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Microsoft Word is the most popular software application designed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Word is about twenty-nine years old. Microsoft Word was first released in 1983. It is already the 14th version which is Microsoft Word 2010. The number of specific sets, ease of usage and the complete power of the productivity tool has continued to increase even though it has been a decade since it was released. There are five (5) types of versions and they are Microsoft Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and the latest version; 2010.


There are many features for the Microsoft Word as for each version. The versions that will be discussed are Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Word 2010. In Microsoft Word 2007, the features designed are Smart Art, saving documents as pdf, comparing and inspecting documents, table styles, cropping images, visual previews, push pins and ribbon bar. In the contrary, Microsoft Word 2010 has features life office button options, outlook improvements and easier screenshots. There are also photos or video or graphics in Word, drag-and-drop navigation pane and open documents in protected view.


Microsoft Word 2007 helps us produce professional-looking documents by providing a comprehensive set of tools for creating and formatting our documents in a new interface. It also provides us a rich way of reviewing, commenting and comparison capabilities which helps us to gather quickly and manage feedback from our colleagues. Advanced data integration also ensures that documents stay connected as to gain important sources about the latest and current issues on business information.

MS is short term for Microsoft and this Microsoft Office Word 2007 provides us its features of editing and reviewing tools for creating polished documents more easily than it was before. The result of the edited and formatted documents will be presented as the way we needed them which is in a clear and organized fashion. This Microsoft Office Word 2007 also saves us a lot of time and gaining more of the powerful Word capabilities by choosing from the galleries of predefined styles, table formats, list formats, graphical effects and many more. Microsoft Word 2007 helps eliminates the rough work (which is done by guessing) when we apply formatting to our document. The galleries of formatting choices give us a live visual preview of the formatting in our document before we make any other changes.

In Microsoft Word 2007, we can swiftly and easily format a whole document to give it a professional and outstanding look by applying a document theme. A document theme is a set of formatting choices that may include a color scheme (which is a set of colors), a font scheme (which is a set of heading and body text fonts), and an effects scheme (which is a set of lines and fill effects). By adding these features, our documents produce an outstanding and confident look for us.


Microsoft Office Word users can also make a switch from the earlier versions of Word to the more advanced Microsoft Word 2010 version. Microsoft Word 2010 enables for more customization of the work space and creates an easier work flow when we are creating complex documents. In this Microsoft Word 2010, we will be introduced to all the new aspects of Word 2010 which includes the new Backstage view, the Navigation Pane, the customizable Ribbon, formatting text and images together, live collaboration, saving our documents to the cloud and more. It will be of great interest to all Microsoft Word users who also wish to increase the productivity and enhance their document presentation with lesser workload for them.

For the other happily users of older versions of Microsoft Word, especially 2003 and 2007 versions; the new feature sets of Microsoft Word 2010 to be a revelation to these users. We will have a great return of our time and energy by spending time updating our word processing skills. The toolbars of Microsoft Word 2010 are similar to those in Microsoft Word 2007 and they are included with the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar. Microsoft Word 2010 also has extra feature such as Open and Print in the Backstage view, which is replaced with the Microsoft Office Button.



MICROSOFT Excel originally marketed a spreadsheet program called Multiplan In 1982, which was very popular on CPIM systems, but on MS-DOS systems, it lost its popularity to Lotus 1-2-3. This promoted development of a new spreadsheet called Excel which started with the intention to ‘do everything 1-2-3 does and do it better’. The first version of Excel was released for the Mac in 1985 and the first Windows version was released in November 1987. This accomplishment, removing the king of the software world, solidified Microsoft as a valid competitor and also showed its future of developing graphical software. Microsoft pushed its advantage with regular new releases, two (2) years or so the current version for the Windows platform is Excel II, also called Microsoft Office Excel 2003. The current version for the Mac OS X platform is Microsoft Excel 2004.


Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. Microsoft Excel from Microsoft which is part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh. Usually at the Excel screen, we can see a rectangular table or grid of rows and columns. The horizontal rows are notified by numbers (1,2,3) and the vertical columns are with letters of the alphabet (A,B,C). from columns more than twenty-six (26), these columns are identified by two (2) or more letters such as AA, AB, AC. The intersection point between a column and a row is a small rectangular box known as a cell. A cell in the Microsoft Excel is the basic unit for storing data in the spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet contain thousands of these cells, so each is given a cell reference or address its as to be identified. The cell reference is a combination of the column letter and the row number such as A3, B6, and AA345.


There are these particular types of data that a cell can hold numbers, text or formulas. Formulas are used for calculations usually involving data contained in other cells. A number of built in formulas are used for common tasks known as functions. These spreadsheets are frequently functioning as financial storing data. The formula and functions that are used on this data include performing basic mathematical operations such as summing columns and rows of figures and finding values such as profit or loss. This also includes the calculating repayment plans for loans or mortgages and finding the average, maximum, or minimum values in a classified range of data.

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 provides us powerful tools and features that we can use to analyze, share and manage our data with ease. This new result helps us as it makes it easy for us to work in Microsoft Office Excel. The commands and features that are frequently hidden in complicated menus and toolbars are now easier to access on task-oriented tabs which has logical groups. Microsoft Excel can also function in graphing or charting data to help users in identifying data trends and sorting including filtering data to seek classified information.

The dialog boxes are replaced with drop-down galleries that display the available options and descriptive tooltips or sample previews. This replacement provides us to choose the right option. No matter what features we used, Microsoft Excel has tools that are extremely useful to complete our task successfully. It has many rows and columns which helps us to explore massive amounts of data in worksheets. To improve the performance of Excel, the memory management has been increased from 1 GB of memory in Microsoft Office Excel 2003 to 2 GB in Office Excel 2007.


As a conclusion, Microsoft Office Word really helps many people of various positions such as school and college students, businessmen and businesswomen and for personal use. As college students, Microsoft Word helps us as we able to prepare flyers, assignments and case study with the appropriate features that we need. We are able to make our flyers, assignments and case study as interesting as possible with our desirable features. We can also create articles, coupons and mail merge in this Microsoft Word.

As for the Microsoft Office Excel, it also can help people of various ages with their work issues, personal use or school projects. As college student, we can use Microsoft Excel to create data’s and charts for assignment usage. We also can use excel for mail merge together with Microsoft Word if want to create invitation or letters for many people at one time. It all depends on how we apply the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel with our daily usage.