Electronic Communication Is A Major Part Computer Science Essay

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Electronic Communication is a major part of todays society in America. In almost every town, you can find a house with a computer that is connected to the internet for electronic communication. There are various types of electronic communication that a computer can operate. The internet serves as the place where most of communication electronically occurs. People with computers and broadband internet have the ability to connect with people all around the world with ease. The fact that it is very easy for people to connect with anybody in the world is why the internet is so widely used around the world. People have the ability to send digital messages through email servers that send the message to another person's email. Also, people have the ability to create a profile on a social networking site so that they can communicate with others on the same social networking site. Furthermore, people can access websites on the internet for information or just recreational use.


In the internet there are many different types of websites that allow people the opportunity to find information they need or just relax while surfing the web. To begin, websites are web pages of a particular web domain. Public websites are found on the internet and they make up the World Wide Web. Each web page has a URL that is how you can find the web page on the internet by typing it in the search bar. "A static web page (sometimes called a flat page/stationary page) is a web page that is delivered to the user exactly as stored" (www.Wikipedia.com/wiki/Static_web_page). Therefore, a static web page usually contains information that the reader can find, but cannot interact with. In contrast with static web pages, there are dynamic web pages where the content varies depending on the web user and computer. These sites are generally interactive with the user and contain information unique to the certain person using the internet. It is generated in response to certain keyboarding actions, mouse actions, or time when the computer is on the internet. Dynamic websites have been around for as long as internet and will continue to be around in the future. With both dynamic and static websites, an internet user may have a hard time remembering or finding a certain website. However, websites can be found and accessed through search engines, such as:


Yahoo! Search

Aol Search



This way the user needs only to remember a search engine and the main information or title of the website to find the specific website. Once the user types in the title of the web page, a list a web pages with that title in it will pop with a list generated by the search engine. The list is generally very helpful because the search engine numbers the list in order of most similar to entered search, so the user can easily find the website they are trying to access.

Social Networking

A very common type of webpage for users is Social Networking web pages where a person can connect with people from all over the world. A social networking website connects people to form social networks with others that share common interests or know each other. The most commonly used social networking websites worldwide are:





Facebook was first launched in 2004 and the history of how it was launched was created into a film. Since the creation of Facebook, it has become one of the biggest social networking website in the world with one billion users. Facebook is a good way to stay in touch with friends that move away or just a great way to share what you are doing currently. Along with Facebook, Twitter is also a social networking service. It allows user to send and read text and photos to other people, known as tweets. Skype is a social networking service that allows users to send messages and talk via video cam with other users. Skype is very common for people who are trying to communicate with others across the world and want to be able to see their face. All communication between other users is free of charge.


Emails are a way to send digital messages from one user to another. Email servers require a user to create a username that will be displayed when sending an email and used for another user to send an email to that user. There are many different types of Email servers and users are able to send messages across email servers with the specific username. To send a message through email, there are three components, message envelope, header, and body. All of these are displayed when a person receives the sent email. A user can send an uploaded file, video, picture, etc... through an email. When receiving an email, the email will go directly to the user's inbox where they can access all emails sent to them. The user can then easily find all emails they were sent.


Almost anywhere you go today; electronic communication will be easily accessible through the internet. The internet is huge and allows people to communicate with each other in various ways of messages, speaking, or videos. Websites are a way for a user to find information and social networking service and emails allow people on the internet to easily communicate with others on the internet.