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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. enables users to login into their Maxiss account and update or edit their profile and accounts at all the times without any disruption and interruption. The first thing that they need to do is key in their username or mobile phone number and pin number and then tick on the box provided to indicate that the user had actually read the terms and condition and agreed to it. After that click on the 'login' button, users will be successfully login if they have correctly key in their username, password and pin number. As for new user, if don't have a temporary pin number click on the new user button. If the user has forgotten their pin number, they have to enter the required information on the 'Forgotten My Master Pin' space, and choose the security question and answer that they had chosen previously to ensure that no anonymous hack into their account, after that click on the 'submit' button then an email reminder that contains the user's pin number will be send to that user.

Alternatively, users can actually reset their Master Pin, by clicking on the 'Reset Master Pin' button, and then enter their mobile line number and username and submit it. Their new pin number will be send to their phone.As for new users, they have to register in order to get started with customer service. Click on the 'Register' button and enter their maxis mobile number in the space provided on the page and then submit it in order to obtain the pin number and username so as to login into the Maxis's website and use the services. After successfully login, user will be able to edit their profile and account such as changing billing address, telephone number, credit card number and so on, view or pay bill information, obtain PUK code to unblock their mobile phone by themselves if they had entered incorrect pin code three times or more, and get to know value-added services. Besides, any information one new services, promotion, benefits and privileges, rewards and so on will be send to user at all the time. This means that user will be updated with any new information about Maxis.

Online payment (e-Billing)

By clicking the 'Info Centre' button, users are able to learn about their Maxis bill. It teaches users how to read their bill accurately through clicking the three samples of bills that are in well manner which consists of Statement of Account, Account Summary, and details of charges. These samples of bill are an illustration guide to help user in reading their bills. Under the 'Statement of Account', this bill section gives user a quick look at their account statement details. As for 'Account Summary', this bill section will only be related if the user has more than one Maxis's line and it breakdown user's charges according to each line. In 'Details of Charges', this bill section gives user a more detailed breakdown of their monthly charges.

In additions, Maxis e-Billing enables users to download their bills online through Maxis's easy e-Billing system which lets them to pay their bills online at their own convenience as e-Billing is open day and night. As for new users who first time involve in online paying their bills, click on the 'Register for e-Billing' and then the system will link the user to another page which teach them how to start e-Billing step-by-step.

As for the existing user who already signed up for e-billing click the first button that are for exiting user in order to proceed to the e-Billing whereas new users after read the illustrative guide about how to get started with the e-Billing that are ready to signed up for e-Billing should click on the second button to proceed. Another sub-links 'Ways to pay your Bill' is to tell or notify user they can pay their bills through many other methods and so they can choose the one that's most convenient for them. For example, via direct debit form HSBC account, via ATM and so on.

Contact us and feedback function provides a lot of ways for user to contact the Maxis's customer service. Click on any of the entries below for information on how to reach Maxis which include 'Self-help guidance', 'Talk to us', 'Locate us', and 'Report a network fault'. In the 'Self-help guidance', it teaches user to visit the right Maxis's channel in case of any problems and enquiries for the fastest service. In case users wanted to talk directly to the customer service, inside the 'Talk to us' webpage, it tells the user the ways they can reach Maxis such as via phone, e-mail and snail mail. User can get to know the Maxis's phone number and e-mail address through that particular webpage. User can also find out the location of Maxis centre or MEP outlet through inside 'Locate us'. Users just need to scroll down and select the state and city, and then the system will automatically generate the search result, then user will be able to know the address of the Maxis centre.

Besides, user can give or notify Maxis's customer service about their problems and enquiries by another method which is through reporting a network fault report. This fault report is for user who is having service interruption or any other problems. User can provide feedback through this report as well. Maxis's customer service will look into the matter or problems faced by users and take the necessary action to solve their problem as fast as possible. As Maxis gives the higher priority to their customer which mean that customer means everything to them.

Question 2 (b)

Improvement for the function: Insert a chat box

Chat box able to add a new interaction to Maxis's website. Chat box is a unique chat and messaging application that brings the best features of traditional chat and tagging systems to the web. This chat box must be designed to be highly scalable, and able to support hundreds of concurrent users on a single chat. The chat box has perpetual message history just to save as evidence. Furthermore, the chat box is customizable and secure. Maxis will be able to control over the messages and blocking spam. The function of this chat box is to enables user to direct chat with the Maxis's customer service. Some user are unwilling to talk through phone maybe because they felt timid and also unwilling to put critical and controversial comments and feedbacks in words by reporting a fault report to Maxis because they think that it is time consuming. Direct chatting with Maxis's customer service by using the chat box will definitely be their choice as a mean to express their thought, problems, and enquiries and so on.

Besides this, chat box also can function as a guide to new users. New users might not be familiar with at all. They don't know how the information system operates. They need guidance to help them to get started with this website. Maxis's customer service will teach new user all the steps in exploring and using the services that provided. Maxis's customer service will answer all the related question that user ask within a couple of minute. Through direct chat by using this chat box, user can get the answer as fast as possible without wasting their time by waiting an reply email or some sort of messages. Suggestion on improve the Maxis'e services, complaint or feedback can also be provide through this chat box. Maxis's customer service will help user generate the report by referring the messages that the users send through the chat box.

Well, chatting through this chat box is interesting and a creative way to express their thought, comments and so on. Sending e-mail, talking through phone or maybe drop by to the nearest Maxis centre just to ask question or solving their problems on service interruption are totally time consuming. This is because nowadays people like to do everything in their own convenience .Solving their problems through direct chat with Maxis's customer service are effective and definitely be their choice. User can also get detail information of the new services, mobile plan provided by Maxis through this customer service's chat box. For example, iphone plan, Blackberry plans and so on. User can be knowledgeable of the information on benefits, privileges and rewards for Maxis's members through this chat box.

In conclusion, through inserting this chat box can brings a lot of advantages to and it's user too. This chat box can improve customer service by providing one more methods as another option for user to choose to reach Maxis when they faces any problem while accessing the website or maybe problem on Maxis's services. It definitely can help Maxis enhance their reputation and improve customer satisfaction.