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Nowadays, most of companies search for IT people to help their business such as system, networking, database, website design and other related things. This means that IT people is in demand. This papers aim to enable the author determines and understands the job and its requirements which is stated at the career profile. There are three most desire jobs by the author that attached in this project which are website designer, database administrator, and system analyst.

The author has researched about the description of three most desire jobs. This aims to know the jobs requirements. She discussed about why she chose BIT for the major study and the knowledge gained after she studied. She created Curriculum Vitae (CV) and job application letter in purpose that she will be able to know how to create those in the future.


Why the Author Chose Business and Information Technology (BIT)?

The author chose BIT as her major of study because she can know both business and IT. As we know that technology is in advance now and many companies need people who are good in that. The author was thinking that in BIT she could learn both and later on she can choose which one she is most into; business or IT. Thus, she can choose whether want to work in business or IT environment.

The next thing is regarding about the author would like to have business her own that can connect to Internet and other technologies; she needs to have knowledge about that. By studying this subject, she can know how to manage business and know about the things related to Internet and technology.

The Knowledge that Author has achieved after studied BIT.

After studied BIT, the author gains a lot of knowledge that she never learnt before such as HTML, Java, e-commerce, and other subjects related to business and IT. She learnt a lot of things although all of them is only the common and basic things such as programming, she did not really study in advance. It is the same as business subject. However, by having lots of projects whether in group or individual, she knows how to manage the time and accomplish all of the projects on time.

By going through different subjects and assignments, the author found that she is very get into web design. That is why for the future career, she would like to become a website designer. But, she needs to take further study about web design because she did not really learn about it very deep. Other than that, she gained the knowledge about e-commerce which is important if she wants to have business online later on.

Overall, all of the subjects she learnt enable her to know about how to design website herself and manage the business thus she has at least the basic knowledge on how all things are going on. She has to take further study in order to master one of the specific major she wants which is website designer, database administrator or system analyst. All of the career profile is available below.


Curriculum Vitae



Name : Tiffany Tiopan

Address : Jalan Jendral Gatot Subroto 412

20719, Binjai Barat

Sumatera Utara

Phone : +60122478924

E-mail : [email protected]



I have great communication skills which enable me to work well in a team. I am self-disciplined, responsible, independent, hardworking, honest, self motivated, a quick learner, eager to learn, perfectionist during the job and willing to meet challenges.


Computer programs and skills, games, fashion, new electronic gadgets, music, design.



January 2009 - Present

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business and Information Technology

INTI International University


July 2008

Graduated from Methodist High School



Office of Admission and Record (OAR)

Start Date : February 20010

End Date : March 2010

Position/Title : Student Helper


Arrange student files

Arrange student folders



Academic Project

Designed Accommodation Office interface for INTI International University

Designed Silver Spring Hotel interface

Designed e-learning system interface for kids

Create ATM system

Create library system

Designed Education Online Service interface

Designed create album and upload photos web application



· Computer skills

Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel and Power Point

Design: Adobe Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash

Operating Systems: Windows

· Fluent Languages




Programming Language

HTML, XML, Asp.net, Java



Available upon request



Duties/ Position Description

Web designer is people who have responsible to create website and ensure that the website are visually effective and easy to use. The design of the website must meet the client needs and requirements such as who is the target audience, the leading competitors and why is the site needed.

These are the duties of web designer:

Responsible for the overall design of web pages such as fonts, backgrounds, animation, and graphics.

Lead the development process from the design stage to completion

Ensure that the design of the website is visually effective and easy to access

Give advice to the client on information needed to construct the site

Design a draft site to show to the client for approval or modification

Writing web pages in combination codes such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS or Flash.

Alternate Title

Graphic Designer

Salary Range

The monthly salaries for Web Designer (source: JobStreet.com)

Position Level

Min (RM)

Average (RM)

Max (RM)

Senior Manager








Senior Executive




Junior Executive




Fresh/Entry Level




Employment Prospects

Today most companies recognize the visibility and profitability of a web and are hiring professional website designer to create the websites. As websites become more complex and professional, the work of a website designer is likely to become more specialized. Design, functionality, and content of the website are increasingly becoming separate specialties. Nowadays, website is not only providing information for users but also it provides services such as e-commerce so skills in this area are become more demanding. Prospects are very bright for those people who can keep up to date with technology and know the best way to adapt for business purposes.

Advancement Prospects

In order to have advance prospect in web site design, it depends on the web designer's computer skill level, creativity, design sense, and ability in art. Web designer who is able to master these characteristics can grow in their job since this field is growing rapidly.


Education or Training

Bachelor's degree in IT, Graphic Design or similar discipline is required.

