Heuristic Evaluation With Usability Guidelines Computer Science Essay

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Zenxin Agri-Organic Food is the pioneer of organic farming in Malaysia which is established in 2001. It provides about the great 60 varieties of reliable vegetables and fruits which grown without using any chemical fertilizers. Heuristic evaluation of usability will be conducted to achieve its goals on Zenxin Agri-Organic Food website. The usability guidelines in re-designing for new system will be served by the evaluation results to make improvement.

The prospective users of the Zenxin Agri-Organic Food website may be teenagers whose age range below 20 years old and most of users are adults above 20 years olds who live in country side. Therefore, the target users of this website are mostly working adults that occupied in agriculture who raises living substances for food or organic materials. The farmed land might be owned and worked as a laborer on land owned by others. Land or management in their production is often provided as farmhands. Implementing Zenxin Agri-Organic Food website for the prospective users, it should support sharing information of the organic products, organic parks, and latest news to users.

2.2 Requirements Specification

A requirement is needed by a user to solve a problem or achieve the goals of the system. The needs of users are reflected by the requirements for a system which helps to solve various problems. Requirements specifications are important components for building the development of any system. What is to be designed, built and put into service is defined by requirements specifications which provide support for validation and verification. Validation is that design is what users want and verification is that designers can verify design against a set of requirements. The existing system of the functional and non-functional requirements had been cleared.

2.3 Functional Requirements Specification

The functional requirement specifications are

Allow users to browse within the website

This website provides the users to browse for desire information about organic farm within the website.

Allow users to view organic products and its photo with detail description within the website

This website allows the users to view varieties of organic products such as organic vegetables, organic tropical fruits, organic brown rice, organic fertilizers and compost within the website. Therefore, users can view each of the organic products with photo and browse the detail information in related topics.

Allow users to view the location of organic shops

This website allows the users to view the location of Zenxin organic food shops.

Allow users to knowabout organic park within the website

This website allows the users to know more information about organic park within the website by giving related links.

Allow users to book trip or facilities

This website allow user to make a booking in order to join "Be an Organic Farmer" programs.

Allow users to view more information for related topic from social networks

This website allows user to view more external information from social networks such as twitter, facebook, myspace, etc.

Allow users to offer home delivery service

This website offers user withthe best variety and quality of organic vegetables & fruitsas home delivery service in Singapore.

Allow users to provide green careers and opportunities

This website provides user as green careers and opportunities within the system.

Allow users to write or contact email to the website

This website provides "Contact Us or Write Us" service to the user to fill in contact form.

2.4 Non-Functional Requirements Specification

Non-functional requirements are not directly concerned with the system delivers the specific functions. An emergent system properties may be related such as reliability, response time and store occupancy. Many non-functional requirements relate to the system as a whole rather than to individual system features. While failure to meet an individual functional requirement may degrade the system, failure to meet non-functional requirements may make the whole system unusable. The non-functional requirements come from the user satisfaction and efficient in term of user's perspective. The usability requirement of the system is an important factor of the non-functional requirement specifications.

Usability refers to how easy to achieve goal for specified users with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in the context of use. It is a qualitative attribute that access how easy and efficiently user interfaces are to use.

Predictability means that the effect of future action can be determined by user based on the past experience interaction history.

Generalizabilitymeans that system support for the user to extend knowledge of specific interaction within and across applications to other similar situations.

Accessibility means that the term can be used to access the ability of system by different users and possible benefit of some system or entity.

Availability means that the system available to the users 24/7.

Error Detection means that the user is informed for any incorrect information by the system.

Time to learn refers to the detail descriptions and explanations are provided for each topic using images.

Therefore, user can easily learn about the topic during the reasonable period.

3. Comparative Heuristics Evaluation for current system

Before an evaluation is conducted for existing system, it is important to know the principle of heuristics evaluation method for user interface design. Neilson (2005) suggests the 10 heuristics evaluation principles are:

Nielsen's Heuristics

Evaluation Features

Visibility of system status

- User doesn't need to log in to the website for browsing the information.

- User can browse any information without logging in through this website.

Match between system &

the real world

- Online payment isn't availablefor ordering the vegetables and fruits via online

- But home delivery service is available.

User control and freedom

- There is no any questions in "Feedback"

Consistency &standards

- Magazines and Newspapers should not be highlighted.

- The website banner and navigation bar are not consistent

Error prevention user profiles

- Search box is not available within website

- No searching provided to user to search any information in search box.

Recognition rather than recall

- Log-in section or Registration link is not available on this website

- The navigation is complexity.

Flexibility &efficiency of use

- Unable to use ENTER button on keyboard for Search function

Aesthetic &minimalist design

- The background image and the usage of color is inconsistence.

Help users recognize, diagnose &recover from errors

- Back, Cancel and Clear option is not included in Feedback.

Help &documentation

-'FAQ' is not provided to help users

Re-Design of Zenxin Agri-Organic Food Website

Changes of Existing Design and New Design Features

- Removed banner background image and background images of each page for the new design, it can be clear

visualization for the users.

- Re-arranged the navigation buttons design like as home, organic products, organic parks, organic farming,

organic shops, contact us and delivery, added new navigation button such as organic farming.

- Re-designed the slide link bar, reduce some links of highlights from the slide link bar, because of some of

links under the highlights are information redundant.

- Re-arrange the slide link bar from right to left, re-design such as latest news and highlights in the slide link

bar, as a new design feature, added like who's online check link and re-design for social link tags such as

bookmarks, email, messenger, blog and social sites links (e.g. yahoo, msn, blog spot, facebook), also added

RSS button.

- Re-place the read more link buttons like as the original web page design, but some of information are very

long, re-arranged as brief description and some information showed as an image or photos.

- Some of the latest news are provided in the left slide links bar but re-arranged some redundant information

and some image or photo information is redesigned.

- Some of sub navigation buttons are re-arranged under the organic products navigation button such as

organic products sub link button ( mentioned about the organic products of Zenxin Agri-Organic Food

Website), why organic sub link button (about of organic), organic vegetables sub link button (about of

organic vegetables), organic tropical fruits sub link button (about of organic tropical fruits), organic brown

rice sub link button (about of organic brown rice) with showed some description and photos information.

- About of organic parks are provided under the organic parks navigation link button, and some sub link

buttons are also offered such as organic parks sub link button (about organic park), about the park sub link

button (about of the park), location &map (mentioned the location &map of park), and some photos

and information of fish and flower in the park with some useful sub link buttons.

- New navigation button 'organic farming' is arranged with some useful sub link button about of organic

farming such as organic farm sub link button and organic operations sub link button (about of organic

operations). In the organic farming page, added some useful new information about of organic farming

and about of useful certificate of organic operations.

- Under the organic shops navigation button, detail information design for the organic shops location of

Zenxin Agri-Organic Food shops.

- In the contact us navigation button, arranged green careers &opportunities sub link button (about of green),

and contact us sub link button (users can feedback to the Zenxin Agri-Organic Food Site), some useless

information sub link buttons are removed.

- Delivery services page redesigned with some useful brief description under the delivery navigation button,

and removed some redundant or extra-information.


To conclude, we evaluated the existing Zenxin Agri-Organic Food website using Nielsen's Heuristics and combined with usability guidelines. In the Zenxin Agri-Organic Food website, the color usage and simple information giving methods are good in the website interface. But, there are some redundant information and some are useless or extra-information for the users. Moreover, some of the interface design is complex and redundant. Therefore, we mainly focus on the re-arranged of website interface design because it is most important considerable thing for the users' usability and to get the goal knowledge about the organic products or other organic information for the organic farmers or Zenxin Agri-Organic Food website users.