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Halo Box Karaoke is a new karaoke which established in 2007 at Penang, Malaysia. Halo Box Karaoke is establish with the mission of creating a new healthy karaoke entertainment culture in Malaysia. It has infused itself as one of the most preferred singing, leisure and gathering place for family and friend. The combination of karaoke, restaurants, and watching latest music video in individual rooms which had received positive feedback from most users as it were run in "lounge style". Halo Box Karaoke was founded by Mr. Michael Chan, which has 10 years experience in entertainment field. Besides that, Mr. Michael Chan is the director of the Halo Box Karaoke itself.

Halo Box are using the most advanced song technology, a wide music database, professional audio-visuals and the best microphones to put every users into a right mood at the right place. Furthermore, Halo Box Karaoke also created a centralized hub for the strategist and experts in exchanging ideas for multicultural Malaysian market as well as to cultivating a whole new healthy karaoke entertainment culture in Malaysia.

Nowadays, Halo Box Karaoke has 3 outlets in Malaysia. There are 2 outlets at Penang and 1 outlet at Kuala Lumpur. Besides that, Halo Box Karaoke has planned to expand the business by increase more outlets at Kuala Lumpur.

Halo Box Karaoke is facing a few competitors in the field. Such as Red Box Karaoke and Neway Karaoke Box, which the competitors has more experience and more sound reputation as compare to Halo Box Karaoke. To compete with other, Halo Box Karaoke always provides the best environment and the most advance song technology. Furthermore, Halo Box Karaoke also provides different package of service to fulfill the demand of different group of user.

Halo Box Karaoke is aim to provide the best audio-visual karaoke environment to achieve best karaoke experience and provide the cleanliness, comfortable, and safety leisure environment for family and friend to gathering. They always work toward the mission by created a slogan "Professional, Innovative, Hygienic, Safe" to build an image to show that they are modern and versatile entertainment service provider.

Organization Chart

Halo Box Karaoke is using the centralized system. All the decision is direct control by the director which including develops the new information system. They have common reporting systems which help save a lot of time and the decision is easier to make.

Part B: Current Applications of IT/ IS in Halo Box

Based on the research on the Halo Box Karaoke, each of the department has their own personal computer whether desktop computer or laptop computer or touch screen computer to maintain their job properly. Besides that, each of the department uses the different hardware when it is necessary for them. In Halo Box for different department use the different software to complete the job. The below is describe the each of department using which type hardware, software and their function.

Reception Department

In the reception department, they serve the customer and have cashiers to allow customers made payment on the department. The department provided one unit of Toshiba Touch Screen Computer, Desktop Personal Computer, special keyboard, receipt printer, credit card machine and cash register machine. The Toshiba Touch Screen computer which is allows the department staffs to record the data without using mouse. Furthermore, the reception is also provided keyboards with programmable key. Each of the special keys of keyboards is also having their own keystrokes that perform special functions within the point of sales software. Besides that, Halo Box Karaoke has the credit card machine (SHARP Brand) and cash register machine (SHARP Brand) that allow the customer pay by credit card or cash. The receipts will print out from the receipt printer (SHARP Brand) when the payment made by the customers.

The department is also using the same Toshiba Touch Screen Computer on the department and use F&B Point of Sales Software to arrange their customer to the available room and the software will also set a time limit for each room. When using the point of sales software, it will help the department to list all the room of the karaoke and inform the department staff on whether the room is available. Furthermore, the point of sales software will also inform the department staff on the time limit of the room and department staff will then responsible to inform the customer that the time limit is reached.

Besides that, the Reception Department has one Toshiba desktop personal computer to record the member registration. The Reception Department was using Microsoft Office Access 2007 to keep all the customers detail such as the customer name, age, gender, address, birthday, telephone number, e-mail address and member card's number. By using Microsoft Office Access, the software will help the cashiers to trace their member detail with only key in the customer name; it will automatically filter all the detail among the member.

