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Shopping is most important things in everyones daily life, most common way of Shopping is customer directly go to the store and choose the product what they want to buy then pay it in cash. This is so called traditional shopping behaviors. Along with The Technology change, the way of shopping has becoming more and more convenient, the traditional shopping has gradually replaced by online-shopping using internet technology, the next generation of customer shopping behaviors.

The implementation of online-shopping websites has offer range of benefits to the customers, the first benefit doesn't notice by many people that is payment method.

Customer pay for products by card or voucher code, Rather than real money which are notes and coins. So they don't have to withdraw money from bank if they don't have enough money to pay for the product.

The second benefit is customer can access to the various of products, and different store at one location, they don't need to go the store by store check or available products, compare prices between stores. Its' efficiency saves costumer most valuable time to do other things.

Time is important both for customer and shop owner, Customers has less time to browse online shopping website nowadays, they are often away from the desktop So how to keep customer spend less time but buy more products what they actually want from shop owner? How to keep them noticed the latest sell and discount?

Smartphone technology is growing rapidly due to huge demand from customer. With significant number of Smartphone user access to the products information from their handset, customers are no longer making decision base on the information that in the stores' shelf, they can compare the product quality and price from other customers reviews and compared to other stores' . Smartphone's' application on clients site can browse the products and order the product from phone sent it to the store owner complete the transaction. In this report the research is focus on the android users.

1.2 Target audience

Just-Eat is a company provide service to customer to order takeaway meals online, the company established 10 years ago, the original goal is very simple: allow people to order takeaway online, since then just eat takeaway has grown to an international company with almost 600 staff in four continents (Stephen, 2011), the company has published the figure show that is revenue over £312m a year, recently just-Eat company has invest £39m InTechnology to make order easily and fast. (Tripathi ,2012), the company main revenue comes from online-order website. And start to aware the Smartphone market. Even thought customer can access to website from their Smartphone but there still a huge market on Smartphone native app(will cover later), the main objective of its Smartphone app is to make order more user friendly, receive latest sell or discount information and even customer can check the menu off-line, while customer in underground station for instance.

2. Popularity of Smartphone

For past several years computer start grow slowly because of rapid growth of Smartphone market, while Smartphone are get more and more powerful than before. The argument has rised about it may take over computer become the most important electronic device in our daily life. But yet it still needs to be confirmed.

Last year Research group Canalys published a figure estimates approximate 487.7 million smart phones were sold in 2011 and over double increase from 2010. Computer sells grew too but it is slightly slow than mobile. Robertson( February 2012).

There are various reasons why mobile device is so popular. Some of them are list below.

Mobility: imagine that without Smartphone, you have to stick with computer all day to check for emails or checking news. But Smartphone can make you life easier. You can set-up your multiple email account on your mobile device. Then check it everywhere, on the bus, in underground in the office or while you in the kitchen cooking food for your family.

Using Smartphone, if there's traffic jam or engineering working on the road, the Smartphone can help you to find the quickest way to work.(tfl live bus for example) .

There are many applications on Smartphone. Almost anything you want, you don't have to carry the heavy laptop with you and stick with you computer, and you can manage your work while you are on the way to work. It helps you to manage your like more organized.

The booming of mobile industry means that it is the time to shift to mobile market. Customer are more willing to spent time on mobile devices to search information on internet, using application, play games ,and listen to music as well. The figure has grown over doubled in the past two years. Emarketer.com(OCT, 2012)

All the figures shows above it are not surprise. Nowadays Smartphone are more than just a telephone or texting device that you use to contact someone. It can provide fastest information than computers.

The image 5 ways mobile devices have changed the way Americans consume media is the typical example of how Smartphone device changes our way of living .

Smartphone is the first channel for the media. The use of mobile almost everywhere in our life. it contain different activities such as check email, shopping online and social media. Compare to TV advertise it has most impact on advertising.

Shift business to smart phones result huge benefit to the entrepreneur. Even Microsoft is concerned about the future of Smartphone. Because they know it has great business opportunity. Arthur(5 June 2011) Therefore why the business company like Just-East which depend on interaction between user and shop owner, would consider it's next business strategy. Move to the Smart phone market.


