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It is firstly developed around 2002 is a system that which focuses on producing multimedia context as related to SMS service more being SMS extensively popular which it seems advance to next level is adding photos or video. Which it defines mms technology by two standard things that are open mobile alliance and 3gpp.for sending and receiving an mms protocol known as multimedia protocol is used.

The main task of this project is how to read SMS or mms in a mobile phone through software known as j2me.j2me applications are the real applications where it can process incoming mms messages or video easily compared with other applications MMS which includes V card calendar, picture files and more .it also enables you to send large amount of data in different forms like jpeg gif, animated, png, smil and midi ring tones. The j2me technology which it allows the application to install in any mobile device easily at the average price level which it integrates JVM and other necessary applications software interfaces .which it supports to java mobile application for usage of GPS navigation.

3.2 GPS

GPS was created and realized by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and was originally run with 24 satellites. It was established in 1973 to overcome the limitations of previous navigation systems. The GPS is made up of three parts. Satellites orbiting the Earth; control and monitoring stations on Earth; and the GPS receivers owned by users. GPS satellites broadcast signals from space that are picked up and identified by GPS receivers. Each GPS receiver then provides three-dimensional location (latitude, longitude, and altitude) plus the time. It is satellite constellation that which provides more efficient positions velocity and time navigation data to users. In 1989 GPS constellation of satellite was launched into orbit.

Individuals may purchase GPS handsets that are readily available through commercial retailers. Equipped with these GPS receivers, users can accurately locate where they are and easily navigate to where they want to go, whether walking, driving, flying, or boating. GPS has become a mainstay of transportation systems worldwide, providing navigation for aviation, ground, and maritime operations. Disaster relief and emergency services depend upon GPS for location and timing capabilities in their life-saving missions. Everyday activities such as banking, mobile phone operations, and even the control of power grids, are facilitated by the accurate timing provided by GPS. Farmers, surveyors, geologists and countless others perform their work more efficiently, safely, economically, and accurately using the free and open GPS signals.

GPS Application


For electrical companies timing is very important because generation and power channelize are done at same time for this purpose GPS is required.


It is to survive distance between two points by suing GPS.

Traffic management

By using GPS traffic jams can be controlled and every time information is updated to driver reroute if any traffic jams occurs.

An application has been created i.e. tale contour which entitles traffic manager.


Now a day's security is most concern by using GPS tool we can increase the more security.


By using GPS it can utilize data for accurate marketing strategies and advertise easily.

Fishing and farming

By using GPS where we can find out schools of fishes easily.

Mainly in farming industry GPS is used to survey the land easily and it can be utilized as automated steering.


Time is money in any business by using GPS a bank can maintain accurate timing system.

Weather forecasting

By suing GPS that can predict the where the large bodies of water has been stored and evaluate the weather forecasting according to the climate change.

Which it allows to give more information to meteorologists to provide good service.

3.4 Future implications using GPS

It is dynamic technology and gives a valuable technology and gives valuable information which it can be utilized in many more applications .by using this technology companies can send e3mail, SMS or call at anytime by allocating position.

It has developed for usage of civilians and military.

It provides continuous and timing information anywhere in the world under any weather conditions .because it serves an unlimited number of users it is being used for security reasons.

Nodes of GPS work


The most important application in GPS is finding of a position or locating a place .it is the first positioning system which it is offer highly precise information for any object in any whether condition. Which it helps to locate the point's nationwide geodetic network .it is used for surveying the projects.


GPS has actually designed to give navigation data for ships and planes. It's useful in water and it also provides useful information on land and air. By using navigation technology which it cal cutes accurately where you are. By using the GPS commercial business person can deter mine their fishing holes without searching into wrong places.


Tracking is the process that which controls it as it moves along. By using this technology we can trace the vehicle easily, it helpful in saving accident case. Police, ambulance and fire departments are implementing this system know automatic vehicle location .for providing better service to the people.


By using this technology surveyor can complete with in day before the days it takes one week or more It is the mapping world . It is sort of resources things like roads, routes and city streets.


It is mostly known for location, navigation, mapping and tracking. GPS maintains Time intervals frequently and precise time. It is most power full one and accurate is more powerful .GPS systems develops our watches to synchronize easily and reliable. Time makes the world to keep in a schedule manner. Mainly all the companies, television station, communications systems mainly depend and benefits from the precise time.

Project Features

As mentioned earlier there are 2 applications one for MMS and the other for SMS respectively.

Modules related to send MMS


It has 3 sub classes under its section: MMSSender, MMSMessage, and Validator. We also have the exceptions package: Wherein we have handled the exception if an invalid phone number has been entered.

Modules related to receive MMS


It has the class to receive the MMS image and display it to the user.

Modules related to send SMS


It has 2 sub classes under its section SMSSender, Validator. Again there is exception handling related to handling of incorrect phone number.

Modules related to receive SMS


It has the class to receive the text message.

Each of these modules and classes are described in the next section.

Features for GPS in mobile phones

Locating the people in emergency

In case if you need to locate a person immediately by using cell phone GPS system can trace him easily. Where the person uses right network by connecting good mobile phone.

Software Requirements Specification

It is a purely J2ME technology based software. Purpose of Project is to offer GPS and map carrying to another mobile, using J2ME application that examine the information and do the exchange of SMS or MMS from a mobile device. IDE taken for this application is Netbeans 6.7.