Kitchen Department

Based on the research of the Kitchen Department provides only one Touch Screen Computer allow the chefs and the waiters use the computer. In the Kitchen Department, the Toshiba Touch Screen Computer is to ensure that waiters can place the customer's order into the computer with the F&B Point of Sales Software. In the point of sales software, it provided menu of food and drink, the total quantity of food and drink that available for sale and the price of food and drink. Besides that, customers order will be recorded by the waiters through point of sales software to inform chefs about the customer's order. Furthermore, this software allows the waiters to cancel the customer's order immediately if the customers cancel the order.

In addition, the F&B Point of Sales Software also includes a special diagram on like a "done" diagram on the Toshiba Touch Screen Computer. When the food or drink was delivery to the customers, the chefs only need to touch the "done" diagram, the customer's order list will immediately send to the reception department for billing the order.

Accounting Department

In the Accounting Department, the component of the hardware was provided is two units Toshiba Desktop Personal Computer, two unit of optical mouse which is using the laser light to detect the movement. The brand of the optical mouse is Edvan Brand. Besides that, one unit of the Cannon Brand laser printer is use by printing all the annual report, financial statement and general ledger.

Besides that, Accounting Department is using UBS Accounting Software 9.3version to record daily transactions such as the credit and debit transaction and calculate the daily profit after sales less the cost. UBS Accounting Software will provided many function such as automatically to sum the total amount, only need to record the same customer information or supplier information for one time and provide the security to the software to avoid unauthorized person to enter.

Besides that, the Accounting Department uses the desktop personal computer to manually record the daily sales as a backup file on the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to avoid the loss of the information.

Human Resource Department

Human Resource Department is responsible for recruiting, promote, and training. The information system will manage and store the information of employees such as vacation, benefit, personnel and personal information. The department use one desktop personal computer, electronic clock machine and one printer to maintain their department job. In the Human Resource Department is using one Toshiba Desktop Personal Computer to storage and record the information of the employee, such as personal particular. Besides that, Halo Box is using the SHARP Brand Electronic Clock Machine which connects with same personal computer that allows the employees to punch the card on the electronic clock machine when in and out the karaoke. And manager can checks whose is arrived on time or late on the computer.

After that, human resource manager uses the computerized manual payroll system called ZPAY Software to maintain the employee's information such as to record the employee's personal information, employee's salary, bonus and allowance. End of the each month, they will prepare reports and used to prepare tax fillings, and provide analytical information. The human resource manager can based this report to make decision such as provide training, shortage of workers, increase salaries based in their performance. They also use Microsoft Office Word 2007 software in their daily work. Such as prepare letter to workers and prepare report. Besides that, Canon Laser printer is use for the department staffs to print the slip of the salary and also the letter or report.

Information Technology (IT) Department

Information Technology Department is responsible to design, implementation, maintain, testing the information system in their company. It's to ensure all the system in good condition. WIFI system is also managed by the IT department. The WIFI system is purchased application from TMNET with 32bits and the modem is providing from TMNET. IT Department also has the Toshiba laptop personal computer use to purchase the copyright song on the internet with the special vendor on internet such as mvdbase.com and http://www.avrev.com and send by using cable to each room audio visual karaoke system for each room.

The IT Department is responsibility to design a good internet website for their company. IT Department uses the same laptop personal computer to create or maintain the webpage. In their website can show their company image and using use internet to electronic communication with customers. In Halo box websites have list down their latest promotions, pricing and event. They also use electronic-mail to remind their customer latest news, promotion and information to customers. Now they are design member zone in their website to give their member can sign in to know their member point and so on. They also design vacancy area and customer message board in website. It will allow person check which position job still available and can walk in interview. And collect the customer message and send to Marketing Department.

Marketing and Customers Department

The Marketing Department is responsible for researching the market, new product development and development in the relation to products, product mix, markets, market segment, promotion, pricing distribution and sales. The Marketing Department are using internet to search their competitor and know their latest promotion so they can always make adjustment. Marketing department is using the Toshiba laptop personal computer to manage their work. It is easy for them to carry out the job which is portable.

