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Information technology is a technology that can be store, communicate, help to produce, manipulate. Information technology refers to both the hardware and software that are used to store, retrieve, and manipulate information. You can serve with an operating system. Installed on these servers are things like database and web serving software. The connection is connected to each other and to users via a network infrastructure. And the users accessing these servers have their own hardware, operating system, and software tools. Information technology impact in business management also so that we can see the many effective of information technology in business management .If we open the marketing department has just open a small office in Singapore. We need to promote the information of Singapore with technology and we need to find marketing market in Singapore. So that we also need to find the business location with crowded place .Location also a very important in marketing process. If u cannot find a good location, you surely bankrupt your business. These locations also need to pay low rate rent and need to get more profit. But you only can get this location with information .If we don't have a lot of information, you cannot find this location. That why information technology is very important in a lot of business like marketing, finding location and research a lot of information.

Let say, we open marketing department has just opened a small office in Singapore we need to do a lot of work to set up a small office network for the new department. And then we will have two employees for controlling a small office .One employee will control administration and another will hand over the marketing executive. These employ need to do a lot of stuff to perform their ability. We need to guide line to employee with effective strategic .We can control them with technology of information. These two employee need to do access emails ,writing reports and tabulating monthly expenses ,research potential customer using the internet ,printing of marketing materials for distribution to customers . Printing reports, backup his data and secure from virus attacks .I will represent exactly each one point in below.

Access emails

Email has become the most accepted and common method for businesses to communicate with co-workers, customers, and vendors. As a result, a significant portion of critical corporate data is stored within the email system. To facilitate a proactive maintenance of this system, a sophisticated Business Email Management and PST management solutions is required. Email can contact with everybody and every nation and every country. Our subordinates need to know which email is easy to contact to everybody and need to use well in every mail so that they can access emails from everywhere. Access e mails mean, the employee need to check their emails and send our business opportunity to each people. These employee need to introduce their product via access emails .They also need to reply the letter from customer. They also can see their task by viewing email from manager whatever he sent. They also can save their work project from accessing email .Manager also can view about their customer complain from marketing executive. Manager know how the problem is going between about customer and marketing executive .If marketing executive cannot solve problem , manager can know and will solve easily. So that access emails is a very important task for employees and they need to use well.

This diagram show how access email work in marketing

Writing reports and tabulating monthly expenses

Writing reports and tabulating monthly expenses need to socialize in every company. Company has a lot of charges. A lot of expense and also have a lot of transaction more than what we except. The company needs to calculate the inflow money and expense we meet per week. This calculation will help us to describe the amount of expense and income so that we can know how is going on.

Our employees can use the graphical presentation to calculate the monthly expenses. After employee finished the tabulating monthly expenses, they need to write a report. Writing reports is a fundamental thing to know manager. Manager also can know the monthly expenses and income cash .If the monthly expenses is grow over than the income, we need to find the solution for these problem . Manager need to tabulate the monthly expenses whether it is true or false. Writing reports and tabulating monthly expenses are very essential for small office.

Tabulation of monthly expenses

Research potential customer using the internet

The internet means whatever we can do and advertise in blog or sites. The Internet can facilitate "location neutral" communication with customers, suppliers, strategic partners, and travelling staff. E-mail, telephony (telephone service over the Internet), and video conferencing support real-time interactive communications worldwide.

Communications use of the Internet can result in significant savings and is rapidly becoming the primary mode of communication in the global business world. The employee need to find geography continues to have an impact on efforts to market through the Internet in ways that could help online merchants target new customers.

Specifically, the papers examine the effect of economic geography on Internet retailers trying to reach potential buyers of specialty products who live in an area where their purchasing decisions make them a minority. Then customer can know about our product and they will be interest in our product .They will also contract me via using internet .Internet can be our target of getting potential customer .In above statement, the internet are the perfect reason for getting a lot of customer.

Research potential customer using the internet

Printing of marketing materials for distribution to customers

Printings of marketing materials for distribution to customer is a way of attract to customer and describe about our company with a letter .Business card and other marketing tools is also a attract to customer. The employee also needs to create their company logo using the professional designer.  

So, the design is a part of the proceeds from the sale of products just as relevant for the maintenance of quality printing processes. When you are finished with your equipment ready and shall be printed, you must make a choice about printing.

The impression is very attractive and standardized needed to promote the market for your product. Some general thoughts about printing with high quality marketing materials are print head, business cards, brochures, posters, banners and more.

In today's economy it is increasingly important to the advertising, you keep your brand in public, give you an edge over your competitors and trust in your product or service. The importance of marketing material printed in the promotion of the economy is so important and effective. Promote your business through printed advertising material you will be able to really do more business in a campaign manual.

Logo for our company

Printing reports

Printing reports is a kind of reporting which can have a lot of information .Reporting Services does not provide a way to combine landscape and portrait mode pages in the same report, nor does it provide a way to create a print-based layout that replaces or exists alongside the layout of a report as rendered in a browser or other application.

For most exported reports, report printouts include everything that is visible on the report, as viewed by the user on a computer monitor. Printing reports need to submit to the manager and the employee can know how they do the mistake for each reports.

Backup His Data

The employee needs to backup his data according to get the review. Most companies understand that the only way to ensure data protection and business continuity in the face of a disaster is to establish a remote recovery site far from their main and branch offices.

As a result, these companies are already backing up their main and branch office systems to tape, but what they may not understand is just how vulnerable their data remains. After the employee backup his data ,manager can see whatever they doing and performing in office . Backups are useful primarily for two purposes.

The first is to restore a state following a disaster (called disaster recovery). The second is to restore small numbers of files after they have been accidentally deleted or corrupted. Data loss is also very common. 66% of internet users have suffered from serious data loss. So that ,our company employee must need to backup their data by using memory stick or thumb drive.

Secured from virus attacks

Manager need to check whether his employee using security antivirus .If they don't use antivirus application , manager need to guide them to use antivirus security as a example -Norton Antivirus , AVI Antivirus .

So that our computer doesn't have any virus attacks and cannot lost data. If we don't have any security ,we will attacks from virus and computer will cannot use anymore .And then important data will be destroyed by virus .Then our company can be have a lot of problem .Manager need to prevent this kind of problem and virus attacks.

Virus attacks