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Their warehouse area is quite long, in a very rectangular 110x30 which contains a smaller work room incorporated within the warehouse area (15x25). This smaller room contains a small reservoir of computers used to develop their prototype drawings.

Also, the smaller room has a small reservoir of computers which they use for creating drawings and designing prototypes. The workers of this firm have expressed their opinions of having IT mobility, while the owners of the firm are very much adamant about having top notch security as they design and prototype defense force designs. Epic.co has taken this all into consideration and has come to an agreement on what design criteria must be met.

Network address translation (NAT) is a router firewall protocol which allows a number of users to all access the internet through a single internet connection and single IP address. A firewall is an assembly of hardware and software designed to block or limit access to data on an internal network so that unauthorized users may not gain access to it, while still allowing outbound connections to be made. Firewalls are used to keep data and information stored on a network safe from hackers, crackers, and other malicious users. http://www.textually.org/textually/archives/images/set3/network.jpg

Networking options

The following two topology's are the two options Epic.co thinks are the most suited to Orient Design and Manufacturing and making a sound working environment. He following two topologies is a bus topology and a Hybrid-Star-Bus network.


The word "topology" refers to the layout of a network. Several common topologies include: bus, ring, and star networks. Each topology is set out differently for different needs and circumstances.

A star network consists of several nodes connected to a central hub or switch.

A Bus network is a network which functions by accessing a central "trunk", which in turn consists of the cabling required to connect the nodes.

A ring network is a network topology in which each node connects to exactly two other nodes, forming a single continuous pathway for signals through each node - a ring. Data travels from node to node, with each node along the way handling every packet.

Another type of network is a hybrid network which is comprised of more than one topology, for example a star-bus network.

Physical, Wireless and Cloud Computing/Networking

Physical Network

A physical network is generally the fastest of all the network types, passing data through a direct, physical link between 2 or more computers, through mediums such as Cat 5 or Fiber Optic cabling.

These networks have many strong advantages;

Fast data transfer rates

High Security

Relatively low cost (depending on cable type and length)

Unaffected by natural forces, such as weather

Relatively simple to set up

Easy to maintain

Does not lose strength over longer distances

These networks are generally chosen when a fast, secure network is required, or when a network needs to cover a long distance.


Wireless Networking

A wireless network has a number of advantages over a physical connection, these include;

Reduced cost on cabling.

Easier maintenance of complex networks.

Reduces the chance of physically compromising the network (i.e. breaking a cable)

These advantages are most prominent in small, but complex networks, which need large amounts of cable, but do not cover a great distance. This is due to the relative weakness of wireless signals such that they need to be repeated every 10 or 20 meters.

Cloud Computing

In designing a solution the option of cloud computing, or virtual networking, was considered.

Cloud computing has a few advantages in office environments, and a number of advantages when networks are required to spread over a huge space, these include;

Strong connection wherever an internet connection is available.

Operates as fast as the slowest user's internet connection, which can be as fast as a few megabytes of data transfer per second.

Often requires no extra physical or wireless connections.

Lower environmental impact as they work on existing infrastructure.


Option 1

Office STAR


Top left computer runs as server.

The first networking option Epic.co is recommending is as follows; Hybrid Star-Bus network with CAT 5E cable.


Cat 5e Bus



Cat 5e cable runs off the bus part of the network to computers and the lathing machines carrying the prototype designs to be made.

Workroom/ Storage


Runs off office server with wired switch

This option does not use wireless; however there are enough computers for all workers to liaise with clients while working.

Server computer running Protect Point security

Rented backup server offsite to store account information and plans

The server computer has a 2 terabyte hard drive in order to store required applications as well as plans and transactions

The network has absolute security as no one can access it without coming inside the building

This option does not support Wi-Fi, there for no one can easily tap into the server.

EMI is not a factor here.

MAC OS X Operating system


Option 2




Wi-Fi Signal Booster which covers the whole work place on a frequency which will not affect EMI

This promotes the ability to liaise with clients by being able to connect to the internet with smart phones.

Wireless Router

Server computer

This option promotes what the workers wanted, mobility.

The file server is run off the computer with 2 terabyte storage in the office.

The signal booster is adjusted to cover just the entire workplace; this will prevent anyone from trying to tap in.

The router is 802.11n, this is the fastest and the most reliable protocol.

The server computer runs all the security's listed above under SECURITY

Products are bought outright

Backup server located at a different location.

Windows 7 Operating system

Budget Analysis

There is no budget set by Orient Design and Manufacturing, thus being no budget to stick to.

The brief also made no mention of wanting to upgrade their current computers, so the only thing they will have to pay for, for either option is listen below;

Option 1 cost

CAT 5e Cable: $15per meter. Approximately $160

A standard Belkin N150 Router on 802.11n costs $67

Installation prices vary $XXX

Option 2 Cost

Wireless Net gear DGN2000 Wireless-N Modem Router $147

Installation prices vary $XXX

Evaluation Against Design Criteria

D1: All computers have access to the network through both a CAT6 and a wireless medium.http://www.textually.org/textually/archives/images/set3/network.jpg

D2: In both options it has been made clear that mobility is quite apparent.

D3: All measures of security have been taken into account including: a router firewall, a network firewall and WPA2 encryption of the wireless network

D4: Occupation health and safety is approved in both as the CAT 5e cable runs under carpet/tape which is out of everyone's way.

D5: Internet access is made easy with the star-bus and wireless system

D6: With the wireless signal EDMI does not prove a problem

D7: Protect point will be installed

D8: WPA2 is installed on server which is superior to WEP

D9: Windows 7 was found to be more secure, offering better utility programs and usability

Final Recommendation

My final recommendation would be option 2. Option 2 provides a better service than option 1, the brief that was given did not specify what kind of floor the warehouse had, this was a point of interest as I had no way to specify how the CAT 5e cable would be held to the floor. Option 2 follows the brief uniformly and conforms with the things the owners and the workers wanted, which are top level security and mobility which have been provided through security programs and wireless. The server within this option is a lot easier to manage, as the network is a lot simpler, as well as this installation of option 2 will be a lot less costly.

Products are bought outright as the only thing that is now required to buy are computers which we were not required to plan for.

Epic.co wishes Orient Design and Manufacturing all the best and we hope you use us again if needed or recommend us.