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In generally my subject area is Art and Humanities, and i would like to working in design area, and look for different type of graphic design work, like website graphic design, advertisement design and icon design.

Graphic design can enhances readability by improving the visual presentation of text. Applied design to products and elements of company identity like logos, colors, packaging, and text can also aid in selling a product or idea through effective visual communication.

what personal, technical and other skills and qualities it demands.

The basic required in graphic design area is the creative flair and good communication ability. Working for the graphic design need communication a lot and got lots of creative ideas. Designer need to meeting clients to discuss the business objectives and requirements of the job, understand what is the clients' business needs through communication with clients. Graphic designer need to think independently, provide creative ideas and concept to suit their client's purpose. After graphic designer choose the appropriate style to meet the client's objectives, they can produce high visual impact of design solutions for their clients, and proofreading to produce accurate and high-quality work.

To work for the graphic design area the designer should have a strong visual art design skills and understanding of chromatics, page layout, typography, printmaking and interface design. Also the up-to-date knowledge of industry software is also demanded, keeping abreast of emerging technologies in new media in very important in design area, the popular element of design is changing fast which partly due to the rapid progress of technology. As most graphic design work is now completed on computer, knowledge of some basic design technologies and programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, 3D Studio max, Adobe Director, Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash is essential.

Graphic design are often required for variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, product packaging, exhibitions and corporate identity. Therefore the team working ability is must required. The designer should have capability to comprehend and recognize the diverse strengths and abilities in a group setting and working as part of a team with other designers and specialist.

in addition, look at career progression routes, professional accreditation/certification (where applicable) salary range, availability of openings

I did some basic research about different career progression routes that i can do in design area, beside some work i am not interested, there are approximately four types of work may suit for me. Firstly, the graphic designer in advertising or design agency. Most of time designers are make advertisement, poster, and leaflet, sometimes layout book as well. Their work hour is fixed, before deadline will be very busy. This type of work need some poster and advertisement work experience, and designer should have a strong visual art design skills and creative flair. The salary range for them is about £18000 to £20000 a year. Secondly, magazine or publishing house graphic designer. Their working with editors layout magazines or books before publish, and sometimes doing cover design and illustrations for the magazine or book. I am interesting and consider try to apply this type of work, it do not require lots of work experience. The salary range for them is about £20000 to £35000 a year. Thirdly, newspaper graphic designer. Their work time is fixed, always working after edition time with newspaper editor, arrangement the layout quickly to coordinate with the time requirements on printing. This type of work needs lots of experience, designer need design meticulous within the constraints of time. The salary range for them is about £20000 to £35000 a year. I will challenge this type of work when i got enough experience. Finally, is to build an individual design studio. Many graphic designers will leave the design company to establish their own design studio after they have accumulated some experience, due to graphic design is a highly personal stylized creative work. And increasing of clients, advertising company, publishing and design company are take cases and then give them to different style of designer to do. The salary for this type of work is not fixed, if do not have stable clients they can not maintain a certain amount of income.

The entry level employment in this area is have high level of knowledge about web programming mastering some several techniques, like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS coding skills, extensive client-side JavaScript libraries, knowledge about Database programming (SQL), and excellent communication and collaboration skills. (I am not match most of requirements)

A job advertisement:

Part B: CVs and "The Computer Says"


Part D: External Speakers

In week 7 i attended to another external speakers session,Martin is an animator who has worked on Alien vs Predator and he gives a speech about animation approaches in games.

In week 8 i attended to a external speakers session, Ian Baverstock give a speech provided lots information about game industry. Ian Baverstock is working with 200 staff in four different location for Kuju Games, he is one of the games industry's leading figures, talk lots about entrepreneurship and the challenges the games industry is facing.

Ian Baverstock said "show me the money", all the thing is about money. With their own company facing the fierce and increasing competition from other company. Ian Baverstock mention that do not think work in game industry will be easy to get money, and they have to compete ruthlessly for the money. They are often 'work for hire' in the game industry, because even if they have a great idea for PC game for retail, Likely be turned away, people are not buying them. Therefore, they have to go the route of console games.

Console games are now very popular in Game players. Console game is a form of interactive multimedia used for entertainment, game a consists of manipulable images and sounds generated by a video game console, like PS3, X box and Wii, and displayed on television or other similar audio-video system. Nowadays console game is the staple market of the game industry. In the speech Ian Baverstock was talked about the huge market for the console game, he said through console games they can get hugely successful of market, the return derived from an investment can up to billions. But at first they have to get permission from the leading companies, for making and selling a console game.

Ian Baverstock was said to create the console game for play station3 and X box need to have higher budget than PC game, whereas Wii is lower budget, but better for design people, more to play with and more interesting. I believe higher budget means the price of game maybe will increase or the investor will not plan to create more games but concentrate to investment fewer but better game. Either way the higher budget means the less opportunity and increase of competition. And If a company will give you money to make your game, they will gain most control on everything.

Ian Baverstock also introduce the staff situation in game industry. Staff levels for a production of a game at begin is very low, increase and peak too many staff, and finally reduce a lot at the end of the project. And to work in the industry will be working on one project and then moving on to another, not just staying with one company for long term, on average.

Console games are demanding more for technicals, however it can make more jobs available. For us, we need to learn more and keep to get new information, the market is change quickly if we do not want be eliminated we have to get more and the latest knowledge.

There are a lot of change in the console market, the market will becoming unpredictable like Wii being more popular than SONY play station 3 and X box. In generally, Digital will be the future market but not retail, X box live, Play Station network and Wii Ware will be the major market for the future.

