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Home agent plays an important role to help people to find their residence properties such as house, room and apartment in a convenience way. Through home agent, people can find rental or sales residence properties at any places. Beside this, people can look for more information about the residence properties. Therefore, Online Home Agent Website is created to help people can search or find residence properties that suit their requirement through online. Beside this, clients can make confirmation through online after they make decision to buy, rent or book for the residence properties. After that, SMS notification system will implement to notify to house owner. Furthermore, Online Home Agent Website can help house owner to rent out and sell their house, room or apartment. In addition, this website will be created by JavaScript, CSS or PHP language to make the webpage more attractive. Furthermore, survey questionnaire will be distributed to 30 users in Melaka to understand their perception towards using Online Home Agent Website.

As stated in Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (2010), Home is the "social unit formed by a family living together" and is a place for people to release stress. Home is an essential part in our life. Home is a place that can give us a comfortable place after getting back from working place or school and it is a place that give family members sharing happiness and unhappiness. Most peoples will think that only home can give them what they want and give them to rely for support and trust.

1.2 Problem Statement

The easier and faster way to help customers to search for rental or sales residence properties is through home agents. Home agents have important responsibility to assist customers to locate rental or sales residence properties as fast as possible and they may find the house, room and apartment that meet customer's requirement. With Online Home Agent Website, customers can easily seek out for more residence properties that suit their demand. 

With Online Home Agent Website, customers can save their time to find the rental or sale residence properties and eliminate hassle to drive around in Melaka states, especially for residents from other states in Malaysia or foreigner that are not familiar with Melaka state. Thus, they can find out rental or sales residence properties easily when wants to stay longer in Melaka.

When customers want to look for rental or sales residence properties, they can find for help to visit Online Home Agent Website to connect with their favorite agents. Thus, customers can use convenience way to look for home agents with online.

Some of the home agent websites are lack of Short Message Service (SMS) notification system, for example "caribilik.com" home agent's website. Without SMS notification system, customers cannot leave the messages for house owners or home agents after customers are make decision to rent or buy to the particular residence property.

Thus, when home agents found the suitable or ideal house, room or apartment that meet customer's requirements, SMS notification system can be used as a notify mechanism for home agents to send out the detail information to inform that particular customer. 

In addition, SMS notification system also has another essential function for home agents to send notification message to customers after confirmation of transaction through online between customers and house owner. Therefore, this function can give assurance to customers after online transaction.  

1.3 Project Objective

In this project, Online Home Agent Website is developed in order to help users who are looking for a house, room or apartment, and house owners who wish to advertise their houses, rooms or apartments for rent or sale. Therefore, the objective for this project is:

To assist people to search, rent or sell their house, room or apartment in a convenient way.

1.4 Project Scope

This online home agent's service is designed for client to find rental or sale residence properties in the shortest possible time. Thus, several scopes will be introduced, there are:

Notification message will be sent to owner after client makes confirmation to buy or rent for residence properties and after registration process success.

Included rental and sales residence properties in Melaka state.

Users for Online Home Agent Website are house owners and clients which are members or non-members.

Clients are allowed to write information that fulfills their requirements if they cannot find for suitable house or room.

House owner can update their residence properties information.

1.5 Limitation

There are some limitations on the functions of the Online Home Agent Website:

Confined to the residence properties in Melaka only.

This home agent's service is a web-based application; therefore, users need to have some knowledge about computer operation and internet.

1.6 Significance of Study 

The study on this Online Home Agent Website may assist:

International students or students from other states of Malaysia to find a room or house.

Overseas or local workers who want to look for rooms or houses.

House owners to advertise the residence properties that to be rented out or sold.

1.7 Definition of Terms

Home Agent

It is defined as a system that helps customers to find or locate residence properties to rent as fast as possible.

Residence Properties

In this project, residence properties are indicating to houses, rooms and apartments.

1.8 Organization of Chapters 

Chapter 1 is Introduction which involves cover Overview, Problem statement, Project objective, Project scope, Limitation, Significance of study and Definition of terms and Organization of chapters.