Marketing Department are use Microsoft Office Word 2007 software to design the questionnaire and print out to give customers to do research. Besides that, they also use the Microsoft Office Word 2007 to design the flyer or any advertisement. The Marketing Department also collect the customers message from own webpage about the complaint and improve their customers service. Besides that, the Marketing Department will make the tele-communication to phone customers to promote their event of their company. Moreover, the Marketing Department will get the sales information from accounting department through electronic-mail. Next, the marketing will use computer to design the information from accounting department to present in the monthly meeting. Besides that, the Marketing Department has their own Canon Laser Printer to print the flyer or advertisement.

Part C: IT/IS Application Help to Change/ Manage the Organization Decision Making and the Business Process in Halo Box

The each of the department for Halo Box Karaoke, they link the information for each other. Most of them is using the personal e-mail or working paper to share the information. The entire department is use software how to manage the work and perform the job. The following department is describing how the information link and manage their work:

Reception Department

The important duty for the Reception Department is to serve the customers on the coming and collect the payment from the customers. Based on the research for the Reception Department, the department will check or arrange the room whether is available for the customers coming using the F&B Point of Sales Software. F&B Point of Sales Software will show the each room is available with the simple diagram and two colour such as green for available and red for not available. Besides that, the point of sales software also provides the time limit for each room display on the touch screen computer. Mostly, it is allow customers enjoy the 3 hours in the room. When the time is over, the points of sale software will inform the staffs and the staffs will manually go through the room to inform the customers. However, customers can add more few hours when the customers are over time and pay extra payment. The staffs will record and set again the time with the F&B Point of Sales Software.

Other than serve the customers on the arrange room, the Reception Department will also allow the customers to making the member for the Halo Box. Reception Department is uses the Microsoft Office Access 2007 manually record the personal particular form the customers. After that, the staffs will provide the member card to the customers with the id number. Personal particular and the unique number for the customers will storage in the desktop personal computer and easy for the future to search the member using the software. Member's detail will send to the Marketing Department with print on the paper or send with e-mail. The feedback form will send to the Marketing Department.

When the payment made by the customers, the F&B Point of sale software automatically add together with the order food form kitchen and minus the member price when the customers show the member card in early stage. The prices also show on the touch screen computer. The customers can made whether any two payment, cash or credit card. Once the customers pay the cash, the cash will keep in the cash register machine. The credit card machine is allows the customers pay by credit card. Besides that, on the F&B point of sales software also automatically change to member price when at the beginning the customers show the member card or id number. The receipt printer will print out original copy to the customers and second copy to the Reception Department. Then the second copy or e-mail will send by Reception Department to the Accounting Department in daily.

Kitchen Department

The waiters will take order the food from the customers with piece of the paper to record. After that, the waiters will key into the touch screen computer with the F&B Point of Sale Software inside of the kitchen and also allow the chefs to check the order key in by waiters. On the point of sales software, it also shows the food diagram and how many plates available to serve for customer. How many plates available are records by the chefs in the early stage when the chefs prepare the food. Besides that, the chefs can check the stock is available or not by using the F&B point of sales software show the quantity of the stock. However, the customers need to extra add in or cancel the order, must personally walk to the kitchen department to tell the waiters. The software allows the waiters to add in or cancel the order by using the F&B Point of Sales software from the customers. If the food is in the process, the orders are not allow canceling by customer.

When the food is send to the customers, waiters will touch on the screen to notify the food is delivery. Then the order will automatically send to the Reception Department, and it is easy for the Reception Department to calculate the payment for the customers. Reception Department and the Kitchen Department are using the same brand computer, so that their computer can link to each other.

Accounting Department

Accountant Manager will be received the daily sale record from Reception Department through e-mail or send by reception personally. Accounting Department is responsible to collect all the data and recorded the sales by using UBS software. The UBS software only allows the accountant manager have the authority to set password and change the data. It does will avoid accounting staffs intention or unintentional change and delete the data. So that, accounting staffs are need approval and password from accountant manager when made the account is mistakes. Besides that, the UBS software provides the backup file to allow the accounting department save another copy into the desktop personal computer in the specific folder that create folder by the UBS software.

Accounting staffs will be use the desktop personnel computer to manually record another daily sale as a backup file on the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to avoid when the UBS software is system down. Besides that, accounting staffs needed to print out the annual report, financial statement and general ledger by using printer at the end of the months. Accountant Manager will be tracking back the file on UBS software and Microsoft Office Excel 2007. It is to make sure that the account is balance and accurate. At last, Accountant Manager will sign on the documents when confirm the data is accurate.