5.1 Software Requirements

IDE Netbeans 6.7

Bluecove java library for Bluetooth(JSR - 82 implementation)

Java_ME_platform_SDK_3.0\lib\jsr082_1.1.jar. This jar is needed to down load.

5.2 Hardware Requirements

Wireless Network

AGPS (Assisted Global Positioning System)

Mobile Phones using GPS(Global Positioning System)

EDGE(Enhanced Data rates for GSM (Global System for mobile communication) evolution) enables mobile phones

5.3 Three divisions of GPS Technology

Position division

Control division

Client division

Position division

Usually in a single day 24 Global Positioning Systems satellites orbit rotate around the earth two times in single day scale .which travels at the rate of at least 7000 miles per hour and which spins around earth almost 12000 miles .By these satellites these GPS can receive signal from any part of the world which it contains at least four in them. GPS satellite broadcasts radio signals to the earth surface .The key things about GPS satellites contain following

It sends information from different - different satellites

It does not have a consideration of does the satellite working or not

The signal sent from the satellites give information about time & date.

Signals are so strong that can pass through glasses, cloud & plastics. Where the signal power intensifies such as building crossings but sometimes these signals does not be able to cross through water.

GPS satellites are powered by solar energy & when the solar energy does not exist for e.g.: it uses earth's shade that which it does activate back up batteries in a continuous manner. The GPS satellites is designed up in 10 years which is monitored by the Department of defense and revitalize the satellites to revise new features or technology keeps on to shift smoothly to overcome the situation.

Control division

Normally six unmanned monitor station placed around the universe which it constantly controls and receives the data from the GPS satellite and then transforms the orbital and clock data to the master control station.

Client division

GPS receiver is consisted to user segment through the GPS. which receiver gather and transforms signals from the GPS satellites that are in located and which that data has to calculated and which the location ,place and time .which the GPS receiver could not transmit any data back to the satellites.

Other Specifications

6.1 Fresh Ideas

While developing GPS systems in an EDGE enabled mobile device where we can develop GPS system without any base of the service provider .These implementations can be completed in upcoming generation. Future to MMS or SMS, picture delivering system we can also implement the data zipping methods to transport the data amid least size and efficient speed. Which can bring the cost down.

6.2 Development Phase

This Application is major and key task in implementing the J2ME code by using netbean IDE. The Application development practice can be separated into a variety of sub odd jobs (i.e. MMS or SMS and GPS and picture delivering system).These softwares are already is used in various mobiles but we are making simpler and user friendly.

6.3 Innovation

This application mainly depends on the volume (memory), dissimilar mobile manufactures (blackberry, windows, etc...).The main motto of the development of these J2ME project is to make more user interface than the existing one. The initial tools that has been taken from Netbeans.

The following factors has to be considered while developing the application

Size of all basics

Limitations of size for MMS

The code has been developed will not appear in real time applications .The final application that has been developed will be user friendly i.e. easy to function, obviously evident and elastic to work

6.4 Development & Testing

Once the J2ME code development work has completed .Development of the code can be done in netbeans & it can be executed in netbeans only. After finishing this execution process, the application can be transferred into a mobile by using your system through USB cable. After putting in mobile successfully then you can use it as a real life application in mobile. Where the final results can be achieved productively.

Here we need to develop the J2ME code by using netbean IDE.

Now a day the GPS systems are most commonly used applications in mobile devices.

6.4 Planning & Timing in Project

Achievement of the project mostly based upon plan execution. Achieving the goal is the most important things by which we can achieve any of the project goal on time only. Here main key function is separating the tasks, handing over the specific terms, assigning the time to the job and accomplishment of the goals in specified time. Going this way, it not only saves the time but also helps in achieving the goal on time. Time allotted to this project is only 3 months. To finish the project and achieve the goal on time is the main task.

6.5Project Scheduling

This project has four major steps. First one is the examining the project which it would take around nearly 20 to 25 days because which it puts necessary foundation for complete project and it involves exact information. Study has been conceded along the end of the project. Whereas second work is be aware of the code and developing of the code. Here J2ME code progress plays a key role, by doing this task where we are collecting information and developing the code.

To work with the implementation of the code is most significant and to remove the errors from the code .To execute the J2ME program effectively through the net beans tools.

The main objective is the safety of data which the collected & analyzed information is protected legally.

6.6 Thesis

Thesis is written only during the project development time only. A section is to be maintained in the way, in what flow the growth of project is there. The objective of achieved things and what are the things has to be achieve, these are mentioned in thesis.

6.7 Project hazards

This project is pertaining the risk of software code development, the main reasons of software development problem is to develop the code in netbeans. J2ME code development difficulty is, while implementing the code it generates many errors. Sometimes it may happen SMS & MMS cannot be delivered and received properly due to some environment problem.

The project main concept is to connect GPS receiver to mobile through Bluetooth technology and receive services provided by the GPS receiver. Apart from the previous one we are working on SMS & MMS sending and receiving system even. Our target you to send and receive messages correctly.

Software Life Cycle


If a mobile is having GPS technology it can track a person by calculating locations, speed and time by signal of his mobile device.

In fraction of seconds we can transfer our documents using MMS.

Based on their formats we can share different types of data in .like video, doc, pictures (jpeg, mpeg, picture and mp3 for audio and video formats).