Chapter 2 is Literature Review which includes General statement, Previous research about decision making factor to purchase or rent residential property and notification system, and research about Current home agent system.

Chapter 3 is Methodology which consists of Tools and Technique that use in web-based application and SMS notification system, Software and hardware requirements, Questionnaire, Procedure in collecting data, and Analysis of data.

Chapter 4 is discuss Proposed Solution and Implementation Plan/ Design which comprise charts and diagrams and prototype of Online Home Agent Website.

Chapter 5 is Conclusion that summarizes whole report and Future work.

Chapter 2

Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

In our country, there have many websites that are relevant to the online home agent service. With home agent service, it allows customers or clients to search for the suitable residence properties they might interested to rent or buy. Home agent service is the easiest way to find out the houses, rooms or apartments that meet customer's requirement for any places. Beside this, it might save the time for customers to search about the information of residential property.

2.2 Previous Research

2.2.1 Decision Making Factor to Purchase or Rent Residential Property

When renting or buying the house or room, there are many factor might be considered before the purchasing or renting. Gu, Liu, and Jia (2006) stated that customers will make decision based on the living steadily and value of house that is related to level of housing market. Some customers will think that certain housing lands can lead them from earning considerable profit in the future and consider whether it is worth to make investment to achieve in long-term profit or short-term profit.

Gu, Liu, and Jia (2006) said that the decision to purchase the house is based on economic capability that related to income of family. This is because if the price of the residence is increase, it may decrease the investment to the residences for low income family and especially to the young people.

In addition, Gu, Liu, and Jia (2006) also think that some customers might think that the housing price with rental ratio is not ideal for them and this also is a main factor for rental choice of customers. This is because housing price in market is directly related to the level of family income or payment.

Moreover, Takizawa, Yoshida, and Katoh (2007) said that the value of the house or some property is depends on that particular property's characteristic. Some of the price of a housing is depends on many factor such as seize area, occupied area of the house, facilities and others. 

Takizawa, Yoshida, and Katoh (2007) found that the room layout of a house can strongly affected the client decision for house rental. Customers will consider whether room or house's structure and style can fulfill their requirement.  For example, some of them may be unsatisfy about the position of the kitchen in the house or the parlor design of that particular house. Some of them might found that the housing environment is good enough but the house area is too wide for them.

Yu and Yu (2009) found that most of the rental market will rise on the start of the year that international students begin for their academic. Besides that, because of the rises of rental market, some of the residents are make investment to more houses property just wants to rent for others residents.

2.2.2 Notification System

Jeng and Drissi (2000) have developed Predictive Event Notification System (PENS) with two useful function that included Event Notification Service (ENS) and Event Prediction Service (EPS) to make successful to e-commerce market which is online transaction for selling or buying.

Jeng and Drissi (2000) said that Event Notification Service (ENS) allows buyers and sellers have real-time notification and the transaction between buyers and sellers that can be informed with the payment transaction and delivery time, ENS is related to publish / subscribe protocol. Besides that, Event Prediction Service (EPS) is used to meet customer's requirement in the future and e-commerce market direction which can be used to predict future products.

Furthermore, Kasai, Yamazaki, and Kurakake (2005) stated that notification system is essential to transfer information and update message through some devices. They created Novel Push-Style Notification System to transfer new information and this notification system can heighten the interest of users to find their desired information.

Kasai, Yamazaki, and Kurakake (2005) developed two different types of push-type notification system that are "Non-real Time Push" which will not make any alerts to the users for notification in real-time and "Real-time Push" which will make alert with sound in the real-time to make attention to users for receiving and reading the newly and useful information.

Beside this, Kasai, Yamazaki, and Kurakake (2005) have developed Notification User Model system to make sure that redundant message will not deliver at inappropriate time to users, which it have filtering function to eliminate unusable or not interested information. Moreover, Kasai, Yamazaki, and Kurakake (2005) also have created control mechanism to help users to find back their missed message with re-notification system. This mechanism can help them to make sure they can receive complete information.