Moreover, the Accountant Manager is required to approve and signature on the cheque of salary. Accountant Manager is received the slip of the salary by using ZPAY payroll system from Human Resource Department and prepare the cheque for the employees. Any salary, bonus and allowances of the employees are prepared by the Accounting Department.

Human Resource Department

Human Resource department is responsible to recruiting the staffs, allocate the position and provided training. When the new staffs are hired, the manager will be using the computerized manual payroll system (ZPAY Software) recorded the personal detail and allow updating the information in the future. The information system will be store automatically. Human Resource Department is provided electronic clock machine which for the punch card usage. All the staffs are required to punch card on the electronic clock machine when they are arrived. The electronic clock machine which is connects with the human resource department's computer. Manager can check through by using computer whether whose is on time or late.

The electronic clock machine which is connects with desktop personal computer which can allow the Human Resource Manager to calculate the salary of the staff. It will be more efficient and save time compare with calculate based on the punch card ink machine. The Human Resource Manager also will record the monthly salary using the computerized manual payroll system and performance of the staff. Lastly, Human Resource Manager will print out the slip of the salary on the paper and pass to the Accounting Department to approve the salary for employee.

End of the month, Human Resource Manager will prepare reports and used to prepare tax fillings, and provide analytical information. So that, manager can based this report to make decision such as provide training, provide allowances, increase salaries based on their performance.

Information Technology (IT) Department

The programmer from the Information Technology department will set the WIFI password and send the password to the Reception Department by using personal e-mail. Customer can get the password from the Reception Department for online. The password of the WIFI system will be change for every week to avoid their neighbour or competitor to using their WIFI system. With the WIFI system, programmer can research the vendor by using the internet to ensure that it has any new song was being promote. After select the new song, programmer need to pay the copyright fee to the vendor and download from the vendor websites such as mvdbase.com and http://www.avrev.com. Next, the programmer will use their personal laptop connect to each room audio visual karaoke system by using cable to install the new song. After install the new song to all the room, programmer will upload the new song inside their karaoke websites to inform their customer about the new song was been provided.

Programmer also received the flyer or advertisement from Marketing Department by personal e-mail. Thereafter, the IT Department will upload the promotion and event into the Halo Box Webpage.

Marketing and Customer Department

Marketing and customer department will receive the member detail from the Reception Department sending by the paper or email. The Marketing Department will record again the member personal particular into the Microsoft Office Access software into the laptop personal particular. Next, the Marketing Department based on the own Microsoft Office Assess and send the promotion such as the birthday discount promotion to their customer and send the happy birthday voucher to the customer by using email. The voucher was send to the customer will be provided the specific date to avoid the conflict with the customer. In addition, the Marketing Department also can use the phone to communicate with the member about the promotion of birthday discount.

Marketing Department will design the flyer and the advertisement by using the Microsoft Office Word 2007 and will send it to the Information Technology Department to post on the Halo Box website. Other than that, Marketing Department also print out the flyer or advertisement by using their own printer.

Furthermore, Marketing Department will view the complaint and feedback from their personal websites and the form receive from Reception Department. The Marketing Department will value all the feedback and the complaint from the customer. Marketing Department needs to know what customer complaints are and which departments need to improve. After the analysis, Marketing Department will inform to the related department to make the improvement by using email or phone call.

Part D: Analyze areas of strengths and weaknesses for the current IT/IS application used.

Based on the research on the IT application for the Halo Box Karaoke, they have some strengths and weakness on the IT application to operate the job and business.

Reception Department

The F&B Point of Sales software make the strength for the Reception Department and gain some benefits for the department. The F&B Point of Sales Software allow the Reception Department to know whether the rooms of karaoke is available which have made the cashiers more convenience in arrange the rooms for customers. The cashiers may able to know all the condition of the rooms through the point of sales software. This will help the cashiers to save time as they do not need to personally check on the condition of the rooms. It is easy for the staffs to check room available by using the F&B Points of Sales and save the servicing time, and also minimize the waiting time for the customer. In this software is save the servicing time and convenience for the staffs at the beginning stage.