Part E: Investigations

This is the part where you will actively pursue, in detail, some element of the career path or outcome you have identified in part A.

applying for/placements实习/;

I try to find a placements after i finished my CV in the week 8. The positions i tried to apply contain intern graphic designer, part-time culture and creative industry researcher, part-time web designer, advertising planner, website editor and newspaper graphic editor. Jobs that I applying are all workingin china due to in the summer holiday i have stay in china. They have different requirements for different work and i make a little change for CV to apply different work, such as change my CV to Chinese-English bilingual text.

There are three companies are response to my application.

First is a design company total number of staff about 50, job position available is intern graphic designer. I think it is appropriate job for me, so i apply it. This job requires basic hand drawing skill, skilled use design softwares like Adobe Illustrator, and ability to work autonomously under high-pressure to meet tight deadlines. I send my CV to them, and tell them what i can do and the position i want to apply at first. After few more days, they are reply my email ask me supply additional information and want see samples of my previous work. i pick out some design work and send it to them, finally i got an opportunity to interview, but because i am not in China, therefor i will take the interview in next month. This is first time employer response to my application, and i found is better to send CV and previous work to employer together, because some employers may not have enough patient ask for your previous work.

The second job is intern website editor in China Real Estate News office. Qualifications of this job need be integrity, understanding HTML and got some experience of creative suite software such as Adobe Photoshop、Illustrator、Dreamweaver, have excellent writing style and strong communication skills, Strong research and analytical skills, also need able to identify key points from mass information, and conversely, extrapolate beyond the boundaries of limited information on hand. Responsibilities of this job is gathering information of the website everyday, publishing the latest news and maintaining all the news on the website, also responsible for design advertisement, poster, and brochure. I am not hold high expectation on this job, just send them my CV and previous website work to the employer. In week 10 i got reply from the company, they tell me to interview at 29th april, i told them i am abroad, can not attend the interview.

The third job opportunity is in Internet Century Information Technology Company, and the company are recruitment a couple of English travel website editor. This job requires ability to write concisely and clearly in both Chinese and English, Ability to work independently as well as with team spirit, understanding basic html language and got some experience of use Adobe Photoshop. Responsibilities of this job is to write or translate some articles to English and publishing news and information on the website everyday. I really want this job, because the job is not require a lot, and during the work time the company will gives some related training, and after there two month working and training time, it can be not full time but to work at home. I give them my CV, and 4th of may they just email me back, they need to know my English writing level, and tell me to write a short article about the place i have traveled

talking to people currently involved in the industry/career you are interested in;

I did some research about the attitude and tips to make the most of work experience in art and design.

Always arrive on time. This is a key part of making a good impression.

Get feedback on work. Ask for feedback shows your enthusiastic and willing to learn, it will also help to develop skills.

Keep track of what you did. Witting down notes of the projects that already have worked on, describe the specific situation, what the tasks were given, the actions you take - and the result of your actions.

Make yourself useful. You should to do more, to be volunteer to work on extra projects if have chance, even just a inessential matter, like to make tea.

Build your portfolio. This is the most helpful thing to do during work experience. A good portfolio is a permanent record of your skills and achievements, leave the work experienceplacement with high-quality of the work have already done.

Part F: Consolidation and Reflection (20%)

Task 8.

• The likely personal characteristics and skills required by your intended career path and those indicate by the profile assessments in parts B and C.

• How your original thoughts about your career path may have been changed, challenged or enriched by undertaking this assignment?

• What have you learned about yourself that is relevant directly, or indirectly, to your intended career?

• What have you achieved (in a more concrete way) during the last 3 months that has helped you progress in terms of a career?

Personally, I think i make a mighty advance during the last three months. Before three month ago i been never think about how to find job, the future career for me like look at flowers in a fog, and i have no idea about what i am going to do in the future. When i start study the developing careers in the creative industries course, I know it is time for me to start to thinking what i am going to do, and what kind of job may suit for me.

At the beginning when i start to write the task one of this report i was totally don't know what type of jobs i can do. I study BSc digital media course and learnt a lot of different skills but no one skill to be expert in. Therefore, i start to bring up myself, and trying to be good at some aspect that helpful to find job. I will keep learning to skilled in some techniques in the future. Also i did lots of research about the job that digital media undergraduate can do and i found maybe graphic design is suit for me. Then i start start to pay attention on different sort of recruitment advertisements, and build my CV for task 3.

After listen to external speakers session in week 7, i start to send my CV to different employer, try to applying for the short term placements job. I just want to try my best and do not holding high expectation on them, but I really got some reply from those company. As a matter of fact, i was been thinking i am definitely have no chance, that is huge step for me.

Through the process of applying different jobs, i found the work i did before is not enough to show my comprehensive level, so i start to build my own website as my portfolio which is a contain lots of my skills and achievements, and when i finish it i am going to selected some of my work put in it to display myself. At the same time as i build my own website, i start to build my victory portfolio, it can promote my online, display some of my work until i finish my own website.

• What remains to be done to achieve a positive career outcome for you?

I have three important thing need continuing doing to achieve a positive career outcome.

The first thing is to continue development my own website, make this website be my best resume In the near future. Also keep learn more skills, and build specialty skill for myself which may helpful to find some specialized work.

The second thing is to have good perform in the job interview in China, and trying to get my first placement work. To get more experience can let myself to be more competitive in the future.

The third thing is to find a good topic for my final project. I am trying to to have projects with external clients, if i can it will gives the project clear focus and looks great on my CV, and i already talk to Steve Hand about the project which i may get. And if i cannot get the good topic from Steve, i will try to ask other company in China, to make sure i will have a good step ahead in getting job.