2.3 Current Home Agent System

2.3.1 Property Renter (http://www.propertyrenter.com/)

Property Renter (Figures 2.1 and 2.2) is a website that only provides information for rental houses, rooms, apartment or flat. This website included many categories of worldwide country.

Figure 2.1 Homepage layout of Property Renter


Homepage design is very tidy with clear categorized of countries and states, so users can easily search for their desired residence properties.

It provides top, popular and recently rental houses by rank for each country for customer's references.

Provided useful features, such as :

Search - Advanced search for members and non-members to save their time.

Home on sales - Lists of categories with residence properties of different country and there are set up forum to allow customers to give comment on their system.


Some features cannot give proper description, such as "FAQ" feature that cannot provide good description on how to use the system.

Some features are redundant and same function, such as "My Account" and "Add Listing" are give members login to their webpage.

Without clearly categories about the types of residential properties.

Figure 2.2 Property Layout of Property Renter


Photo is included, so it can give clearly discription to particular house or room. Customers can refer to photo to know the image and environment of the house and room. There are special feature to connect to view the full screen photo of the property.

It provide detail information such as furnishing, bedroom , bathroom, rental cost, type of rental, address of house or room , the activity nearby the house and contact information.

Information is write in tidy form, so customers can easily understand the information provided.

They have view property location feature that can link to Google Maps and Yahoo! Local Maps. This can let users have a clear picture about the location. Customers will save time to find around the location.

2.3.2 iProperty.com (http://www.iproperty.com.my/)

IProperty.com (Figures 2.3 and 2.4) is a website that allow users to search for many types of properties which are all residential, all commercial, all industrial and all agricultural categories for sales and rent. But, this is only for properties in Malaysia.

Figure 2.3 Homepage Layout of iProperty.com


Provide advanced search for users to save their time to find their desired property. Thus, users can easily to find with states categories.


The layout is dazzled and not user friendly. This will make customers hard to find the source to search and some customers will feel very irritable.

Many redundant links are included, this will increase the complex level at the page and harder to search.

Some features are not provide procedure or direction to show how the step or how to use the feature.

Figure 2.4 Property Layout of iProperty.com


Map of location is provided, so it can give precise direction for customers to know where the location is and the nearby shop and activity.

Photo of room or house is provided. This allows customers have a clearly picture about the environment of the house or room.

Provide search function for customers to find their desired property.

Information of property is given in full and clearly forms.

Many agents are included, so customers can choose for suitable agents easily.

Have SMS notification function and Email function from website that can link or connect to home agents.


Some information is just provides briefly description about room and house, so customers cannot really know how the look and what furnisher will be provided.

Without clearly classification of property's types in rent or sell, such untidy design will cause customers waste their time to search.

2.3.3 CariBilik.com (http://www.caribilik.my/)

CariBilik.com (Figures 2.5 and 2.6) is a website that only provided rooms for rent or let. It did not provide others residential categories for customers. CariBilik.com is only included rental rooms in Malaysia.

Figure 2.5 Homepage layout of CariBilik.com


Simple but clearly homepage layout allows customers can easily to search and find for their desired rooms.

Have clearly categories with Malaysia's state such as Malacca, Johor, Selangor, and Kedah and other states.


Without enough features for "search" function, such as cities or price.

Figure 2.6 Property Layout of CariBilik.com


There are "Filter Rooms" function for customers to choose for their ideal housemate based on race and gender.

There are provided clearly categories of region for each state in Malaysia. So customers can easily find the rooms for certain region.


No precisely information about the facilities or furnisher is provided. It only provided simple description of information about the rooms.

Without provide photo of rooms, so customers cannot have clearly conception about the design of the room.

Without description in good way, some description is written in Malay language. For international students or foreigners that come to Malaysia to look for a room, they cannot understand of the meaning and waste their time for finding for the rental room.

Lack of SMS notification to allow two way communication between clients and agents, it only provided Email contact to connect with house owner.

2.3.4 Adpost.com (http://www.adpost.com/)

Adpost.com (Figures 2.7 and 2.8) is not only searching for Malaysia properties, it also included Canada, United States, Hong Kong and some other countries. It is not only for residential category; even included many different categories such as books and clothing categories. This web is for users to sell, rent and buy properties.