Furthermore, the point of sales software has set a time limit for each room and then informs the cashiers on the time limit of each room. This may also help the cashiers to record the time limit of each with more accurate. As the cashiers no need to record the time of customer start use the room manually, the software will set the time limit for each automatically after the cashiers register the customer to the room. If the cashiers record the time limit manually on the book, the cashiers may calculate wrong time limit. In conclusion, the point of sales system made the work of the cashiers become easier and more convenience.

However, the F&B Point of Sales Software did not a function which automatically inform the customers on their time limit in the room. The staffs have to inform the customers personally about their time limit has reached after the software informs the staffs on the time limit. The F&B Point of Sales software does not link to each room to inform the customers and it is not convenience for the staffs. This is very time consuming and the staffs have to do extra work to inform the customer on their time limit. The staffs manually inform customer about the times is over and it cause the staffs inconvenience at the last stage

Microsoft Office Access 2007 helps the cashiers work more effective and efficient. Through using the Microsoft Office Access 2007, after the cashiers first time record the member detail, in second time the cashiers only have to key in the personal identity card number or member ID number as the Microsoft Office Access 2007 will automatic filter the name of member. Compare to the Microsoft Office Word 2007, the cashiers need to check the name one by one without fitter function. This function has helps the cashiers to trace back the detail of member easier and also time saving on the search the detail of members. If the members have any change for the detail, the cashier easy to find the pervious detail and upgrade manually. Microsoft Office Access allows the cashiers easy to trace back and filter all the detail for the members to save the searching time to find out the detail.

However, Microsoft Office Access 2007 is only suitable for small and medium business; Access may difficulty in dealing with data that more than 2GB in size. As the reception may deal with different customers for register as member, the Access may not able to process the data properly if the size of data record has larger than 1GB. It is difficult for the business when the business wants to expand and more customer detail storage in the Microsoft Office Access 2007 and cause limited storage to keep the detail of member.

Kitchen Department

Strengths of F&B Point of Sales for the kitchen department is The F&B Point of Sales software allows the chefs to check the available stock in the store. This help the chefs save time and made their work more convenience. As the chefs can check the stock available in the store through one of the function of the software, so the chefs do not need to go to the store personally to calculate the stock available in the store. The chefs can refuse the stock when the stock is empty show on the point of sales software. It is convenience for the chefs to save the time for personally to check the stock and also have the enough time to serve and prepare the food for the customer.

Furthermore, the software allows the waiters to cancel the order if the customers do not want the orders. The waiters can quickly inform the chefs on the order are cancel by the customers, so the chefs can quickly react before start prepares the food and drink. The software also provided a "Done" diagram on the software, after the chefs has done prepare the food and pass to the waiters the chef may touch on the "Done" diagram to confirm that the food have deliver. Through this function, the chefs can know easily whether the food and drink had delivers to customer or not to make sure no double prepare the order. It is save the money on the double prepare and also do not waste the food. Point of Sales has the suitable function for the kitchen department on during prepare the food and after the food is send to customers.

However, at the beginning the order food and drink must record on the paper and walk to the kitchen. It is waste the time and the paper cost record the order made by customers then inform the chefs on the food order. Sometimes, the waiters will made a human error such as recorder wrong order manually and key into the point of sales software in the wrong order. If the waiters record the wrong order will affect the wasted food in wrong preparing in the kitchen. Human error will be made by the new staffs when order the food from the customers.

The daily workflow of the department may increase day by day since the business may be expands. There are necessary to continue updating the version of the point of sales software to deal with daily workflow. As the old version of software may not able fulfill the requirement to help the department to serve their customer more effective. The software may run inaccurate when the data of the customer become larger.

There is compliance of cost to updating the software, further the hardware may also need to update to suit with the updating software as the old hardware may not able run the new software. The updating cost for the software can be result in significant continuing expenses, the benefit for such investment can only be seeing in long-term based.