Web Technologies or Multimedia Certification.


Most companies would like to see the portfolio of sites that have been designed by the web designer

Special Skills and Personality Traits

Have knowledge of graphic design such as Photoshop in order to produce basic layout and manipulate images.

Skills in e-commerce and server side technologies.

Skills in multimedia and interactivity of the web pages.

Skills in creativity, communication, and problem solving.

Web designer should be able to operate the following technologies but still it depends on the requirement from company:

Languages(s) :  HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, .NET, CSS, PHP, SQL, and others

Software(s) :  Dreamweaver, Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, and others

Operating System(s) :  Windows, UNIX, Macintosh, or others

Browser(s) :  Internet Explorer, Firefox, and others

Database(s) :  SQL Server, Oracle, and others

Web Servers :  Apache, MS IIS, and others

Tips for Entry

Web designer job can be found in local newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet itself. In most cases, web designers begin their careers as graphic designers or layout artists for advertising firms or publishing companies. After learning and gaining the appropriate computer skills, they can use their artistic experience to the online world.

Web designers should show the portfolio to potential employers.

There are many freelancers web designers that sell their services to clients. Self-employed web designers often establish their design of web pages on the World Wide Web that show their design skills for potential customers.

Senior Manager


Senior Executive

Junior Executive

Fresh/Entry Level

Career Ladder


Position Description

Nowadays, companies have large database to be maintained. The data can be managed, organized, stored and retrieved from the database. Thus, database administrator is the one who will take responsible on design, implement and maintain the database. (www.club-oracle.com/) Database Administrator is people who have responsible for the performance, reliability and security of the database. The database that has been developed must meet the user requirements thus the data has to be consistent across the database and clearly defined. The data must have data security and recovery control for emergency problem such as data error. (ww2.prospects.ac.uk)


There are various responsibilities and duties of Administrator which are:

Enable to provide faster query execution by managing and monitoring the performance of the database.

It is essential to build the client-server type setup available online.

Create the logical design in the first stage.

Consider both front end and back end data accessibility for the end users

Able to know potential problems that commonly come up by dealing with the DBMS

Organized the hardware and software requirements.

Find out the better solution for the existing queries through the testing of new DBMS

Controls the permission for users who use the database by manage the adding or removing users from accessing the database.

Up to date with the technology in order to find out the best new application that work better than the existing software and responsible to installed the new application for the database performance.

Before completely implementing the new software to the database, database administrator has to test it with the staff members

It is the database administrator responsibility to recover the data from any type of error. Recoverability of the data is the most important duty of database administrator. Usually, database administrator backup the database to ensure the security of the database. (www.club-oracle.com)

Alternate Titles

Database Administrator alternative titles:

Database Operator

Database Specialist

Database Support

Salary Range

Salary data collected at February 2010 based in UK

Starting Salary : £25,000 - £30,000

After two or three years experience : £35,000 - £40,000

Senior Database Administrator : £40,000 - £60,000


Employment Prospects

Nowadays, database is used by organization in order to store, organize and analyze the data and it is connected to the Internet. From 2008 to 2018, employment of database administrator is expected to grow by 20 percent. It is because the database administrator is demanding in order to help the organizations databases. As the database is online connected to the Internet, there are chances of the database being attacked. So, database administrator is needed by companies in order to protect the databases. (www.bls.gov)

Advancement Prospects

As stated above, the employment of database administrator is expected to grow. It means database administrator will have large chance to have good advance prospect. Database administrator need to keep in touch with the latest technology as the application always being updated. They have to know business processes and know how to protect the security of the database as that skill is demanding because database is connected to the Internet.


Education or Training

These are some degree subjects of graduated that may improve the chances to get the job which are:

Information Technology Degree

Computer Science Degree

Software Engineering Degree

Computer Engineering Degree


Operational Research


Training is provided in the job by the company to ensure that the employee is up to date with the new software or technology. Although it is provided later in the job, candidate who wants to enter this job needs to have training or certificate such as:

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)

Oracle Database Certification

Sun Certified MySQL Database Administrator (SCMDBA)


Different experiences are required for different levels of database administrator as stated below:

Fresh Entry Level

To be familiar in database as well as show skill level by having certification from database program.

Junior Database Administrator

By having experience for 0-2 years in the IT industry and job experience that deal with computers and computer operating system.

Intermediate Database Administrator

In this level, it requires experience for 3-5 years in the IT industry and job experience in computers and computer operating system.

Senior Database Administrator

To become database administrator, candidate need to have experience for 6-8 years in IT industry and specific job experience related in computers and computer operating system.


