How To Analyze Site Hosting Computer Science Essay

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Prospective buyers dont make haste. You should read following salient points before hosting. Best utilization of your money for buying a website package from a web hosting provider depends on fulfillment of undernoted points. >A buyer should check the veracity of claims and features, offered by webhosting providers to buyers.

1) A buyer should assess his/her requirements whether or not these requirements suit windows hosting or Linux hosting.

2) Windows hosting is costlier than Linux, but Windows hosting has added advantages that windows hosting provide PHP Language, Asp, But windows don't provide free MS-SQL OR free database. On the other Linux hosting is cheap in comparison with windows hosting and in Linux database is free as well as MY-SQL is free. These features prompt most of buyers to buy linux hosting space.

A Prospective buyer has to take into consideration about the size of the website pages before buying sites, whether it is small consisting of 40 to 50 static pages, or to put up medium Site of dynamic 400 to 500 pages or to launch a portal exceeding thousands of pages.

A buyer or a businessman or an Entrepreneur or a corporate concern, will have to consider the following guideline, while he/she is going to buy web packages from web hosting providers. 1) A buyer beforehand should decide about the requirement of size & no of pages of his/her website. 2) A buyer should assess requirements of programming language, such as ASP, asp net, php etc , that he/she likes to use in The Site. 3) A buyer should decide upon constitution of his/her website Hosting-small or medium or a large portal. 4) Whether or not she/he  needs database, SQL, OR her/his SITE will be static or dynamic with lot of other features. 5) A buyer has to see whether or not he/she will buy a hosting site/space in a shared page or in a dedicated Server, having facility of multimedia flash, streaming videos & audios and supports, offered by web hosting provider. A buyer should determine that if all his/her requirements of web site hosting are available from hosting provider. A buyer of Site Hosting should see that Site hosting providers offers various packages of Site Hosting, promising to give many facilities. Aggressive competitions exist among Site Hosting providers. But a buyer of site hosting should note that nothing is free. The less you pay, the less you receive. Site hosting buyer should realize that offer of free service or on reduced cost, extra disk space, huge bandwidth for less cost and gradual reduction of cost while using site for longer period-as offered by hosting site provider, are actually misnomer and not effective. nothing is achieved free of cost.

A buyer of site hosting has to consider the following as offered by site hosting provider. Such as agreement, terms and conditions, length, period of display, disk space and bandwidth, as offered by site hosting provider. A buyer of Site Hosting should remember that nothing is free. Tall talks, rhetoric, cunning phrases & advertisement of site hosting provider will allure a prospective buyer of site hosting. But buyer of Site Hosting should examine and analyze the actual gain from the site hosting provider & quantum of service and web space that site hosting provider actually provide for you in relation to your investment with hosting provider. Assess your own freedom of action.

A site hosting buyer should analyze if the server of site hosting provider has sufficient power and electricity source and if their server can give adequate back-up facility. Your computer system may become fallacious before you predict and may result in incurring  heavy monitory loss for you. A big web site hosting provider concern will give you back-up facilities in different location with larger website for safe-keeping of your files & with mechanical devise which can do by server automatic back-up. A web site hosting buyer should carefully select a site hosting provider which suits his/her needs..There are many site hosting providers. A buyer of site hosting should evaluate the performance of site hosting provider. You should not rely on exaggerated advertisement of site providers.

The offer of cheap prices should be verified. Firms similar to Host Gator have ideal reputation. Buying site depends on technical support, disk space, bandwidth facility, PHP & other programming languages, back-up arrangements in server of site hosting provider.

A buyer of site hosting, while buying Site of big size, may engage an attorney to examine terms and look after interest of buyer of site. Buying site of big size necessitates engagement of an agent or escrow service who through which a buyer will react & transact with Site hosting provider. Buying Site also involves & requires analysis of URL, authenticity of .com and domain developed by site hosting provider.