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Lifestyles appear to demand more and better forms of communication especially while on the move whilst travelling from one geographical region to another. The application considered here is one that can in principle not only deliver data involving stock market trends and movements reliably and securely but one that can very rapidly allow awareness of market changes whilst not at home or whilst travelling.

The possibly nice market for such a system will be investigated in order to further refine a set of client requirements. The intended market for such an application is for one who has invested in shares, bonds and gilts, for example, and which is designed to enable decisions to be made in a timely fashion to buy and sell such stock.

One general requirement is for an appropriate element of security to protect the client. The particular problem to be solved is to access the right amount of relevant information sought easily and rapidly. Two options at least appear possible (a) to regularly communicate information on market changes of interest to the client in short form e.g. via text message to inform the client that an event of interest to him/her has just taken place (together with a digest of what has occurred) (b) allow the client to use a micro-browser to surf relevant stock exchange informational pages (c) to allow data streaming to capture a lot of data that can be downloaded to a PC which allows e.g. graphic analysis of trends and so on. The single most important technology to be incorporated into the application is likely to be WAP. Other technologies will be explored.

4) Evidence of requirement:

The big question is whether, there is a potential large scale need for such type of service by the stock market . Stock market information is not easily available perhaps unless you are make a phone request or log on to the Internet; and while on the move it is often very difficult to get internet access without a WAP enabled mobile phone or PDA.

There are huge reputation market demand for the mobile internet due to its reliability and support for mobility. .It can be helpful to keep everything up-to-date, such as email ,weather forecast. It appears to be a viable alternative to fixed internet which is very convenience to us to do the very thing we wish to do in personal computer. Like Benjamin Franklin so rightly said, "Forewarned is forearmed". So, on consumers' point of view, yes, there is a potential need for this application. Moreover, most mobile phone network providers nowadays offer certain amount of free internet browsing on their mobile handsets each month. Users would prefer to use their free offer to check for train information rather than dialling or texting a phone number, which are usually charged at premium rate, to get that same information. In terms of benefits for the stock exchange company, this will be an improvement of their customer service and keeping up-to-date with new technology. Staffs involved with providing information over the phone for those travellers who still feel at ease with that means, will be able to provide a better quality of service as he or she would not be under so much pressure of dealing with all the calls waiting in the queue. Moreover, staffs at the stations will fewer enquiries to deal with as commuters will be informed well in advance.

In NEW YORK, at present The NASDAQ OMX group ,Inc is the world's largest exchange company, NASDAQ.COM ,the world's first major stock exchange to offer free access to information on all web-enabled mobile devices and Smartphone's .It has launched a mobile web version of In addition, it has recently set up a WAP site where commuters can access the stock market WAP site for enquiries from their mobile devices to get stock latest information.

According to the author Alex Michael, Ben Salter."thirteen per cent of mobile subscribes reported accessing news and information via a mobile browser in June 2004." [ REF 1 ]

The above lines clearly showing that in future most of the user will use and subscribe to the mobile internet. A user will wish to access the stock market on their mobile phones via mobile internet .

5) Problem definition

Someone who is travelling or is away from their workplace, it is often not possible to gain access from a fixed internet enabled device. In home environment we can obviously connect to the internet by connecting the personal computer to either a modem or wireless router. To provide a service which will keep stock market users, who spend a proportion of their typical day in the process of accessing to the stock market and tracking on market , latest informed of stock variation, stock quotes, as well as price detailed, trading status, current company news & profile. Issues that need to be addressing in designing and implementing the proposed system include:



HCI (Human Computer Interface, given that typically a small hand-held device provides a minimally sized screen/vdu.

Wired communication systems have as their main disadvantage the lack of mobility; wireless systems have the big advantage of supporting mobility of system use. .There are two possible way of communication that we allow access to internet, the first one is wireless communication (the use of mobile phones, wireless LAN(s) ) and other one is tradition wired communication example involving connection via ,LANs, and WANs

The development of the mobile internet, mobile devices, applications and the provision of services such as the one proposed here attract considerable attention and effort in these time; there are many studies and research of the use of the mobile internet to deliver an efficient, usable and useful means of communication.

6) Research method.

To conclude our project, Thorough investigation on the current ways by which stocket market user are kept informed about service status. Literature search and Literature review from Web resources, books and journals. out project is on the mobile internet and it need a ISP to connect to internet .firstly we need a simulator to evaluate the code for WAP ,so i aiding the NOKIA simulator to simulate outcome of our project .and secondly we need a text editor to write the program or code for the WAP site ,so i going to use Liquid XML Studio 2008.

The mobile internet is a viable alternative to fixed internet method by wired network .To obtain a clear view of our project by studying the relevant material available for the mobile internet .one of my source of information is online WAP white paper and WAP forums which is monitor by open mobile alliance (OMA) is the open mobile alliance is a standard body which develops open standard for the mobile phone industry .these forum which I will help me to understand and to know the current standard of the WAP .books based materials are more detail and validated ,however it is not up to date ,which will lack of new method to implement in my project .

7) Global aim:

The global aim of this project is to provide the design for an efficient mobile internet application running on a handhold device, like mobile phone ,personal digital assistant, but our mainly focus on the mobile phone To design a WAP application that will be usable by stocket market user to receive and check related information like up-to-date stock value , stock quotes, as well as price detailed, trading stats in the service directly from their mobile devices.

