Different Types Of Client Side Computer Science Essay

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Scripting client side usually mentions to the class of computer programs in the web that are performed on the client the users web browser, rather than on the server where the Web. This type of computer programming is an significant portion of the Dynamic HTML (DHTML) idea, whereby web pages to be scripted, is, changing different content depending, for a user input environmental factors such as a day of time or other variables. Client-side scripts were embedded in a HTML or XHTML document therefore known as an embedded script ", but can also be included in a separate file that refers to the document that use it as well-known as external script On request the necessary files to the user computer by the Web server on which they reside. Web browser of the user running the script, then displays the document, including the visible result of the script. Client-side scripts can also directions for the browser to follow in reaction to some user actions (EG clicking a button). Frequently, these orders can be followed without additional communication with the server.

When you view the file having the script, users are able to see the source code. Authors of many users to learn how to write client-side scripts in the setting of the inspection of the source code of scripts by other authors.

In difference server-side scripts printed in languages Such as Perl, ASP, NET, PHP Java server-side VBScript and executed by the web server when user creates a document. They produce Production in a format clear HTML browser mostly which are sent to the user's computer. User unable to see the source code of scripts if the author code published distinctly and may not even be careful that the script runs. Scripts document server may in turn contain client script.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

HTML is a very important and famous language for display web pages and other information that can be display in the user web browser. It is written in the form of HTML. HTML elements containing of tags enclosed in angle brackets for example <HTML>. In the content of web pages. Most HTML come in pairs, and <h1> and </ H1>, even if some tags known as empty elements are single <IMG> example

The purpose of the browser is reading the documentation and HTML Web pages exist in the visible or audible. Browser does not display HTML, but uses its interpretation of the content of the page. In order to design this web site html is used.

Figure 2.1

Cascading style sheet (CSS)

Cascading style sheet (CSS) is a language used to describe the look and format of a document which written in markup language.it is a common application to style a web page which written in HTML. CSS includes page layout, color and fonts. It is possible to modify the presentation of different types of devices CSS makes very easy to maintain the website and share style sheet.

Figure 2.2

From above screen shot can see how CSS files are linked with HTML.

Java script

Java script is client side open source language usually java script implement in web browser in order to enhance the web browser interface. Java script runs in user computer it doesn't need anything g form the website. In the developed web site has include java script in many cases. It is to validate user inputs. And for website functions. In the website in many place such as onsubmit, onmouseorver, ondrop, etc…. has include java script make the website professional.

From above screen shot shows how java syntaxes are used with HTML and how they are linked. From below screen shot its shows how java script add to validate the forms in the website.

VB script

VB scripting in an active language which is developed by Microsoft represent on visual basic. It is a client side language. It is light weight language to communicate in wide environment. It is very similar to java script because it enables web authors include interactive functions.

Server side scripting language

Server-side programming is a technique used in web design embedded script code generated HTML source (client) to a request from the user to a page from the server are processed by a program server-side script to a server responds to this request. Script can be Witten by using any kind of any number of programming languages ​​by the server, Server-side script differs from the client-side programming scripts were built as client-side JavaScript running in the browser

Server-side script is generally used to connect and deliver clients access to limit to own databases or other data sources. These scripts can be installed features for customers Used in the modification of the response on the basis of these characteristics, user requirements, access Rights, server-side scripting, etc. also allows the website owner to give users to access a copy to view the source Server-side script code and having a value in itself. The disadvantage of using server-side scripting is that the site server computer to make the most of it means for transfer a page to the client computer for playback via the browser. Below you can seep types of server side scripting language examples.

ASP (active server page)

Summary ASP, a specification for a Web page created dynamically with. ASP extension that uses ActiveX scripting. Usually VB Script or J. Script code. When a browser requests for ASP, Web server creates a page with HTML code and it sends it to the browser. Even ASPs like CGI scripts, but can be Visual Basic programmers to work with aware tools. ASP is a shortcut to an application service provider


Technology from Microsoft. ASP.NET is an approach for a number of reasons-oriented programming to design Web pages. Are dealing with each element in an ASP.NET page as a run on the server object. ASP.NET page is collected into in-between language before. NET compiler support common language runtime. Then the JIT code medium translated into native machine code and machine code in the processor time. Because the code either directly by the processor and pages load faster than classic active server pages, where embedded VBScript or J. Script had to be nonstop interpreted and temporarily. ASP.NET is used to create Web pages and Web services, and is a part of Microsoft. NET vision.


Ruby is object-oriented programming and a simple but powerful (while Ruby is an object), created by Matsumoto Yukihiro who goes by "Matz" the name of the font. Ruby programs is a compact but easy to read and maintain. Ruby provides functions such as blocks, iterators and other metadata layers. It can be used to write server and testing of prototypes, and the daily schedule. Ruby is an open-source, freely available for development and deployment.


PHP is probably the programming language of the Web's most popular. It used to improve web pages. Using PHP, can do things like username and password login create page, verify the details of a forms, creating forums, photo galleries, polls and more. If you have encountered a web page that ends in PHP, the author wrote the programming code to boost up the plain old HTML

PHP is server side scripting language, because PHP doesn't execute in your computer, but you request the page from. The result will be deliver to you and it will display in the web browser. Other scripting languages such as ASP, PYTHON and PERL most popular explanation for PHP is hypertext pre proposer, but that would surely make HPP. An alternative explanation come from earliest version of the program which is called personal home page tools.