backup the server data at least once a month. With GRBackPro Server Backup Software, the Backup Operators can choose either perform a full backup or an incremental backup and a differential backup. GRBackPro Server Backup Software for a server cost around RM 650.


HP Services offers one year limited standard parts and labor warranty and one year limited warranty on battery for HP Probook 4510s Notebook. The manufacturer offers one year limited parts and labor warranty and 90 days limited software warranty for HP iPaq hx2750 PDA. HP Customer Care offers one year limited hardware warranty and one year technical phone support for HP Officejet H470wbt Mobile printers. Belkin N1 wireless desktop card warranty is lifetime warranty.

Employee might intercept the wireless signal in the office. If we are facing any technical problems or something went wrong in the system, the server might be down. The first thing that we need to do is to find our company technical support teams. If the hardware is faulty, we need to check whether the thing is still under any warranty. We need to buy the new thing to replace it if it is unusable anymore.

Task 2 - 60 Marks

Setup a small wireless networking in your college or home with the following configuration


Wireless router (with wireless and wired features),

3 computer systems with wireless network adaptor (laptop or PC) running, MS Windows, Ubuntu Linux (or any distribution) or a combination of the two.

Set Up a Network

I have completed the practical project in my college laboratory under tutor's supervision. The network set up involves 3 PCs. 2 PCs operate under Windows XP while a PC need to be installed Ubuntu Linux. First, I install the wireless router on to a PC and connect it with a network cable. Then go to Command Prompt to find out the router's IP. Key in the router's IP in the Internet Explorer to do some settings of the wireless router. After that, both of the other PCs need to be connected wirelessly to the router.

During the practical stages, I did discuss with my tutor and she gave me some advices on the advantages and limitations of my approach.

Below are the steps I encountered during I install the wireless router onto a PC:

Figure 1: Select the "Setup Assistant" on the Main Menu.

Figure 2: Select "Malaysia" as my country and click "Begin".

Figure 3: Tick on the box to make sure you have completed all quick installation guide steps and click "Next".

Figure 4: The screen showed the step of checking for connection to router.

Figure 5: The screen showed the step of verifying hardware connections.

Figure 6: Name my network name which is also SSID as "MSHOME02".

Figure 7: The screen showed the step of requesting internet account info.

Figure 8: Select "Static IP" as the connection type and click "Next".

Figure 9: Enter the information that needed and click "Next". The information will be re-set later.

Figure 10: The screen showed the step of sending data to router.

Figure 11: The screen showed the step of restarting the router.

Figure 12: The screen then showed the step of connecting to the Internet.

List the Components and Its Function

2 PCs with wireless network card and a PC with Ethernet connection

Wireless network card enabled the PC to connect to WLAN while the network card enabled the PC to connect to LAN. 2 PCs with wireless network card need to connect to the wireless router without any cable while the PC with network card need to connect to the wireless router with the Ethernet cable.

A wireless router with the setup CD

In the practical test, I was using the Belkin wireless router. The setup CD helps to install the Belkin wireless router onto the PC that connected to the router with network cable. The Belkin wireless router enables other PCs with wireless network card to connect with it.

MS Windows and Ubuntu Linux

2 of the PCs in this practical test installed with Windows XP Professional 32 bits while another PC installed with Ubuntu Linux.

Set Up Security for the Wireless Connectivity (WPA)

The security set up is showed in Figure 1 below:

Figure 1

Step 1: Select "WPA / WPA2-Personal (PSK)" as security mode.

Step 2: Select "WPA-PSK + WPA2-PSK" as authentication.

Step 3: Enter the password (PSK) and tick on the box for obscure PSK.

Step 4: Click "Apply Changes".

Assign Gateway IP and Range Of IP Addresses

The IP settings are showed in Figure 2 below:

Figure 2

Step 1: Assign the IP address as

Step 2: Assign the subnet mask as

Step 3: Make it as a DHCP server.

Step 4: Assign the range of IP addresses for the nodes from - 90.

Step 5: Assign Belkin as Local Domain Name.

Step 6: Click "Apply Changes".

Change the SSID

The SSID setting is showed in Figure 3 below:

Figure 3

Step 1: Change the SSID of wireless access point as "OoiRouyin".

Step 2: Tick in the box for broadcast SSID.

Step 3: Click "Apply Changes".

Produce Screen Shots

Router configuration screen

The screen showed the process of configuration the router by sending data to the router.

"View available wireless screen" with the given SSID

Both of the screens above showed the available wireless screen from the PC installed Windows XP Professional and connected to "OoiRouyin" network.

Both of the screens above showed the available wireless screen from the PC installed Ubuntu Linux and connected to "OoiRouyin" network.

List of connected nodes from the router

The screen showed the IP addresses, host name and MAC addresses of each computer that is connected to the network.

You need to explain each screen shots the rationale for the configuration and explain in detail the steps taken. (8 marks)

First, I install the wireless router onto the PC which connected through Ethernet cable. I did some setup for the wireless router such as LAN settings and security settings. On the other 2 PCs, I search for the available wireless connection to connect with it. I select the SSID I set for the wireless access point which is Ooi Rouyin as my wireless network connection. Go back to my first PC which connected with Ethernet connection and view for the list of the PCs that are connected to my network.

Copy Shared Folder via Wireless Network.

The Figure 4 and 5 below showed the process of copy shared folder via wireless network.

Figure 4


Step 1: Create a folder name as "OoiRouyin" on desktop at first PC.

Step 2: Right click on the folder and select "Sharing".

Step 3: On the Network sharing and security, click on the first box and share the folder as "OoiRouyin", then click on the second box to enable network users to modify the files. Click "OK".

Step 4: There is a hand supporting the folder icon, means the folder has been shared.

Step 5: Key in "\\ip address of first PC" on the second PC in "My Network Places" and it was able to access the file from first PC to second PC.

TASK 3 - 10 Marks

Research various Wireless Broadband Routers for Home / Small office available in your

local market by visiting the computer shops. List out 3 popular brands with their price,

features and limitations.


Aztech Wireless G Broadband Router -WL830RT4


Around RM 145


Up to 54Mbps Wireless data rate.

Up to 3x eXtended Range support to boost your Wireless network range.

Compatible with IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u standards.

Integrated 4-port switch and detachable antenna.

5 dBi antenna.

Support secure WPA/WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication and TKIP/AES encryption-security.

UPnP, Dynamic DNS, Static Routing, and VPN pass-through, NAT, SPI firewall support.


Network only managed by 10/100Mbps router to connect multiple computers.


DIR 615 Wireless N 300 Router


Around RM 180


Max 100Mbps network data transfer rate.

Max 54 Mbps wireless data transfer rate.

Compatible with IEEE802.11n (draft), IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u standards.

Integrated 4-port switch and detachable antenna.

Dual external 2dBi Gain reverse SMA antennas.

Support secure advanced WEP, WPA/WPA2 encryption-security.

VPN Pass-through, NAT, SPI firewall support.


It lacks Gigabit Ethernet and USB ports.

The connection only can support within 10 meters area.

Signal is sensitive.

24 hours later, wireless speeds slowed below dial-up speeds.


Zyxel P-320W Wireless Broadband Router


Around RM 120


Up to 54Mbps data rate.

Compatible with IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b standards.

Integrate 4 port switch and detachable antenna.

2 dBi antenna.

Support secure WEP, WPA encryption-security.

SPI, DoS attack prevention firewall support.


Only 2 MB installed RAM and 1 MB installed flash memory.

Only 2 dBi antenna.

It has only WEP and WPA security.

Only have SPA and DoS attack prevention firewall support.


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