Analysis the performance of device in using the mobile internet

Developing a mobile Internet application AND in particular a service for the stock exchange rate WAP website and access the website by WAP browser

Investigating relevant features of the mobile internet to enhance effectiveness in communicating data to the client

Analyse the WAP standard and affiliated mobile communication protocols and standard s.

8) Objectives:

In order to take this project in the right track and crucial goal of this project is to develop an efficient mobile internet, Use will be made of a WBS (work breakdown system ). This will form part of the methodology to keep the project in right track WBS Work Breakdown System is widely practiced in the IT field to enable a project achievable in a fixed time as it provides a schedule.

Communication is vast area to investigate; the investigation will be split into three different stages. The first one is to investigate the overall view of the mobile internet and how it may be exploited to develop an efficient application of use to the end-user.; the second is to analyse the project problem and any other relevant issues arising from the use of the mobile internet; the third is to create a WAP application and by writing a XML program and to simulate the program developed using the Nokia web browser simulator.

WAP Mobile Internet


Performance of mobile device

User computer interface problem

Connection configuration

Network management

Packet filtering

Investigate and research

System analysis

Current market view of mobile internet

User define



ISP connection


Connective speed limitation

User system

support and Backup


Simulation Nokia Mobile Browser Simulator


System analysis

Configuring the mobile with ISP

Creating the WAP site

XML Coding and Design entity

HCI (Human

Compter Interface )

Requirement Analysis

Security issues

Liquid XML Studio 2008 (v6)

[for editing all source code

User interface

For WAP programming


9) General context description:

A mobile internet interface is different from that for the fixed internet ,which will reflect on the context of the information that we will shown on the interface .User will have more option on fixed internet website rather than the mobile internet ,but still will achieve our need by mobile internet . internet ,which allow the user to surf ,chat and IM(INSTANT MESSAGE ).Mobile internet is got live by WAP (wireless application protocol). Wireless Application Protocol is a packet-switched standard used to provide Internet browsing using a portable terminal. The WAP standard can be used with any mobile telephony standard, and is used by mobile service providers in many countries, to give mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and other wireless devices a variety of web-based applications

Stocks are considered riskier investments ,the value of a stock could at peak and drop down on the rate of the share by every time ,it completely depends on the situation of economy .for instance I am a stockholder having 500 share on a private company. Currently the value of my share is at good rate ,and if I want to know what is market value of share with other company .Likewise most of the stock market holder are keen to know the latest information in real time .However it is only possible when the share holder are have a chance to watching news or log on a computer that they would be aware of the situation. Nowadays,most poaple on the move have at least one mobile device ,a mobile phone or a PDA .so why not provide the stock market information as soon as possible directly on these mobile phones?.It can be either on a push basis or pull basis .push basis a like a push message it automatically send the latest information to the user whoever subscribe to the push service , in otherhand pull message where the user have to send a request first to get the required response.

10) Brief product description:

It is a client-server based application which will support multi-client. For example: User will input share company the which will be send as a request and the server should respond by sending the real time stock market value of the company share has traded over the previous 40 weeks

It should be simple, with a suitable user interface and little user inputs so that the result is obtained the as soon as possible

It should also support push services, where certain stockholder will be automatically alerted on their mobile should any changes in the service status occurs. The server should automatically push the information to the specific registered mobile users.

The primary product of our project is to developing the software for WAP application and creating the website and simulating the WAP site in simulator .

Secondary product will be an investigate with other mobile device, like PDA, palmtops etc to know whether this WAP application is compatible or not .

The final product will a WAP site for the stock market and it will simulate by the NOKIA browser simulator [ref 2] to evaluate throughput of this product

The diagram below gives a simple illustration of the proposed system:

11) Deliverables:

It is a network based project so the project itself must have to show the communication related problem and future of this technology to achieved .so I have consider and research on the current method and future of this technology in a comparative way to see it. Mobile communication user are increasing in very large amount according to the Jochen Schiller research [ref 1].Our project will seriously investigate all real time problem and user problem with service ,such as mobile internet service ,user interface ,simulation, undertaking market research and cost s .The end user will achieve a very reliable communication by adopting the mobile internet for all user at reasonable cost .It is quite fewer amount for access to mobile internet due to data exchange rate of cost between the user and the ISP .

A project report

A working prototype of the WAP application

A technical and a user documentation of the program

12) How will the outcome/product be evaluated

The ultimate aim of this project is to give an efficient mobile internet on mobile phones to view the stock market . To achieve the goal of my project by research on the current standard of the mobile internet in the real world and by achieving the object section .to develop the WAP application by writing the xml program in effective way and I will use the NOKIA web browser simulation which will simulated the WAP website .

The overall project outcome to access to stock market on mobile phones via mobile internet to achieve this by developing a WAP application and tested by a simulator.

The final product will be evaluated in the following ways:

Prepare a suitable test plan to test the prototype

Comparing the results with the specified aims

The referring the relevant product on the market to compare the technology and their weakness with our product to achieve a good project .

Demonstrate and distribute copies, of the working prototype together with an evaluation questionnaire to friends and tutors.

Specify and evaluate the integration of the system in the real world.


The resource is been utilizing the online based material and journal. most of the material is been helped over searching relevant material on the online .Relevant text book on WAP internet mobile and attain option . Furthermore, a WAP server and a database will be needed to test the application. In addition university resources such as library, computers and online digital library will also be used to support the research.

To obtain my project into feasible conclusion by use two piece of software .they are

1) Nokia Mobile Browser Simulator 4.0 [for WAP programming] and

2) Liquid XML Studio 2008 (v6) [for editing all source code].