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1.1 Introduction

Help desk has its origins in early 1980s, when employees of corporations first began using personal computers. Before that, computer hardware and software were primary used in the information Technology (IT) department. Data were stored and processed on large mainframe computers within the IT department. Workers outside the IT department had little or no contact with computer technology.

The help desk in much organization effect in work flow between users and new technology, in1980s started to know and used personal computers (PC) then need technical support service that enable individuals and businesses to effectively use technology. In the first time individuals with little or no technical background were using computers on the job. Some of this technical maybe this first time working in new technology, they had question and nowhere to go for answer. To get help would often ask a coworker in their department. Some people in department become known as same problems or questions.

In the last of year 1990s organization begin using new technologies to support business processes by sell products and services in the internet by this way computer technology become nearly in support. This is a different between 1980s and technical support today, most of organization get to make more training for a team of technical support or department of (IT).

The general ways dose technical support today differ from technical support in the 1980s , technical support today use tools and Knowledge to solving problems. Tools here mean (Software and Hardware), but their tools without known to how is using or how to enter input to get output, technical must be read more about new in books, internet and how can find an information about technology, new for person not mean advanced equipment, but it could mean first use, first see or The first time I hear it.

1.1.1 Help desk Tasks in any organization:

1 - Contribute to technical problems related to end users from abuse, damage or malf- unction of a sudden

2 - Working to provide the necessary facilities and potential users of problems related to hardware or network connectivity

4 - easier to deal with the program from the entry process or offer input or tracking of faults in an easy

5 - Keep track of the faults, even to repair the problems and reports in the form of

6 - Paying attention to the proposals provided to facilitate the provision of services as satisfactory for all

1.2 Problem Definition

When we lookup about help desk in some of IT corporation or ministry of education for example we found more obstacles to know or follow-up failures, such as Is this your first visit to a partition or device, or the frequency of failure or problem, and that comes because all the damage done in a friendly way or through the paper of the communication is not the reason or the procedure that was done - to take advantage of him after that. Also it is possible that the reform is for the holidays without follow-up Do holidays affect or cause any other faults. In the absence or the resignation of this individual did not know who comes into force him out of work or how frequent breakdowns with the experience of the person alternative, that comes to the absence of the role of the registry of the problem and report forms in monitoring and following up the problems. Even if the solution to the problem and recorded as a result of the loss of the report, damage, or not see it for lack of interest from all this we can deduce the following:

1 - not to register for the problem of Time. W frequently or non-recurrent

2 - Non-tracking of the work force. Are holidays, which was significant reform or not the rest of the operations

3 - Registration paper makes a person not interested in the full description of the problem or the solution

4 - no reports or description of the problem how is solved or in process

5 - not up to the problem or after dissolution

6 â€" Found no cooperation between support group as on team.

7 - Do not have a good follow-up support for his team manager

8 - To resolve the problem comes in sometimes in a friendly way

9 - Give up the support group for speed in responding to solve the problem

10 - The existence of poverty in the information and experience of technical support for the lack of access to any training.

Most problems that users experience with technology are in one of these five categories:

Hardware problems:

Hardware problems usually occur when a change is made to the current configuration by adding new hardware or upgrading existing equipment.

A typical hardware setup consists of products from different manufacturers. When new hardware is added, it may not be compatible with the system that is already in place. For example, a user may request and receive a scanner designed to be used with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. However, the user's computer is several years old and does not have any USB ports. The new hardware is incompatible with the existing hardware.

Software problems:

The majority of software problems are related to installation, compatibility, and performance. Most of today's software includes an automatic installation program. The user starts the installation program, and the program writes the necessary files to the user's hard drive. In addition to installation the actual program file, the installation makes changes to the operating system so that it will recognize the new software. This may create conflict between the new software and the programs already installed.

Network Problem:

In most companies, application software is located on a central computer, and individual access these programs through a network. A network is a group of two or more computer linked together by a communications device. A communication device is a modem, a cable, or any other device that enables a computer to send or receive data from another computer. Suppose a user preparing a report in Microsoft Excel needs to access data stored on another computer in the network.

The user is unable to connect to database and receive a message "Unable to connect to destination" This message indicates that the connection to server failed and database could not be contacted. The support specialist must determine why the connection did not go through perhaps because the server was down.

Security problem:

One of the most common forms of computer security is limiting access to the organizations network. Organizations do this by creating user account. User accounts contain a variety of information about the user, and include a user ID and password for signing on the network. Without an account, user is unable to log in and use the network. User account also limit user's access to certain area of network.

Problem can occur when users try to access network data from different location, an error message is displayed on the screen. The user calls the help desk to find why the network cannot be accessed.

Operating System problems:

Operating system errors can manifest themselves in many different ways, including

A frozen cursor or screen

A blank or flickering dialog box

An error message on the screen

A terminated application

There can be many different causes of operating system errors, including conflicts among software and hardware, computer viruses, and corrupt files. Operating system error can vary in severity. Major problems prevent the user from accessing any application, while less severe problem may occur only when a certain application is used, such as a memory intensive graphics program.

While most user problem fall into one of the previous five categories, some problem are the direct result of doing something incorrectly, such as hitting the wrong key, which can cause the text to disappear from the screen. Problem can also occur when users have not been adequately trained on the software they are using.