Figure 2.7 Homepage Layout of Adpost.com


There are many links in the homepage, so it gives a complex view and hard to search the correct link in the web page.

Some features are not easy to understand the meaning of the words, such as "Pet Friendly Rental", so customers will get confused and might think that it is a redundant link.

Some of the link is redundant because it only provides same searching result. This will make the page too confused and irritable.

Homepage design is not user friendly; it cannot raise the interest of users.

Figure 2.8 Property Layout of Adpost.com


Good categories with type of properties such as apartment, house, land, office and mobile home.

Informataion of organization is good and precise which have list out the parking area, year built, allowed uses, unit features, community features and so on.

Photo of the room and house are included to give more clearly picture of the environment of house.

Description is written in tidy and good format, there are clear to read and this will increase interest to customers.


Although there are clearly categories of property with apartment, mobile home, office, land, room, but some of features are redundant such as "other home and offices".

Some links are hard to understand what the meanings and unable to know what the functions for, such as for "rent / lease" and "rent / lease wanted".

Lack of SMS notification system for customers to write message.

2.3.5 www.propwall.com (http://www.propwall.my/)

www.propwall.com (Figures 2.9and 2.10) is a website for properties such as condominium, house, office, land, shop and factory for rent and sales in Malaysia only.

Figure 2.9 Homepage Layout of www.propwall.com


There are list out all the possible regions to that particular state, such as Ampang, Gombak, Cyberjaya, Kajang, Klang for Selangor state.

There included maps function for users to search residential properties.


Simple design to web page, but it cannot give good classification of the properties for rent such as condominium, house or land.

Some feature cannot give good description, so customers cannot easily to understand there is property for rent or sales.

There is only included a few of states in Malaysia.

Some particular functions are only show or appear in particular page such as "mortgage calculator" and "price range search". When customers want to use this function, they maybe will forgot which pages are provided that particular function.

Figure 2.10 Property Layout of www.propwall.com


Some properties are not written in good description of information for house and condominium, so customers cannot have clearly information about that particular residence property.

Some of the properties are not include photo, it hard to give clearly picture to the customers.

2.3.6 SYIOK.COM (http://www.syiok.com/classifieds/index.php)

SYIOK.COM (Figures 2.11 and 2.12) is for rental and sales for properties with not only provide residential property such as car, jobs, service, community and many other types of properties. This allows users to search for properties in Malaysia only.

Figure 2.11 Homepage Layout of SYIOK.COM


It have good classification of the properties with car for sale, Malaysia jobs, community, housing, services and for sales. They also have good detail lists about all possible related properties categories.

Provide clearly search about all possible areas for particular state in Malaysia such as Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru, Klang, Kota Tinggi, Muar, Pontian at Johor.

Have categories about latest posted and top rated properties which are apartment for sales, car for sales, room to let and so on.

Many categories of properties are included for customers to choose and easily to find in faster way.

There have "browse pictures" function for users to choose their desired property through photo.

Figure 2.12 Property Layout of SYIOK.COM


Map is included, so customers can get accurate and actual location of the house or room that customers buy or rent.

Some categories of properties such as "cameras for sales" can give clearly description about the information and photo is provided.


Residential property's information is too general and lack of full description about the features and facility.

Some categories of properties are lack of photo, so customers will hard to get the picture of the house and room or hard to imagine with the house and room.

Without SMS notification system, so it cannot executed two way communication systems through phone.

2.3.7 RoomSewa.com (http://www.roomsewa.com/)

RoomSewa.com (Figures 2.13 and 2.14) is only can search for Malaysia states. It included "for rent" and "for sales" categories of apartment, factory or warehouse, houses, rooms and shops only.

Figure 2.13 Homepage Layout of RoomSewa.com


Simple registration procedure to become a member, so customers will more willing to advanced it and there are easier to understand and follow.

"Advanced search" is good for customers to search for their desired house or rooms, customers can search for properties based on:

Price - Search from a range of price.

Bedroom - Search by minimum one to maximum twenty of bedrooms.