Accounting Department

UBS software have include different system to allow the department several of work such dealing with daily sales, purchase and billing. The software has provides a proper system allow the accounting staffs to record the transaction. The staffs of accounting department only need to key in the transaction and the system will automatic calculate the transaction and match the transaction to relevant invoice, such as the sales transaction and the monthly balance sheet. This can help in reduce human error by calculate the amount manually. The report made by the software is more accurate than personally record in the book.

Besides that, the systems help the accounting staffs to balance all the transaction and provide the report of transaction. The manager can use the transaction report to making the decision on the future. Mangers can based on the report to cut cost or expand the business. Furthermore, the UBS software also provides backup function when to have another copy for the report. If the original file had been corrupted, the manager still has backup file to restore. It is reducing the time on redo again when the original file is corrupted.

The UBS software also provides proper security to protect the information. With the design of the software, only authorized user can login with password and username to record the data into the system. Furthermore, to prevent any unauthorized change on the information. If the accounting staffs needs to make amendment on the information, a special authorized has to achieve from the manager to show the true and fair of the information. It is avoid the unauthorized person to change the information in the future. This software has the good security and control for the unauthorized person to access the information.

However UBS software has the weakness for the business. There is requires the accounting staffs to have a certain level of expertise to use the UBS software, as the UBS software included several type of system. The accounting staffs may not familiar with all the system. Extra training has to conduct for the accounting staffs to learn how to use the software in contrary, it increases a training cost. The company will need to spend the training cost on the hire new staffs. It is mean that, the business need to pay extra training cost for the new staffs.

There may also being a risk for computer fraud. As the omitted of the information or the data has record incorrectly by the staffs may not able to identify quickly. This will cause the information inaccurate. It is possible for the staffs made a human error such as record wrong amount or wrong transaction, and the staffs need to spend the time to check back the transaction one by one. On this situation, the staffs are waste the time for checking whole transaction and redo the transaction again.

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 provided user a mathematical function which help users to automatic calculate the amount. The function of the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is same like the UBS software automatically sum and deduct. On this situation, the manager uses the Microsoft Office Excel as another backup file when the UBS software is corrupted or system problem. This will help the accounting department to save time as the Excel automatic total up the amount. Besides that, Excel also provides user with different diagram or chart to interpret the amount that has calculated to make the input of data easier to understand. Manager can make decision for the report and diagram based on the Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Other than that, manager can use the report from UBS software and report from Excel to compare to make sure they are consistent and accurate.

However, Microsoft Office Excel's file is not allowed to open with other Microsoft software. Excel is not flexible enough for use. As if user wants to adding chart or data, user has to add in by using Excel. This software no includes the format of the account; need to draw the format by the staffs. It may effect for the new staffs not familiar for the account format. It is waste the time for creating the format of account and it is for the staffs that are unfamiliar in the account. It may cause the account is not tally and waste the time for teaching the new staffs.


Human Resource Department

The computerized system wills more good than manual payroll system because manual system is requires tracking employee time by hand. Employee punches from the timekeeping system can automatically transfer to payroll system. The system can differentiate the normal working hour, public holiday pay and overtime hours. The staff's only responsibility to ensure time is transported correctly and makes some adjustment.

Employers of human resource department are using computerized payroll system to generates and print out the payroll report. It will reduce employer prepare reports by manual ways. Then the reports will easily reference by simple ways which are just open the system. Besides that, it already keeps in system so can direct connect with printer and print it for meeting or to managers. This system will also generate tax reports to ensure company has compliance payroll tax rules. They will print reports or email send to the accounting department that handles the payroll tax and reconciliation duties. Manager can base on the report to hire new staff or remote the staffs and provide any extra training cost for the future.

The company employee statutory deductions such as salaries, overtime pay, tax will be accurately calculated by using computerized payroll system. This system can help manager not need consumer many time to manually calculate and reduce human error. For example the staff need key in input into the system then the system automatically calculates all pay by weekly or monthly. Other than calculate the salary, also include automatic calculate the tax, EPF and SOCSO for the staffs salary. It easier for the manager to calculate the salary without extra calculates manually. It is increase the accuracy for the salary and reduce the time for manually calculate.

