Financially handicapped family

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I came from a financially handicapped family, but well - organised, determined parents who always encouraged me to utilised to the greatest extend of my natural gift and these qualities had motivated me to always come out in flying colour in all intellectual endeavour I have undertaken. I have strong zeal to face challenges and mysteries. I always loved to take up IT challenges and I have dedicated my times for it. This day, there is academic - wide need for skilled headship and research.

Though a lot of people encourage the principles of developing naturally - knowledgeable students, I have attained a level that hardly any could ever envisage achieving outside the four-walls of school, I have produced exceptionally unexpected and privilege living. My life, works and interaction with many people of different cultures and races helped me to speak English language of a competently skilled echelon, I have good moral of how to respect value, admire natural differences. I believe that these qualities will assist me a lot as I work with different students and computer experts.

Since I have left school (undergraduate level) seven years ago, I have concentrated my academic and professional pursuits to discovering new ideas in IT world. The expected skill that I will acquire from my PhD at MIT with concentration in Artificial intelligent will help me to prepare, organize and conduct research works of any given establishments. I will have advance knowledge in moving towards and ease the scientific and industry aims in meeting with top executives in expressing my objectives via thorough preparation. My experience in working within multi-cultural and diverse groups and utilizing these qualities will boost my general approach and needs of following a line of investigation and building latest inventions and increasing deliveries of services. These potentials will assist me in seeing how an establishment's IT strength can successfully help in project management.

My greatest joy in my academic career is what research work as played. I have pioneered research projects during my lecturing experiences. My knowledge of Object-Oriented Technology: Object Oriented analysis, design and Programming, Compiler construction and expert system among others will be of great asset to me. I have twelve research papers published in reputable academic journal to my credit. I believe that my studies, combine with my research pedigree, have given me a wider set of skill that will make me an outstanding individual for PhD study in this discipline.

A Ph.D. in computer science (Artificial Intelligent) from MIT will afford me the opportunity to take part in IT world trend of any establishments. I will have different responsibility from intellectual training from MIT. I foresee coordinating system groups, building and putting into practice structured executive methods in the coordination of IT-based expert systems for hardware and software systems. Also, through the expected knowledge that I will acquire, I will be able to identify the IT needs of any given establishments and find out prompt and extended variety of individual and tools required. From this, I will be in better post in allocating and re-examination of the work of my group member and maintaining technological / IT need of the establishment. Most importantly is the qualities I will possessed to instruct in intellectual environment, pertinent and latest work experiences.

My experiences both in academic and professional career, I discovered that if I want to be relevant in the academic and research world, I needed to undertake research work that deals with details approaches of Artificial Intelligent at MIT. This institution is a world class, reputable with first class distinction among equal and serve as the dream institution for all Nigerian students. This institution distinguished herself by making an unusual affirmation on the support for teaching excellence. As I dreamt to become a professor, being an articulated teacher is as good as being extraordinary researcher. Kudos to MIT in the area of assistant for privileges in research based on my academic and professional pursuit, you can see my zeal, passion, aspiration, dedication as well as determination to do all things that I accomplished despite my financial challenges. I have unalloyed hope that I will engage in research and teaching skills as I have excellent interaction with my professors, supervisor(s) and gifted mates. Above all, a good mentor will surely assist me to achieve a successful academic goal by guiding me closely in academic as well as a person.

Attaining a professorship and researcher, I envisage in sharing my knowledge and experience by publishing my works for the good and advancement of the industry. Wishing all the time to be extraordinary professor with classroom distinction. Soonest, I have hope to be a good example like: .................... of MIT graduates. I thank you for sparing your precious time in considering my application and I look forward to a positive response from you.