Facebook Acts As Customer Relationship Computer Science Essay

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In this era of modern technology, emergence of Internet had changed the business landscape fundamentally especially social media such as Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and so forth. Based on a survey that had conducted, it shown Facebook is the most popular social network in the world which consists of 500 million active users. Therefore, there are getting more and more marketers use Facebook to reach their target users as Facebook has huge user base.

Basically, communication channel is important for both marketers and customers in order to communicate and conduct their activities needed. So, Facebook has become Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for users since this social site was recognized as important source of information. Undeniable that social media is playing a crucial role in sharing information as there are getting more and more people share about themselves including jobs, hometowns, current locations, statuses, and hobbies on their profiles through online. By this way, marketers can develop market segmentation based on customers' demographic information and requirements. As the result, Facebook acts as an effective marketing and sales tool.

According to the self-reported statistics from Facebook, there are almost 65 million Facebook users are liking things on a daily basis via Facebook. Through the single Like that made by users, Facebook can correspond to a product affiliation for demographic information like sex, age, jobs, locations, and education among a group. Generally, Facebook can gather and analyze data regarding to the market research and trend analysis and also acts as "black box" Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution whereby companies or organizations offer promotions to users according to the selected profile features via Facebook. Besides, Facebook also retrieves social context data from the Like activity on ads that available to marketers or advertisers. With the Like button, marketers or advertisers can optimize their marketing strategy based on the target users' preferences and requirements.

In brief, Facebook has opened an effective communication channel to marketers, advertisers, and target users. Through this communication channel, marketers or advertisers can develop a better market segmentation based on users' preferences and requirements in order to promote and market their products or services. However, users can share and view the latest information as Facebook is updated constantly day by day. Thus, it brings a lot of positive impacts in promotions programs, customer support, and market research. It also enables to build better relationship with customers and then improve their interactions.

Security of Facebook

Based on a statistic, Facebook is the largest social network in the world as it consists of 500 million active users. However, is it well protected from any unnecessary dangers such as identity theft, crackers, hackers, malwares, and unwanted marketers?

In fact, there are few dangers that are not realized by the Facebook users when they exposed themselves to Facebook. These dangers are including users' information are being shared with others, Facebook ads may consist of malware, privacy setting is in a less safe default mode and identity theft access other's account for their own purposes. Undeniable that Facebook is an effective communication channel for us since it creates a convenient way for us to communicate with each other easily. Yet, the potential for crime cannot be ignored.

Based on the Internet Crime Complaint Center, it was reported that $559 million was lost from the victims of Internet-related crimes in 2009. The survey also shown the numbers of Internet-related crimes are increasing gradually year by year. That means Facebook users are looking the potential for identity theft if they do not use Facebook carefully. Besides, there is also issue regarding to hacker and cracker. Researchers at VeriSign's iDefense group were found out that there is a hacker sold Facebook usernames and passwords. It was estimated that around 1.5 million accounts were sold out for between $25 and $45 in an underground hacker forum. The hacker was attempting to spam and hack these users in order to retrieve their data or to do crimes.

In addition, there are many kinds of ways that third parties can access a user's information. For example, when you are playing an interesting application or game on Facebook, like Diamond Dash, you are requested to allow permission for the application to access your profile or share the information to others. That is the business model of Facebook which it is attempting to get users' permission to share as much information as possible so it can share the information within advertisers in order to earn revenue. Sometimes, there are also some Facebook applications that consist of malware which causes users' PC or laptop infected by virus.

To overcome these security issues, precautions should be taken by the related parties. First at all, malicious Facebook apps should be analyzed and checked first before it can be accessed by the users. By this way, it can ensure that there are no malicious apps accesses into a user's profile. Besides, Facebook also should tighten its recommended privacy controls in order to avoid an attacker to steal, misuse, or modify other personal information. Users will feel the site more safer if their personal information visible only to their family and close friends. On the other hand, Facebook should educate users regarding the important aspects of privacy and security in social networks so that they have a clear mindset when they set up their Facebook pages. Awareness of users toward privacy and security features is playing an important role in developing and shaping a better and safer Facebook. No matter how strong the protection provided by Facebook, the security and privacy features will remain useless if lack of awareness among the users.

Hence, users should enhance their awareness when they use Facebook and other social networks. Facebook also should improve its security and privacy setting in order to develop a better and safer communication platform for users.