Bathroom - Search by minimum one to maximum ten of bathrooms.

Type of properties - There are house, room, shop, apartment, factory or warehouse.

Show listings - Search properties based on one day old, two days old, three days old or one month old.

City - All possible cities are listed out.

States - All possible states are listed out.

Facilities - Choose facilities that near to particular residence properties.


Some features are redundant such as "search" button, because when customers connect to home page, there already have advanced search for them.

There is "contact" button at the top of home page, but no instruction to teach customer how to use, so some customers that not very familiar with it will feel very difficult to use.

Figure 2.14 Property Layout of RoomSewa.com


Good categories of the property for sales and for rent. This can easier to search and find it out.


Some photo are not available to refer, so customers cannot know or get a picture about how the house or room look like.

Very general information is provided about the house and room to rent. Customers will not have clearly information about it.

There have "click here to Email" to owner, but the result page are not same as what the meaning of the sentences look like, so customers cannot get the Email address and directly send the message to the owner.

Some descriptions at the page are not clear and not easily to understand the meanings of it, such as "0 gr".

2.3.8 OLX (http://www.olx.com.my/)

OLX (Figures 2.15 and 2.16) is not only for residential property, it included many categories such as computer hardware, animals, toys, clothing. It is only for Malaysia states.

Figure 2.15 Homepage Layout of OLX


Good categories with all property that included for sales, classes, real estate, services, vehicles, community, personals and jobs. This allows customers easily to find out what they want.

There also include search with cities or state in Malaysia at the home page, so customers can select the place for the rental or sales properties.

There are many categories, so customers can choose their wanted properties in this website.

Homepage is clear and perform in tidy way, it is easy to read and see with the property that included.

Figure 2.16 Property Layout of OLX


Some description of their rental house or room is used Malay language, so this is hard to understand the meanings for the foreigner or international student.

The photo that provided is not good enough, some taken from outside view at the house and some photo is taken from fuzzy angle.

Description of the information is not enough and clear, customers cannot get the information of the house and room in good way.

Without SMS notification, customers cannot contact to house owner in convenient way. Some of the contact information for house owner is hard to find out.

2.3.9 Limitation of Current Home agent's website

There are some similarities for current available home agent's websites. Most of the rental or sales residential home page designs are is too dazzled or too complicated, so it is hard for customers to focus on where they should refer and where to search for their desired house or room. As a result, some of the users will feel irritable and maybe give up and leave that page as well.

Besides that, some of the home agent's website are lack with details information for the residential properties, it only shows the general information for customers to refer. If the home agent system does not have enough information, this will lower the client's confidence toward the system. Client will not be able to retrieve the information that they want. Therefore, these systems are proven to be fruitless to them. For example, customers cannot clearly know about what the furniture that will be provided by the house owner and the facilities that near to their house or room.

In addition, there are no photos provided for some rent or sales properties. Thus, client will not be able to see the big picture about the house's or room's condition. Moreover, they will also not able to know about the appearance of the properties.

Moreover, some of the features of the home agent's websites are redundant and have duplicate search results. In addition, irrelevant search results may lead to the wrong direction. Moreover, some of the links in the web page contain complicated function that lack of clearly procedure and user unfriendly interface so it might confuse customers.

Furthermore, some of rental or sales residence properties websites lack of SMS notification system. There are only Email contact for customers. So, this causes the two way communications between customers and agents or house owner become even difficult.

2.3.10 Improvement

Homepage website design is very essential to give first view impact to customers. It can be simple but must be in tidy form and provided useful and understandable features. So, this may allow customers have good impression on the website and will willing to search for their desired residential properties and this can save the time to find it out.

Beside this, photo of the property can be uploaded to the home agent system. To be even better, photo can be take from different angle and position to give more realistic condition's information to the potential tenant. This will raise customer's interest and clearer picture on that particular property to decide whether it is their desired house or room.

There must have good and clear categories about the types of property with house, room and apartment or flat and also categorize all of the possible states or places of that particular country to ease the customer to find out their desired room or house. With this, customers will save their time.