1.3 Motivation

Our system will helped all users , IT manger , IT team to leave old ways of solve or follow up the problem , in user said we will tell him easy ways to how to contact of help desk team and description the problem , then in IT manger said learn how export and follow up the problem or team work .then know is IT team a good helper or don't have any skills to solve â€" fixed the problem and write reason , Result in the report to organized the workflow , in final we must support help desk team about all data of problem to get solving in short time and fast is this possible.

1.4 Summary of Solution

We will see how workflow in IT is department in Fig. (1.1) this example in help desk technology corporation , work their tell us about bag different between hear in Medial East or Arabian country , this flow chart of how is process go in with no mastics or slowly workflow by some of rules and Orderly steps , the request tack trace send (dispatch) to queue (First In First Out) FIFO use to mange how is the service flow until end then when accepted now ok service will don , close request ,but this way is direct to do in this fig. Help desk software must be able to effectively support all the possible paths that a service request may follow from start to completion as is diagrammed here.

Fig. (1.1) Illustration courtesy of Help Desk Technology Corporation


1.5 Related Works

There have been similar studies that have shown some results and conclusions regarding the Improvement and development of Help Desk processes or functionalities.

CRM desk product from Microsoft. Is a highly efficient cutting edge technology solution that will dramatically improve quality and reduce costs of Internet-based customer support. It combines powerful features with an elegant user interface, allowing seamless integration with your website. CRM desk consists of two Web-based applications.

Easy Desk Helpdesk Customer Support product from, get 4 Stars SoftSea Rating, Easy Desk Helpdesk is a simple call logging utility for small helpdesks, support centers or any business... It is designed primarily to be quick and easy-to-use.

Now we will compeer about our system and other systems:

Easy Desk

CRM desk

Help desk system


-use the database on a local drive

- All information about customers

- Monitor your support work using statistical reports.

- Customize and configure for your business.

-All data about users.

- using report in work

- can customize to suitable your work.


-Store Inventory -Stock

-Save attachments

-Customizable Status and Category fields

- Group your customers.

- Manage open questions.

- Review closed questions.

- Users Group.

- Review details.

- mange input

- ability to modify

base records

-call notes.

-call sheets.

-Report Wizard.

- Classify and filter records for your report.

- Group questions precisely.

- Calculate number of questions and processing time.

- Visualize your report applying a suitable chart.

- Print report

- save a copy in database

- report users

- report work flow

- Report to all data entered.

Statistical Reports

-Details against customers.

-against calls, email customers.

-Add Custom fields for collecting complete information about your customer.

-Create Custom fields to be reflected in question form.

- Create new customer.

- Add all data about your school.

- Customize all entered data.

- edit user's profiles.

Custom Fields

- Open calls.

-Record inventory against customers.

-free text search.

-Organize rules for assigning questions to the responsible staff.

-No questions are left "unattended" for a long time if you customize escalation rules.

-Define how CRM desk system creates questions based on the customer e-mail requests.

- send a problem in same time to engineer.

- frequency the problem status.

- verity of motions

- Admin is authorized only approved to finish the job is ok or not.

- answer customer in immediately.

- feat back to customer.

Workflow Rules

Table 1.1: Comparison between systems

1.6 Objective of the Study

1. GUI (Graphical User Interface): user can work and learn in easy and simple interface does not require a programmer or developer to use it .input and export data easily.

2. Fast as possible to keep time: time is very important to find and fixed problem or stopped before happened, this is effect way to Gain the confidence of the user.

3. Strong database: all data same (users, department, orders…) can find it any time with completed data.

4. More security privileges: all users having user and password then different task between user, engineering and manger.

5. Easy to view Report: manger only can displayed reports, if all engineering finish all problems in true steps.

6. Flexibility and easily: With Microsoft Visual Basic 2008, SQL Server 2005, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. We can easily to mange away to display data and using programming code, methods to plan what are features.

1.7 Scope of Work

Levels of operations and tasks are also characterized by powers where users differ from one user to an engineer to Director of our system consists of the following:

1. Users Privilege: entry to the basic data of the program reports, user names, the names of engineers. Which means that the program by a strong security and the level of security for each user .

2. Easy to modify: users in schools are input all date like name of the school - phone - the name of the user and password tags is using our system. And the data can be modified by this user to send a problem and know the status of the problem was the reform or not, it is possible to know and follow repeated causing problems at the school location in hardware, software or network this all problem daily happened .

3. Management work system: including both the IT tem of the architect, Job Site. Knowledge of the problem sent to him by the manager and the outstanding issue.

4. Definition of problems: complaints from programs, network sets of computers hardware and software .

5. This is the part of workflow in our system to enter his user name and password. So he could follow the problem has been operating under the same or holidays and the new knowledge .

6. System Reports: important to system administrator to know how and where the work is go on, the report is displayed for each problem was or not, the names of engineers belonging to technical support and names of the schools listed in the our system program .

7. Integrated system: the data can be modified to send a complaint and know the statuses of the complaint were the reform or not, it is possible to know and follow repeated causing problems at the school.

1.8 Structure of the Dissertation

Help desk application built of five chapters, we end first chapter (Introduction of help desk) the following of contain four chapters:

Chapter Two: review of help desk and Improve Performance.

Chapter Three: Analysis the help desk system and Design of the application.

Chapter Four: description of help desk System in Implementation and testing the application.

Chapter Five: summary of lessons and how using for future work.