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In traditional ways, booking and managing customer reservations, although a vigorous component of many service-based groups is generally viewed as inefficient and tedious. The old-style of scheduling reservations doesn't help refute this statement: It usually involves booking reservation over the phone .Some of them will walk in to do their car services. Meanwhile they also have records about that customer information, service information in file methods.

Not only does this method require amount of staff timing, it also does not give customers the ability to do their reservations when it's most appropriate for them. Many individuals basically do not have the time to call for making reservations or booked appointment during normal business hours.

An online reservation system is usually a best option for these service-providers to systematize and improve their reservation processes. Online reservation systems are securely stored online data and not restricted to an individual computer network. This characteristic not only makes it possible for customers to do reservations online, it also give their staff the ability to access their customer details from any Internet connection, this could be beneficial for those individuals who must have access to this information from outside their office.

The Benefits of Using Online Reservation

The functionality found in numerous online reservation system and how does it makes fully automated reservation system possible.

Online Customer self-Scheduling

This allows customers to book their reservations at their own convenience at any time of the day, even during non-business hours. It can significantly reduce the number of phone calls and e-mails from customers seeking reservations.

Online Payment Methods

If given the option, many customers would pay for their services at the same time they book them.

Review Past History of Reservation

Since online reservation-scheduling systems centralize all inputted information, locating and gathering details on customers and their reservations is much simpler than sorting through paper appointment books and spread sheets. Some software applications have provided to users with automated generating reports for quick response for them.

Internet Marketing in Malaysia

Now days, Internet Marketing is getting popularity among everywhere to each individual. The new method of doing marketing thru online help many users or customers get what they wish for.

Malaysia has a huge potential of Internet Marketing, because in Malaysia the internet usage are very common among them. The usability is getting higher and higher each every day. The statistic have research and display as below, which shows that how rapidly growth of internet usage in Malaysia.




% Pen.

Usage Source




15.0 %





37.9 %





38.9 %





47.8 %





62.8 %





65.7 %





64.6 %



From the above table, shows that internet usability in Malaysia by year where it is established that Malaysian citizen are more prospective towards online transaction and distribution. The high rapid growth of internet has been cause high transformation area.

The cause of this rapid growth, it is due to Social Networking, which is known as Facebook, Twitter and etc. has been spread among everybody in Malaysia and other country as well. 13,078,320 mil Facebook subscribers on Sept 30/12, or the percentages have been declared of 44.8% penetration ( has been encountered and the site in Malaysia (Alexa Internet Inc., 1996). The business group were created will help to spread out current updates of products and services, and this method will help patrons to get information very easy without any hassles.

Analysis of Malaysian Internet Usability

In Malaysia, there are many of online transaction are existed. There few types of website which has been visited by Malaysians: (Online Selling)

These sites enable users to publish their goods to sell or purchase other alternative items. (Online Auction & Selling)

These sites enable users to publish their goods to sell or purchase other alternative items. (Online Shopping)

These sites enable users to purchase various types of goods, such as; clothes, hand phones and etc. (Online Bookstore)

These sites enable users to purchase books they wanted.

Malaysia (Online Travel)

These sites enable users to book or purchase their flying tickets for their favourable destinations.

Comparing Existing System with current system

Analysis of current system

This system is not used before due to the lack of attention of providing online car services reservation. This is something new and will benefit the current and future users. This proposed system has already been implemented in other countries. Therefore, it would be the first to be implemented in Malaysia.

Compare to my project it will more improvised in the sense of usage and booking system, which will more productive for patrons to use these particular system.

Existing System

Main Page


This company will only provide services for selected cars which is Audi, BMW, Mini Cooper, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen.

Booking Page


Based on the existing system, the users have to fill up many text fields which makes the customer waste their time. There are chances whereby the administrator may not receive any reservation data from the customer if there is non-verification system or email has been identified.

There is no payment identification panel to make payment thru credit or debit card. Customer has to walk in to pay after pick up their car from service. Meanwhile, this website is unable to provide pick up and service delivery for their customers.

The comparison of current system with proposed system.

3.0.2 Technical Research

Basically to start this project, programming language is the major part of this flow of the work. Therefore a several programming language has been discovered and elaborated as well.

Programming Language

Active Server Pages (ASP)

ASP/ Active Server Page develop by Microsoft, is a server side scripting language that manages the needs of creating the dynamic web pages. ASP which is acknowledged for their add-on to Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS), where the dynamic web page which produced by ASP will be able to function on any web browser based on the usage of the user.

ASP is using VBScripts as the default scripting language, and it is compatible with other scripting languages such as JScripts, which is Microsoft version of JScripts. When a web page is coded in ASP language, the file extension will be known as .asp instead of .htm or .html.

Active Server Pages.Net (ASP.Net)

Active Server Pages.Net (ASP.Net) is another creation of Microsoft which based on ASP technology. ASP.Net is known as new web application framework that allows and eases the developers or the programmers to develop web based applications quickly as well as web pages and XML services. With this .Net framework, developers or programmers can code by using .Net languages such as VB.Net and C#.Net.

ASP.Net includes components and libraries that enables for newer development such as mobile application. It is similar to ASP; the most suitable web server technology to operate ASP.Net is still under Internet Information Services (IIS).

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)

PHP is an open source scripting language which was designed for producing dynamic web pages and mainly used in server side scripting, which can be used from a command line interface or in a standalone graphical application. It is similar to ASP, when user opens the web pages; the server processes the PHP commands and then sends the result to the user’s browser. However, PHP can runs on Windows NT and many UNIX versions as well as PHP can be built as an Apache module and as a library that can run as CGI.

Database Programming Language

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is part of Microsoft Office Suite, is a database management system from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with Graphical User Interface and software development tools. Since, it is simple database programming language it is easy to learn but it can’t fully use for web database project. There are 4 major components in MS Access that most of database users will use; which is Table, Query, Form, and Report. (Tecumseh, 1998)

Access is used by small business, within departments or large corporation. Access also can be implementing as the web based applications hosted on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and utilizing Microsoft Active Server Pages ASP. For more complex applications may require tools like PHP/MySQL or ASP/Microsoft SQL Server.

Some developers us Access for rapid application development, especially for developing prototypes and standalone applications that serve the tools as it requires. Access allows viewing and manipulating the SQL code if desired. (, 2012)


MySQL, known as Open Source SQL database management system, is developed and supported by MySQL AB. MySQL AB was founded in 1995 but acquired by Sun Microsystem in 2008 (Oracle Corporation,2012). It is second generations Open Source company that unities Open Source values and methodology with successful business model. Structured Query Language (SQL) is the common standardized language used to access database and is defined by the ANSI/ISO SQL Standard. MySQL uses the General Public License (GPL) to define what the users may and may not do with the software for any circumstances.

MySQL Server

MySQL server originally develops to handle large database much faster than existing solutions and has been successfully used in highly demanding productions environments for several years. With persistent development, MySQL Server deals with useful set functions. This makes MySQL Server a highly suited for accessing database on internet due to the connectivity, speed and security verse.

Therefore, MySQL Server supports different back-ends, different client server’s programe and libraries, administrative tools and wide range of applications programming interface. With this Server, application can be develop for smaller, faster, easier for standalone products.

- Programming language + justification

- Selection of DBMS + justification

- System development methods