In addition, the system can provide procedure to login and register to the customers. This is because some of the customers may not familiar with it and may cause confusion.

Advanced search can be provided to customers to search for their desired properties. Some customers will not willing to read the information one by one about the rental or sales residential property.

Moreover, SMS notification system can be included to allow two way communications for house owners to leave the message through online to clients and vice versa. Beside this, Email address can be provided for contact purpose.

It also provides forum or specific function for customers to write their desired residential property information and can give their comment about home agent's service. Thus, when agents find out the residential property that meet customer's requirement, they can send notification message to inform their customers.

Furthermore, map for residential location are provided to give customers more detail information about the location of the house and this may help them search for the location easily.

Chapter 3


3.1 Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a "process used by a systems analyst to develop an information system, including requirements, validation, training and user (stakeholder) ownership" (Wikipedia, 2010).

Beside this, Joydip (2006) had said that SDLC have many useful function to information systems for make it better for the quality of the software design and development process.

Lewallen (2005) demonstrated that several types of SDLC, it including:

Waterfall Model

Spiral Model

Incremental Model

V-Shaped Model

3.1.1 Waterfall Model

As Lewallen (2005) stated, advantages of Waterfall Model are:

Easier to understand and use

More appropriate for small project

Feasibility StudyEasy to handle and manage

Requirements analysis and specification

Design and specification

Coding and module testing

Integration and system testing

Delivery and maintenance

Figure 3.1 Waterfall Model of Software Development (Royce, 1970)

3.2 Tools and Techniques

3.2.1 For Webpage PHP 

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is first design by Rasmus Lerdorf. As Stewart (2006) illustrated, there have some advantages for PHP:

Easy and simple

Fast to use

Security protect is good

Good ability of connective

Open source

Kantor (2003) demonstrated uses of PHP as:

Access to database

Can access file

Application check

Can handle many types of content, such as graphics

Can modify, adding features or change JavaScript

Regev (2010) stated that JavaScript is script language or interpreted programming which it more easily to code and faster than C or C++ language. JavaScript retrieved some ideas from Java or Object-oriented Programming (OOP). Beside this, JavaScript code can construe by Web browser and imbedded in HTML pages.

Furthermore, WebCheatSheet.Com (2010) stated that JavaScript have many functions and advantages:

Have browsers checking

Form data is declare on client-side

Cookies is created

Content of pages can change actively or randomly HTML

According to Wikipedia (2010), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) it is especially used for web pages development. It allows users to create structured documents and interactive forms and allows images and objects to be embedded. HTML have three types of markup emements such as Structural, Presentational and Hypertext markup.

In addition, Marshall (1998) demonstatred that HTML is simpler than other programming language, HTML can show how the pictures or text presented to viewer.

Apart from this, Marshall (1998) indicated that HTML is easy to use and it can display wide variety of devices such as graphics. SQL

Wikipedia (2010) stated that Structured Query Language (SQL) designed by Donald D.Chamberlin and Raymond F.Boyce. SQL is based on relational algebra and it is a database computer language. Beside this, SQL can used to direct or deal with the data in relational database management system (RDBMS).

Bradford (n.d.) said that SQL is fast and effective in database interaction. It can supports differents types of data that included digital format. Bradford (n.d.) introduced some uses of SQL, including:

Modify, Input and delete data in database tables.

Can create, change and remove table or other object.

Allows queries sent to server side.

To decrease complexity to the process of database administration. CSS

According to Wikipedia (2010), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can apply to describe or picture the presentation semantic in markup language of written document. It is a style sheet language.

Shannon (2010) demonstrated that CSS have advantage that:

More efficient

Fasten the page download time

Code to type is less

User's design and general site maintenance easier to update

Allows access through differents devices

Have extra formatting option such as background and spacing

3.2.2 For SMS Notification System   SMSLib

SMSLib is a Java library which enables users used compatible GSM phone or modem to receive or send SMS messages."SMSLib also supports some bulk SMS operators (for outbound messaging only)" (Delenikas, 2010). In addition, SMSLib also can receive or send encrypted messages.

