Dethroning King Of Software Computer Science Essay

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Microsoft word was release on 29th September 1983. It was released during the PC World and free demonstration of the application was given to the PC World subscribers. Microsoft Word is what we call WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) design. Moreover, Microsoft Word process output far superior compared to other products.

Introduction to Question 2

History of Microsoft Excel

According to this website, History of Microsoft Excel?, it mention about Microsoft originally marketed a spread sheet program called Multiplan in 1982, which was very popular on CP/M systems, but on MS-DOS systems it lost popularity to Lotus 1-2-3.This promoted development of a new spread sheet called Excel which started with the intention to 'do everything 1-2-3 does and do it better'. The first version of Excel was released for the Mac in 1985 and the first Windows version was released in November 1987. Lotus was slow to bring 1-2-3 to Windows and by 1988 Excel had started to outsell 1-2-3 and helped Microsoft achieve the position of leading PC software developer.

This accomplishment, dethroning the king of the software world, solidified Microsoft as a valid competitor and showed its future of developing graphical software.

Advantages of Microsoft Word

Making of banner and poster

With the use of word-art,selection of colours and we can easily insert pictures or clip arts and combine them to form a poster.Besides that,we can make a poster based on the colours and animations that we like.Banner can also be made from the Microsoft Word with the features in the Microsoft Word that we can customize the illustrations available in Microsoft Word.

Letter and Resume

We can use Microsoft word to do summary and letter with the templates provided.With the template provided we can just key in the necessary parts in a very efficient way.Things getting more efficient and can be done easily with Microsoft Word. Furthermore,with the function of mail merge in Microsoft Word.This is very important that in an office,office workers use this send notices and letters to a few other companies or customers where this feature helps to improve the efficiency in writing letter and also the chances of getting mistakes.When they send letter or notices out,they can easily use the database from their computer and Microsoft Word will automatically fill in the fields to be written on the letter.We can customize the header and the footer easily in the letter.Professionals use this to make legal letter,documents and also the in the making of research and publications.They can add citation & bibliography into the the Microsoft Word and it will automatically cite the citation with the correct format.

Making of postcards and memos

We can customize our own postcard to be sent to friends,friends or relatives.We can make 3D arts and add them into the postcards to make it more fancy.We can actually create a professional -look postcard by using Microsoft Word rather than spending money to buy a postcard from the shop.We can create 3D effect from the selection of fonts,colours and themes.This made us easier to make a postcard.Other than that,it can also be used to make memos for people who work in the business line.

Making of Flyers and brochures

Animation and pictures can be easily inserted into Microsoft Word and it is more convenient in making flyers and brochures.We can customize the size,colour and also the image that to be inserted into the flyer or brochure.We can insert data,diagram,pictures,clip arts,and also various shapes to make the flyer look more attractive.We can also adjust all the sizes of the graphics and images in the Microsoft Word.We can also use Microsoft Word to make newsletter for a company or association.

Make office reports

With smart art graphics,reports can be done easier to in the information that requires analysis.It can be converted to pdf file easily if when there is a need of printing of the particular document.Graphics,tables,diagrams,bullets and numbering can be inserted to support the report where the office employee can also easily create a report through Microsoft Word and present it to the employer.They can summarize all key points with graphic nicely added to the report.

Making of table

We can use Microsoft Word to make table, table of contents and also time table can be made by using Microsoft Word. We can arrange the data properly by using Microsoft Word. In a way, we can also use this software to create table to support reports, assignments, research report or even a flyer.

Password Protection

Microsoft Word has password protection which allowed us to keep all the documents as a private file.This is a very useful feature that we can keep our data in a more private way without letting others to hack or view the confidential data.This also gives extra protection to the documents that we want to keep private.


In case that we have grammar mistake and spelling error,Microsoft Word's feature 'auto correct' the mistake and it will directly change the spelling to the correct one.It can also be use to calculate word count so that we can track the number of words that we have typed.This helps us to make a more accurate report and document.

Advantages of Microsoft Excel

Creating of Invoices and receipts

We can use Microsoft to create invoices and receipts.Microsoft Excel enables us to do calculation with the use of all the formulae provided.This can save time and energy because it has a features that will enable us to fill in data quicker and more efficient.Microsoft Excel enables us to do calculations by using the formula with the our own data.

Creating of Database

With Microsoft Excel,we can store customers data,listing and also to manage the data of any important stuff.Besides that,there are various types of listing format available to convenient us with the way of organizing our data.We can use the the autofilling feature to easily fill in data which we are repeating the same object.

Schedule planner

We can organize our data and use Microsoft Excel to make a schedule planner.Daily or weekly planner ,homework planner, bill payments ,records can be made by Microsoft Excel by creating a worksheet.It can stores a large amount of data and information.


We can create a calendar by adding our own picture with the use of the templates available in Microsoft Excel.It will automatically comes out with the latest calendar.We can also make this as a calendar schedule by adding the things that we need to do into the column of the date.We can use Microsoft Excel to print out diaries template so that we can customize our own diary.

Create financial planner

We can create a spreadsheet to manage our expenses,plan and organize the monthly usage.On the other hand,we can use the mathematical formula to easily key the data in.It makes data collection to be simple.With Microsoft Excel,we can easily handle the financial planning in our lives.

Address Book

Microsoft Excel helps us to manage all the data and we can easily use the function such as 'filter' ,'sort' or 'search' to create contact list.We can easily send mail and print out the listing by using the mail merge in Microsoft Excel in creating notices, and letters.We can easily trace the contents in the listing in just a few clicks.With the use of Microsoft Excel,we can always update the customers listing by typing in the new address.


Microsoft Excel contains the feature that we can make chart easily.There is a large number of chart selection in Microsoft Excel.We can create chart by using the data.Charts are very important in a report that we need a chart to give a better imagination on the data.This is the easiest way to present the data in a report.

Plan and manage event

Microsoft Excel enables me to plan and manage an event .We need Microsoft Excel to manage all the information and data.The whole schedules of the event are nicely organized in Microsoft Excel.We can many column to fill in the schedule of the event.


By using Microsoft Excel,we can easily create tables,statistics,and schedule.The most importantly is the statistic,we can use the data to make chart.We can make table and statistic in just a few clicks.This is very convenience to use when we need to print a table or the data collection.

Mathematical Formulae

In Microsoft Excel,we can use mathematical formulae such as the functions and equations and this will literally helps in inserting data into Microsoft Excel.We can use the formula to do calculation in our data.It will automatically calculate when we key in the formula.

In conclusion,with Microsoft Word,we can make banners,posters,flyers,letters,resumes and reports.We can also use this word processor to send letters by attaching the letter to email.Microsoft Word has brought many new features that will make us to make letters and newsletter easier.Furthermore,we can customize our own colour and animation for the flyers and brochures.Microsoft Word is very important because it plays an important role to the people who works in the office.Reports and quotations need to be done by Microsoft Word.Microsoft Excel enables us to make charts,manage and organize data and listing.It can help us to store customers listing,address listing or even a planner.Furthermore,we can use Microsoft Excel to make calendar and diary.In addition to that we can also customize the things that we like to put in the diary by our own.By using Microsoft Excel,we can plan and manage things easily.We can also keep the important dates in the template.In both Microsoft softwares,we can do things quicker and more efficient.In a way,this can help us to store data and make documents work easier without doing extra jobs.