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I got this opportunity by this course assignment of Computer Platform. This allows us a case study on a developing business. By the form of course work it will be help for us to develop our skills as well our knowledge in the respective field. It will increase our confidence as well in the commercial field.

CASE study, one of my friends wants to open a gaming business. In this business type he wants to arrange high definition games for the people where they are going to plays individual games, multiplayer games and online games. He doesn't have much knowledge about the computers. Then he asked me to help him to arrange computers for him. He needs six computers for the business. These computers are going to be managing like this, Five for the gaming purposes and one for the administration.

For the gaming purposes he needs good displays, good graphic cards, and good sound quality etc. And the maximum budget for this kind of PC is £550.

Second type of computer he wants for the administration purposes to make accounts, using that PC on reception to carry out the records etc. The maximum money he wants to spend on this kind of computer is £460.

I tried to find out the best possible solution for his business.

Essential parts required for the basic Computer

Mother board: - Mother board is the very important part of a computer system we can say it the mother of a computer. It contains all the crucial component of the computer and provides connection to the components which are attached to it.

Processor: - is the second most component of the computer if we that motherboard is the mother of the computer system then it the heart of the computer system. It provides helps to execute the programmes.

Hard disk:- It is the part computer which allows us to save the digital files in the disk drive on the magnetic surface.

RAM (Random Access Memory):- it is the memory which accesses the programs by any way. It the primary storage device which stores data for the short time periods.

Casing: - it is the part where all components are getting together and fixed it up inside it.

Supply: - the function of the supply is to provide the current to the components of the computer. And manages the inflow and outflow of the current reduce shot circuiting.

Monitor: - Monitor is the external device which is used to displays the programs. And another graphic things .

CD Rom (Read only memory):- CD Rom is used to read the items from the compact disk we can write files to it by using CD writer. It is the temporary storage device.

Operating system (OS):- Operating system is the interface which deals with hardware and the user to make him comfortable. It operates the whole computer. It executes the programs as well as it takes care the hardware. Here are some e.g. of operating system. Windows XP, Mac OS etc.

Research of components appropriate to the requirement


ASUS P5P43TD PRO iP43 Socket 775 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard

Price of the product:- £72.89 inc vat{below}

The reason for choosing this mother board is it is of good brand name and it can support the latest processor it can support up to 16 GB of RAM. It has got dual structure memory card. This is good for the gaming field.

Motherboard description:-


Intel® Socket 775 Coreâ„¢2 Quad/Coreâ„¢2 Extreme/Coreâ„¢2 Duo/Pentium® dual-core/Celeron® dual-core Support Intel® 45nm Multi-Core CPU


Intel® P43 / Intel ICH10R


Memory 4 x240-pin DIMM, Max. 16 GB, DDR3 1600(O.C.)/1333/1066/800 Non-ECC, Un-buffered Memory

Dual Channel memory architecture

Inbuilt audio

ALC887 High Definition Audio 8 -Channel CODEC

Audio Jack-detect/Multi-Streaming Technology

Support S/PDIF output


Intel Pentium Dual Core E6300 2.8GHz Socket 775 2MB Cache Retail Box Processor. £55.30 {below}

I have selected this processor for the gaming shop because it has got CPU speed 2.8 GHz I has got good bus speed.

Product description:-

CPU Speed - 2.8GHz

Bus Speed - 1066MHz

L2 Cache - 2MB

Package Type - LGA 775

Core Stepping  - R0

Thermal Design Power - 65w

VID Voltage Range - 0.5V ~ 1.3625V

Case:- Case com Black Mid Tower Case

£ 23.46. {below}

Product description:-

Dimensions 425mm(L)x185mm(W)x412mm(H) Steel Thickness: 0.6mm

6x Internal 3.5" Hard Drive Bays

Audio Input/Output on side of Front Panel

Compatible with Standard ATX and Micr ATX Motherboards


Antec BP350P Basic Power Supply


Manufacturer - Antec

Model - 0761345-06351-7 Power - 350W    

Form Factor - ATX 12V

RAM (Random Access memory)

2GB CCL Choice 1333MHz DDR3 Memory Stick (below)

£32.96 Inc VAT

High quality RAM

Hard disk

WESTERN DIGITAL SATA HARD DISK DRIVE 320 GB BRANDS (Error: Reference source not found)

£ 29.35 inc. Vat.


Capacity 320 GB , read speed 7200, internal, interface ATA.

Graphic card

Sapphire HD 4670 1GB DDR3 DVI VGA HDMI PCI-E Graphics Card (below)

£57.07 inc vat

Display Adapter Description

1024 MB / 128 bit DDR3 memory interface. Dual slot cooler. I/O output VGA, DL, HDMI.


BenQ G920WL 19 Wide DVI LED Monitor

Monitor is the essential part of the computer for gaming it should have good graphics. It has got good graphic resolution 1440 X 900. High dynamic contrast depth and definition. Colours are about 16.9 million.

(below) £ 94.99 inc vat.

Optical Drive

Sony AD-7241S-0B Optiarc 24x Int DVDRWRAM SATA

(below) £ 20.23

DVD R/RW, Optical drive interface Serial ATA, CD Read Speed 48x

DVD Read speed 16x,

Keyboard and mouse


Performance of the selected system.