Beside this, Delenikas (2010) demonstrated that SMSLib have introduced several callback methods such as gateway status changes.

3.3 Software and Hardware Requirements


Operating System

Internet connection

Web browser

GSM mobile phones

3.4 Questionnaire

Online Home Agent Website Questionnaire is adapted from Lewis (1995) and Lund (2001).

This questionnaire is to be used to collect data on user's perception on Online Home Agent Website (Appendix 1). Basically, this questionnaire is divided into three sections: Section A is to collect demographic data of users, Section B consists of 7 questions to collect user's perception on Interface, Functions and Information and Section C consists of 2 questions to collect level of satisfaction of the system. Items in Section B and C have likert scales ranges from 1: Strongly Agree, 2: Agree, 3: Moderate, 4: Disagree to 5: Strongly Disagree.

Table 3.1 Sources of Questionnaire

Online Home Agent Website Questionnaire

Adapted from :

I understand easily the content and information provided with the system.

The information provided with the system is easy to understand.

This website is easy to find the information I need.

It is easy to find the information I need.

The interface of the website is pleasant and user friendly.

The interface of the system is pleasant.

The website is easy and simple to use.

It is easy to use.

This website has all the functions and capabilities I expect it to have.

The system has all the functions and capabilities I expect it to have.

This website meets my needs.

It meets my needs.

This website helps to save my time when I use it.

It saves me time when I use it.

I would recommend this Online Home Agent Website to a friend / colleague?

I would recommend it to a friend.

I am satisfied with this website.

I am satisfied with it.

Procedure in Collecting Data

Method used to collect data is through a survey by questionnaire. According to StatPac.Inc (2010), this method can has better expected result or effect in cost compare to interview through verbal. Questionnaire method also easier to conduct and the information are easier to analyze among users that apply to Online Home Agent Website. This questionnaire will be distributed to 30 users in Melaka. The sample is randomly selected.

Analysis of Data

Data collected from the survey questionnaire will be analyzed using Microsoft Office Excel software. Descriptive statistics and Bar charts will be generated.

Chapter 4

Proposed Solution and Implementation Plan / Design

4.1 Introduction

This chapter will include more detail information and process to create Online Home Agent Website. There are many entities or elements that included in this system are owner of residence property and client.

4.2 Proposed Solution

4.2.1 Owner

House owner can share and post their residence properties information as reference to help clients to locate rental or sales house, room or apartment. House owner must login to the system which inserts username and password to update information.

4.2.2 Client

Client can search and read information about residence properties without login to the system. They also have authority to write information that fulfills their requirement about house, room and apartment only if they login to the system. They can make confirmation to rent or buy to the residence property through online. After success, notification message will send out to inform house owner.

4.3 Implementation Plan / Design

4.3.1 Data Flow Diagram (DFD)

The Data Flow Diagram (DFD) "shows the flow of data from external entities into the system, showed how the data moved from one process to another, as well as its logical storage" (Ambler, n.d.).

In DFD, Ambler (n.d.) stated that open-ended rectangles symbolize data stores, arrows symbolize data flows for process, rounded rectangles symbolize processes and squares box symbolize external entities in diagram. Level 0 DFD (Context Diagram)

Figure 4.1 Level 0 Data Flow Diagram for Online Home Agent Website. Level 1 DFD 

Figure 4.2 Level 1 Data Flow Diagram for Online Home Agent Website.

Owner can:

Login and register to system.

Receive notification message from Online Home Agent Website after client make confirmation.

View client's information when they write residence properties information that meet requirement through online.

Client can:

Login and register to system.

Search information without login to system.

Write their own house, room or apartment information that meets their requirement.

Make confirmation through Online Home Agent Website when they want to buy or rent. Level 2 DFD

Figure 4.3 Level 2 Data Flow Diagram for Online Home Agent Website. Level 3 DFD

Figure 4.4 Level 3 Data Flow Diagram for Online Home Agent Website.

4.3.2 Entity Relationship (ER) Diagram

Entity-relationship model "can be used as a basis for unification of different views of data: The network model, the relationship model, and entity set model" (Chen, 1976).