In Malaysia country requires manager keep all payroll records for few years, so using computerized system to generate and stores payroll and employment tax data to reduce many record keep in book. Staffs can set password to open the computer and system to avoid unauthorized person open. If record in the book will easily oblivion to somewhere and easily stolen or make changes by unauthorized person. It is also save the place for storage the record for several years when the business hires more staffs. So that the record not easily to steal by unauthorized person and enough place to store another thing or expand the place.

However, the human resource department is purchase the payroll software and arranges payroll staff to manage the payroll processing. The in-house computerized system is more costly than use manual system. After purchase in-house computerized system, the staffs need make some changes such as add on some useful tasks to suite their company. For example, direct deposits, monthly tax filling and payroll database maintenance. When the system is happen fault, it will costly to employer because the staff need immediately work overtime to solve the problem to avoid cannot pay salary to employee on time. It is not enough experts to help the business to solve the payroll problem. If hire the experts will may be costly.

They may face some computer problems such as computer viruses and hackers. It is serious problem because it will cause all data is leakage to outside person and their computer maybe need repair and the data maybe losses. Besides that, sometime the system is inappropriate software so it cannot properly set up to meet their business requirement. The staffs need always make adjustment to fulfill their needs. Power failure on the software may cause the time consuming to repair and the important information may be losses.

Information Technology (IT) Department

A WIFI provided for the staffs to online to make research on competitor current status. Besides that, with the connection of WIFI any information can be send through e-mail from one department to another department faster. This can improve the internal communication and help the management make the decision easier and faster. The WIFI also allow the customer to connect as an addition service. The higher speed of the WIFI, the line will be smooth and save the time for loading.

Furthermore, through the connection of WIFI the programmer can easily arrange the new song to the each karaoke rooms and upload the latest news and new song to company web-pages for advertisement purpose. With the connection of WIFI, the workflow of company becomes more effective and faster. Some more, other expenses such advertising cost can be reduce as the company can advertise through internet. The cost will be lower on the advertising and use the money to expand the business.

However there is a security risk in using WIFI. Although the WIFI is require password to use but there may be a chance for people who expert in IT to hacked the line and use the WIFI without permission. The risk often might not able to identify immediately. Because of the advance of technology that many public know about hacked the line even change the password frequently. It may affect the WIFI connection problem or the speed problem in the future. Besides that, the business must pay the extra money to fixed and maintain the WIFI for the expert and also spend a lot of time for repair the WIFI.

Besides that, if there are too many customers using the WIFI and the WIFI may not able to serve properly. As the WIFI have a limit to 32GB only, if more and more customers and also include the staffs share together the speed 32GB the line will be lag. Most worse is the users may probably unable to connect with WIFI. In the future the business will expand and more customers will be serve, customer will dissatisfy to use the WIFI when the speed is running slowly.

Marketing and Customer Department

In Microsoft Office Word 2007, there have many different types template located online through the program to give marketing staffs to choose. Besides that, marketing staffs can build a new template or theme faster by using building blocks tool. The marketing staffs can use this too easily to design flyer or advertisement. It is easier for the staffs to creating the flyer and save the time for think or design to create the template.

The Microsoft Office Word 2007 can directly without use other party software to save the Word document into Portable Document Format (PDF) or an XML Paper Specification (XPS). It will allow marketing staffs send document to other person to sharing information in the document.

Compare to Microsoft Office 2003 previous version with Microsoft Office 2007, the 2007 version is changed a lot. For example, previous version cannot open the corrupted file even through only one page is damaged. The 2007 version can open the rest page even one piece of document damaged. Besides that, it changed the file become smaller and stable. It will help marketing department having hard drive space and server.

However the Microsoft Word 2007 is not forward compatibility for older Office documents. For example the marketing department creates an office 2007 file then send to other department that using Microsoft Word 2003, then the department will have trouble open the file. To solve this problem they need install new version or installs an add-on necessary to view the file. The business will be facing the cost on install new version on other department.

The staff need use some time to learn how to use Microsoft Office 2007 efficiency in their work. Because it version have some part is complex than old version 2003. For example, become more additional step in saving to the web. Then compare to version 2007, the all basic features are changes location so need use some time to practice. It is waste the time to learn the software for who not expertise on this software.