Performance is the main thing for any type of the machine. If the performance of the machine is going well it means it is going good. It is also important for the machine a regular performance check up. In a computer we can measure a performance by pressing these button all together (ctrl+alt+delete). By pressing these buttons all together we will see a window like shown above. Then go to the performance then we will see performance of the computer. When graph is on the peak this means that the CPU is at its maximum use and when it is at lowest point it means CPU uses is less.

Physical memory (MB) System

















Function of Operating system and its feature

Operating system is the interface between hardware and the software which allow user to make it easy. It operates the computer and executes the program. We can customize the operating system according to the user. The operating system has got the driver for the devices which help a user to use its function. There are many operating systems in the market. Some of them are mention done. Windows XP OS, Mac OS, Windows 7 OS etc.

Log book.

Windows XP operating system is the operating system which is produce by the Microsoft cooperation In the view to provide a user friendly operating system. The first consideration of producing this operating system is home user and the professional user. it is the most successful to both the previous edition of windows ME and windows 2000 professional. I has got more multimedia function like we can run videos, tracks playing games etc. It is very easy to use. We can create its function according to the user. Making connection with other devises is not so much complicated.


Mac OS it is the operating system which is mostly used by the apple products. It the operating system mostly design for the user who are more interested in music, watching. It is easy to use.

View of Mac OS(below)

Windows 7 OS it is the latest operating system launched by the micro soft corporation. It has got good visibility. It has got new main interface much


easier for the user. it has new direct X which through which we can play allots of games with high resolution. it is easier to make connection.

Windows XP

Windows 7

Mac OS


Most of hardware

With latest one

Mainly used in Apple products


Easy to use

easy to use

Easy to use


Used by most of the user

Recently launched





Very good


Easy to share

Easy to share

Little bit hard



Latest one

Latest one






Can run many

Latest ones

Only which are compatible with OS

Customize the Operating system according to the user.

It is one of the feature, we can customize the operating system according to the user. There many ways by which we can customize our operating system. If there is a specific user who has got some disability. We can customize the system according to his. We can make speech recognizer ON. So that what he says to the computer to do computer will do that. We can make speech organizer ON by going to the Start>control panel>speech reorganization turn that ON.

If we want to customize our desktop theme we can change it by this way. Go to the right click on the Main interface go to personalization. There we can change our theme. We can change the screen resolution. We can change the wallpapers. If someone uses internet connection most but he doesn't want to make connection every time. He want whenever he opens his computer it should connect to the internet automatically. We can make these changes as well. By going to the internet setting make the connection automatically.

If there is unknown user who doesn't know how to use computer. We can use touch screen monitor for him which guide him what to do or what not to. So there are many ways. To change settings according to the user.

2.1 Component for the particular user.

A component of a computer depends upon the requirement of the particular user for which purpose he is going to use this computer. Like i choose component for the gaming shop. In a gaming shop a user will come to play high definition games to have some entertainment. So they will be require good display good graphic card good ram with good definition sound quality. So i choose some of the key component mentioned below.

Main board:- I choose ASUS P5P43TD PRO iP43 Socket 775 this mother board for the user. it supports up to 16 GB of RAM and supports many of the processor which is good for the future purposes.

Processor: - Intel Pentium Dual Core E6300 2.8GHz is the processor we choose for the firm. It has got good cache memory. He needs good memory for high definition games which allows him instant replay towards the moves.

Graphic card:- graphic card plays important task in this kind system which is mainly used for the gaming purpose. That's why choose this graphic card Sapphire HD 4670 1GB because it has got good cooling system which help it to cool while it is in its maximum use.

DVD R/RW:- Sony DVD R/RW SATA, it is the suitable DVD reader for the gaming in its range. DVD read speed is 16x which is good.

Monitor:- BenQ G920WL 19" Wide DVI LED Monitor it is highly resolution moniter with resolution about 1490x900.

Keyboard & mouse :- i have selected multimedia keyboard for the gaming shop which would be better for this because we can control media button from the key board.

Hard drive:- WESTERN DIGITAL SATA HARD DISK DRIVE 320 GB this is the hard drive i choose for the firm so that we can directly play large no of games from the hard drive as well. It has got large capacity about 320 GB.

Windows 7 :- windows operating system is the best in this field and windows 7 is the latest one it has got the updated version of the direct X which is compulsory for the games.

Complete computer system for the given task

4.1 to checking out the software and hardware are working properly

There is a standard way to check out that is our hardware and software are working properly or not. We can check them by going in the device manager. Where will see lots of information about the hardware working what we need to do is go to start menu>control panel >device manager then we will see lots of devices from there we can check is our devices are working properly. Just right click on the device whose information we need to see go to the property a window will appear which will carry the information about the device. we can more conform from the picture.

If we want to check out about the software is it working properly or not. we need to do is just click on the software if it running properly it means it is working if not that means there is a problem in it . Another way is that go to the control panel click on program and feature there we can see the programs are working properly or not. We can uninstall programs for here or we can