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Video Game Ends Life

     Part of the booming digital world is the existence of video games. The sole purpose of its existence is to entertain people. But recent studies have shown that some games held responsible for making the players hurt other people and some even driven people to their deaths. It is a horrifying fact that a tool built to make others happy or entertain would entail such life threatening effects to its user. There some reported cases but only a few make it to public or news. Here we talk about 4 popular cases of deaths caused by video games.

Case 1: A Dance to Death

     Dance Dance Revolution was a famous dancing game invented by Konami. It was characterized by having lots of flashing lights and music that can make you dance in the beat. Thus, it makes your heart and blood pumping. For this reason, the game has a warning before it starts. Unfortunately this dancing game caused a man to lose his life. He bought the game on the Playstation and began playing alone in his apartment. Though no eyewitnesses of the said case, the investigators believe that while playing the game, he got a seizure from dancing. And the flashing lights caused him to suffocate on his tongue and eventually caused his death. The family of the said victim tried suing Konami; however, there was no case because there was a warning in the game that clearly states the warning of seizures and other health issues while playing the game. It is really important to read the warnings on games before playing because it might be a way to avoid losing our life.

Case 2: WOW! Death

     The nature of World of Warcraft is highly addicting that can somehow drive someone to insanity. An interesting thing is there was an idea of opening a rehab for World of Warcraft Addicts. There was a case of a 13-year old boy who became addicted to this game and was driven to death. His parents took away the game from him. He then committed suicide and left a note stating that "I am going away to be with the heroes of Azeroth". Unfortunately, there was no official statement regarding to the cause of death. However, Blizzard Entertainment has officially initiated the training for employees with regards to clients with suicidal tendencies via customer support. Astonishingly, the number of cases per month is over a 1000. These trained employees have been instructed to contact authorities when people threaten to commit suicide because of problems with the game. Main reason why such people do this because they cant unban their accounts. According to a source in Blizzard, people send suicide threats via email to admin@blizzard.com when they cant get their accounts back. Hope those people realize that to play a game is to have fun not cause pain to others or to one's self. And of course, we shouldn't forget that game is just a game.

Case 3: Death in Non-Stop

     Another popular game made by Blizzard was Starcraft. Unfortunately, a Korean man died from heart failure due to playing this game for over 70 hours. According to sources, this guy went to a 24/7 PC café that is very popular in Korea. He then started playing Starcraft and only stop to take naps, use the restroom and eat. According to reports, after 2 days, a friend came to him to check him out but he only ignored him. It was reported that he lost his job due to his non-stop Starcraft marathon. On the third day of playing, an employee of the café found him passed out. He was then taken to the hospital but he was dead on arrival due to heart failure and lack of nutrition. This just goes to show that addiction has gone far to cause one losing his life. One must be cautious in doing a gaming marathon and make sure to get proper sleep and good nutrition.

Case 4: Death Quest in Everquest

     Everquest is a very popular MMORPG game even before WOW. A man in the person of Hudson Wooley lost his life after playing this game. He was having difficulty in dealing his problems that made him depressed. His family blames the Everquest for leading him to suicide but many were convinced that he just want to escape from reality. It is same idea with alcoholics do except it is with elves and dwarfs. He lost his job and started ignoring his friends and family that made them worry. He then shot himself with a gun. His problems made him commit such act to escape reality. We can't deny the fact that some people play MMORPG to escape reality. But we should not forget that if we can't solve our problems by our own, we should seek help from others.

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