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Web design is a significant popular way for people to display what you want to show in Website. The subject of the Website is happy life which I picked so much interesting subject. Some eye-catching pages are very important for audience to read such as colourful image and flash. It is obvious see that the subject of the Website which I chose is appropriate for people who loving life. Life can include a great deal of interesting things. The audience wants to see and appreciate some attractive stories or beautiful image. The best way to attract people is choosing appropriate materials to illustrate the each part of Website. I choose food, dulcet music, popular fashion, shopping and main news to show my Website.

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How to design a good and handsome Website is the key to think. Layout is the significant step for design Website. The Website may has just few seconds to catch the attention of a site audience before visitors decide to leave that page to search for something which they could find more attractive and interesting on Website. No matter what audiences are taken measures to attract for the first time or refreshing an old with a new look, adding nice-looking backgrounds, which people could help to making you Website impression. Use of colour and images and video specially to set up a good looks background for Web pages.

Tables are comprehensive used for Web page layout. It is convenient to use a lot of flexible frames. Frames are always used to design navigate menus. Whereas, there are not some platforms support it completely. A shortcoming of frames is that search engine automaton can not successfully read and follow links in frames. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is very useful on designing Website. That is very popular way to add colours, fonts and spacing into Web documents. Nowadays, people use Internet Explore, Firefox and other browsers, which is quite advanced for visitor. However, some previous version browsers may not completely support CSS. (Niederst J, 2006)

So as designer, a majority of them use coding to design new Website. If you have more pages, there are some problems in your Website. We can use templates make web pages set up easily and quickly. Some templates are ready-made, you should not create yourselves. Adding feature to your Website, you can write script, which is important to supply accurate language.

The content of Website is much more important thing which commendably attracts people to visit. Good-looking Website can keep visitor browsing you Web pages, to get visitors come back again and again to your Website. To the file size, designer should avoid more than fifty Kilobytes. When visitor browse you Web pages, large file, images and some widgets will occupy stated memory. It will take visitors more time to browse. (Niederst J, 2006)

If some people are businessmen, they significantly attach importance to Website. It is hard task to design a Website, which could get considerable income for businessmen. So it requires a lot of time, effort and planning to establish a perfect Website, which could brings people more benefit on business.

For normal people, they need Website to realize what they want to do and see. There are some important basal aspects we must consider while designing or re-designing your Website. Firstly, usage of images, the attractive images can make a Website beautiful and handsome, which visitors could see it comfortably. It is needed to use any wherever. Generally speaking, each Website have bug. However, usage of images in a Website can undermine some problems of your Website. Secondly, quality content, the content plays a significant role in the designing Website. The Website will be unnoticed which is without quality and original content. If your content is unique, that is perfect to bring more traffic to your Website. Thirdly, navigation could supply a navigational aspect of the Website. In different parts of your Website, good menus can navigate your users. Finally, feedback is necessary to get information from visitors which have kinds of positive and negative suggestion to you. With the feedback you can design or re-design better Website. (Niederst J, 2006)

Whatever you want to choose any colour for you Web pages, if the selective colour not in the palettes, you can create a custom colour that you use for your background, as the same as your text. On the other hand, the themes could provide backgrounds too. This is the way to make your Web pages stand out. The visual sense will be enhanced by themes, which can supply a fixed design element. (Niederst J, 2006)

Visitors will visit you Website may use dissimilar computers. The different computers have respective screen solution. There are several kinds of screen solution for display. Such as 1900x1280, 1600x1200, 1024x768(most of displays have this screen solution), 800x600 and so on. So before you design, you should consider what screen solution is appropriate for people. It is better fix the height and widths. If the designers do not take into account this process, the visitors need to scroll the vertical and horizontal to see the whole Web page. In addition, if the image is too big to see in entire screen, the pictures may go beyond the widths of columns. (Niederst J, 2006)

The purpose of this website is that people can easy get more information, such as food information, music information and so forth. As a whole positive Website, it adopts both cold and warm tone to attract people, inserts one list, one table and a feedback form and is divided into five parts, which are food, music, fashion and shopping, news as well as e-mail and feedback. For the home page, the main target introduces this website, such as the title, other pages and the hot spot of this website, the advantages are that it presents to the whole structure and content clearly as well as guides the people to enter this website. For the e-mail and feedback pages, visitor can enroll, after that, visitor can sign up to see some more interesting information. Feedback form is more significant to leave positive and negative information. Designer could consult each feedback suggestion which they can improve next time. The other pages contain the detailed information for each topic.

The advantage is that they focus on the undivided topic, which is more specific. In this way, it has a clear structure. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is very useful on designing Website. So I use that on two pages to define the colour, a font family and text size and position of block-level element.

The structure of the Website I chose is using good layout. There is a diagram illustrate that what is my detail of structure.

Happy Life








Each part content of the section

Some failing and negative Websites lack definite main idea of structure and using bad or complex background. The Website which I have visited is quite flowery. The designer wants to make his Website ornate and beautiful background styles, so designer will show colourful Web pages to visitors in order to show off his production. That situation not only takes a lot of memory resource, but also confuses the eyes. Visitors do not have enough time to waiting the whole colourful pages.

In other words, Web designers must remember to use contrasting colours for the background and the content. If the text uses a light colour in a fuscous background, visitors will hard to read each detail. Designer should pay attention to correspond with background colour and text colour.

The text should be unable to read for all visitors. If visitor have some problems with their Browser, they can not view the background picture. Designer should make sure that the background picture will not influence the text for visitors to read.

When people browsing Web, usually look at pages for a most ten or twenty second before deciding to move another Website. I think the positive factor for people keep visiting one Website is using a good hierarchy and comfortable colour. Visitor could easily view the whole page and the content. In my designing, I choose a laconic structure and word to explain my point of view. Usage of contradistinctive colour is good way to attract visitor of different enthusiast. I reject to use numerous colours and pictures to show every thing on the Web pages. The negative factor we must avoid on the process of designing. That will bring badly impression.


In conclusion, Web design is a complex process. Though we can use some design software for help us, it is hard to design outstanding Website. The key thing is using a reasonable structure, colour, images and content to establish novel and creative Website. Designer should take notice of interface designing. Handling a reasonable designing technique, produce attractive Web page.