Special Skills and Personality Traits

Candidates need to have special skill and good behavior of the following in order to be database administrator

Skills in analysis and problem solving

Skills in communication, work within a team, and negotiation

Able to maintain strong working relationship with colleagues and customer

Familiar with the DML (Database Manipulation Languages) and the principles of database design

Flexible and able to adapt with new environment

Able to work under pressure with tight deadlines

Understanding of business requirements of IT

Up to date with the technology

Understand the information legislation such as Data Protection Act

Tips for Entry

There are some tips to enter the database administrator job include:

Familiar with the database and technology or software which is in demand

Become certified candidates in a specific database program in order to show the skill level



Junior Database Administrator

(0-2 years experience)

Fresh Entry Level

Senior Database Administrator

(6-8 years experience)

Intermediate Database Administrator

(3-5 years experience)


Position Description

System Analyst is people who understand the objectives of an organization which then will figure out the best computer system and software that is going to be implemented in that organization. System analyst must make sure the system meets the company's needs. System analyst must have a good understanding about computer system and software and always keep up to date with the changes of technology. After the system is built, system analyst must be willing to get complaints from the user and the needs that change from time to time.



These are common duties that need to be accomplished by system analyst include:

Collect information needed to be analyzed, and evaluate the system

Research and plan for hardware and software that suit with the operating system

Configure and troubleshoot operating system.

Install, maintain and upgrade hardware and software with the operating system

Create detail flow chart and diagram that show the system processes

Recommend hardware and software development, purchase, and usage.

Able to troubleshoot and resolve problems in hardware, software, and connectivity problems.

Able to work as team with other staff

Produce system documentation

Maintain the confidential of information

Write the document of system problems and solutions for future reference

Alternate Titles

Computer system developer

Computer system architect

Salary Range

(Source: JobStreet.com)

Position Level

Min (RM)







Senior Executive




Junior Executive




Fresh Entry Level




Employment Prospects

Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment will grow much faster at 2014. Nowadays, technology is in advance and sophisticated which makes many companies turn over to it. System analysts with specialized science background are in demand. Because of new technologies come out in the market, system analyst is needed to match the new technology with an organization system and recommend them the best tools to use in order to produce the better system in the organization.

Advancement Prospects

Advancement for system analyst is varying for each people; it might depend on their knowledge and needs. Junior system analyst may be promoted to senior and then lead the system analyst. For those who have management skills and abilities may become the department supervisors or managers. Some of expert and experienced system analysts may prefer to build their own company firms.


Education or Training

Bachelor's Degree in IT

Having knowledge in one or more computer languages

Certification in MCAD (Microsoft Certified Application Developer), MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) or other related certification.


Having background in accounting and business management

Having background in employer's industry

Experience in operate specific computer system

Special Skills and Personality Traits

Required skills and abilities for system analyst:

Having good knowledge in the mechanism, procedure, and problems of the system.

Familiar with organization structure and its work flow.

Able to give clear recommendation for the organization.

Ability of using computer application such as word processing, spreadsheets, and database software.

Good communication and interpersonal skills

Tips for Entry

There are some tips for becoming a system analyst which are:

Own the degree in computer science, information science or management information systems

If candidates have degree in other subjects, they may take computer classes to gain the experiences

Understand computers, math, and planning in order to solve problems.

Good speaking and writing skills in order to explain the system.

Career Ladder


Fresh Entry Level

Junior Executive

Senior Executive


Jalan Jendral Gatot Subroto 412

20719, Binjai Barat

Sumatera Utara

Friday 25, 2010

Manager MOL AccessPortalBerhad

Lot 07-03 & 08-03

Level 7 & 8, Berjaya Times Square

No. 1, Jalan Imbi

55100 Kuala Lumpur

Dear Sir,

I am a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business and Information Technology graduate from INTI International University. I am interested in applying for the post of junior web designer advertised at Jobstreet.com. The skills I have from academic background support my application for the announced position.

As you can see from my curriculum vitae attached to this letter, I have acquired the skills and requirements that fulfill the requirements that is required. I have high interest in website design with a good sense in designing. I have done a number of website design project for academic purposes.

I would very much like an opportunity to discuss about the abilities I have regarding about the announced position. You can contact me at +60122478924. Thank you for considering me for the position.


Tiffany Tiopan


This project enables the author to know the requirement she needs for her desire job. It is useful for her to know what requirements and course needed in order for her to enter the job. Since she is a fresh graduate, she needs to know lots of things such as tips for entry, salary range and other description. Other than that, she has created curriculum vitae and job application letter. Those can become the reference for her in the future if she wants to apply for job in the future.


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