Figure 4.5 Entity-relationship Diagrams for Online Home Agent Website.

Each house is belongs to one owner, but one owner can have one to many houses.

Each house has many rooms.

Zero to many houses are belongs to zero to many areas because some of the area in Melaka state without house or room.

One client can rent one to many rooms but a room is belonging to a client.

One client can rent or buy one to many houses.

4.3.3 Flowchart The Client's Flowchart

Figure 4.6 Flowchart Diagram for Client to Write Own Requirement Information and Make Confirmation.

Client can search and read information from Online Home Agent Website without register as member.

If they success to find house's, room's or apartment's information that meet their requirement, client must login to the system before make confirmation. After success, notification message will send to Email and phone of house owner.

If client cannot find suitable residence properties, they can write the information of house, room or apartment that meet their requirement after login to system. The Owner's Flowchart

Figure 4.7 Flowchart Diagram for Owner when Updating Information of Residence Property.

After login to system, owner can update residence properties information, which include add, edit and delete information. The Owner's and Client's Flowchart

Figure 4.8 Flowchart Diagram for Client and Owner to Make Registration.

When register to system, client and house owner first must insert username and check for validation. If validate, they can continue to insert other personal information which include password, IC number, Email address, phone number and home address. If not validate, they are require to insert new username again. After registration process success, notification message will send to user's Email.

4.3.4 Use Case Diagram

Figure 4.9 Use Case Diagram of Online Home Agent Website Actor and Use Case Description Table

Table 4.1 Actor Description Table

Actor Name



House owner





Table 4.2 Use Case Description Table

Activity Name



After register, user only can login to the system.


After login to system, owner can:

Add, delete and edit information of house and room.

View profile.

After login to system, clients can:

Write their own desired information or requirement about house and room.

View profile.

Make confirmation.

Update Information

After login, owner of house can delete, add and edit information of house and room.

View Profile

After login, user only can view profile and edit profile.

Search Information

Clients can search for house and room information without registration process.

Read Information

Clients can read for house and room information without registration process.

Write Own Requirement Information

If clients cannot find suitable house or room that meets their requirement, they can write information to system after login.

Make Confirmation

Clients can make confirmation to rent or buy in the system after login.

4.3.5 Prototype

Figure 4.10 A prototype homepage

Figure 4.11 A prototype main page for rental residence properties

After client press the rent button, there are three categories for them to choose.

Figure 4.12 A prototype page after select rental apartments

After client chooses apartment categories, there will come out a page which lists out the most recently added apartment in the web pages.

Figure 4.13 A prototype page after select one of the rental apartment

After client chooses for certain apartment, information about the apartment will list out. It includes location, price, property detail, facility, and furnisher and so on. There also will provide house owner contact information.

If client find that this apartment is fulfill their requirement, they can press "Login" link to login to make confirmation.

Figure 4.14 A prototype of login page if client wants to make confirmation

Figure 4.15 A prototype to make confirmation

After client success login, then only can make confirmation on the system and notification message will send out to house owner.

Chapter 5


Home agents assist people who look for rental and sales residence properties and help house owners to rent out and sell their residence properties in convenience way.

Online Home Agent Website enables students, workers and house owners to locate their residence properties in a convenience way. This webpage is created by PHP language or JavaScript to improve interactive and dynamic of webpage to make users more interested with it. It is more user-friendly with some animations and buttons that can be easier to understand and link to another web pages.

Moreover, SMS notification system is included. Notification message will send out after registration process is success and after client makes confirmation to buy or rent for the residence properties on the system.

5.1 Future Work

In this report, first phase of the development of Online Home Agent Website is represented. There are some steps need to be continue in completing the system. It includes:

Coding and module testing for the web pages of Online Home Agent Website should be done.

Integration between database and web pages should be done and system testing must execute to ensure system is working.

Delivery step must implement to share the knowledge to people about how the system works and maintenance should be done to improve the system regularly.

Online Home Agent Website Questionnaire should be conducted to understand user's satisfaction level on the system.

Figure 5.1 Gantt chart for future work