5 ways mobile devices have changed the way Americans consume media

3. Smartphone Native App VS web App.

3.1 What is native APP and web App.

When it comes to design a Smartphone app, the hot topical will be, should I design a web app or should I design a Native Apps? Before figuring out which on is correct for the organization we should understand the key difference between two.

Both native app and web app can be accessed on users Smartphone such as android or iphone.

A mobile web app or a mobile website is similar to any other website on the internet, it consists HTML pages which continent text and images or videos, it can be accessed over the mobile browser, the main difference between mobile web app than normal WebPages is mobile web app are special design for touch friend, for instance user will see the large touch button which they will not have when they accessed to the website from computers browser and also mobile web app may invoking remote services , REST API for instance rather than a static mobile website .

Native apps are actual applications which can be downloading from market, android market for example, it usually installed on the users Smartphone rather than rendering from website by mobile browser which mobile web app does. It may not need internet connection to launch the application.

3.2 Pros and Cons of Native App.


Performance: No doubt natives has greater performance than mobile web apps, it usually launcher faster than web apps due to Native App may not need internet to launch the application. It has more functionality than mobile web app, a mobile game for instance.

Interactivity: take angry birds as an example, for gaming application a Native app is always a good solution.

Customized Functionality: if an organization wants target audience has more experience on Customized function. It is wise to develop the Native App.

May not require internet connection: this is one of most important feature in Native application, because it may not require internet connection, users can experience application at anywhere that without internet (3G, 4G).


Platform: because it is platform dependent, therefore organization need to have different native application developer for each platform, it may raise the cost of developing and maintenance.

Publish to the world: After developing the application and has been testing success organization usually need to publish their Native application to the apple stores or android market. But both of them have some restriction and rules for accepting apps into the market. It is good sometimes user can have more secured application, but it is bad when the application is rejected by the store. Especial for the apple store, it is well known that they have really high requirement at accepting application into the apple store.

3.3 Pros and Cons of web App.


Capability: a mobile web application can be access from different platform; it can be IPHONE, android or windows. Whereas native application required specific platform to launch;

Development: a mobile web Application can be developing using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. For the native Application because they are platform dependent, if an organization need to develop an native application they have to hire a programmer which understand Object C in (IOS ) , java in (Android ) and C# in (windows), find a good developer is not easy, especially three of them .

Publish to the world: compare to a native application, web application doesn't need to publish their store through android market or apple store, because user can access to their services just simply type the URL address in the browser.


Performance: because of internet, mobile web applications have limit on access devices functions and APIs, although with help of JavaScript, performance may get better but still Native Application is better.

Functionality: because the web application is access from the web the functionality of web application may not as good as native application. Therefore it might lose potential client when user does not find functionality what they are looking for.

3.4 Summary

As a brief Summary. There is no winner or loser between two types of applications, both of then gives users different experiences, an native app can provides the faster user experience and best access to the Smartphone feature, it can be easily find through the apple store(iphone) or android market. On the other hand web application provides platform independent feature allow user to access the information at any platform they want, IOS or android.

When organization needs to develop a Smartphone application for their services, the first thing they want to consider is the scope of application, what kind of application they are going to developing.

Consider the Just-East companies they have already design the touch-friendly web application, therefore the suggestion for them is to develop a native applications. As image illustrates bellow, CHART OF THE DAY: Apps More and More Important than the Mobile Web, the significant growth of spending time on the native application. It is promising that company can generate huge benefit from developing the native applications.

CHART OF THE DAY: Apps More And More Important Than The Mobile WebC:\Users\bin\AppData\Roaming\Tencent\Users\553979035\QQ\WinTemp\RichOle\[`SBMLU6XZY][email protected]

4. Developing using Android.

4.1 What is android?

What is android

4.2 Why use android.

4.3 Difference between android and IOS.

5. How to pass DATA form server to Native App


5.2 PHP

5.3 JAVA


5.5 SQLite

6. Conclusion