Designing And Developing A Website Computer Science Essay

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In testing, I used both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as described in the assignment. The test was made with the Internet Explorer 10 and Mozilla Firefox 18.0.1 under Microsoft Windows 8 Pro x64. Furthermore, the resolution was set to 1024x768 to check horizontal scroll bar in the web page. Being a XHTML 1.0 Strict declaration, there were few more errors than what I expected. Many simple tags were not allowed to use in this document type (DTD). Although I overcame all those errors and correctly passed the validation set by the W3C Markup Validation Service, my website would have been more user friendly and nice if all the omitted tags were available to use in this document type.

Minimum Resolution View

First I checked all inter linked paged to see if it was visible in 1024x768 screen without horizontal scroll bar. First of all, I saw horizontal bar in both browser. Then after studying the source code of the web page, I got the problem. There was a box created to keep space between two boxes, one of whose position was made fixed. The width of the box was created 1024 pixel. I know, some space is required for vertical scroll bar. So, I reduced the width of the box to 1000 pixel and the test was successful. I had set the width of the website below 1000 pixel and all content were adjusted inside the maximum width.


Then, I checked all the elements and tags in web pages on both browsers. Internet Explorer could not render blink in text decoration. There was big space between boxes (created using div tag) at right hand side of the home page in Internet Explorer. Twitter follow us link’s image was not displayed in Internet Explorer too. The problem of image rendering was solved when I changed the logo of image under the terms and condition of Twitter. But, these all errors were rendered correctly in Mozilla Firefox. These three errors that occurred in Internet Explorer could not be resolved. Apart from that, all other elements were rendered in the same way.

In my home page, I had made a set of images to appear scrolling from right to left using the marquee tag. It looked so good but the tag was not valid according to W3C. So, I deleted the tag and used a single GIF image to show the gallery of all the models available.


After that, I checked every link in the web page, to know whether all links are working correctly. Every other links were working correctly but an anchor link was not working as it used to be. This also showed few errors in W3C Validation check too. That problem was solved by placing the anchor link position inside a box (created using div tag).


Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of the web page is to attract tourist to use Benllech Campervans while touring Northern Wales. According to the requirement of the client, the web page consists a home page visualizing the main theme of the website. A page with gallery of all the campervans that link with page giving all details of the vans. A page is made to show the rates for hiring the campervan. The most important part of the web page; i.e. booking form, is made in a simple way to ease the customer. At last, a page is created to show few attraction in Northern Wales.

Strong Aspects

As defined by the assignments, all the HTML pages have been linked with a single CSS file. All the web pages have same type of design. According to company, more cars will be added in future. Web pages have been organized and optimized in a manner, so that additional pages can be added in no time. The menu of the web page is made fixed which enables customer to navigate to other page from any region of the web page. When customers click a link and goes to another page, the color of the menu will be changed, to help them know their position in the website.

Weak Aspects

JavaScript or jQuery is not used in this website. This makes website simple and lacks many graphics improvements that could have made the website look attractive. It also lacks accessibility for differently abled people. For mobile user, the website may not render all its parts properly. It may show all the content according to the desktop format and customer have to zoom in the page to view the content properly. The webpage also lacks FAQs and also lacks a page for customer to send queries.


In the context of accessibility, this website lacks enough support for differently abled people. For improvements, the website could have used video and audio for people with visibility and hearing disability. The color of text, picture, and background is adjusted in a simple way to show the content of the website clearly. But more improvements could have been made using proper selection of color.

Further Development

By using JavaScript and jQuery, the website could be made more advanced than the present one. Use of more attractive gallery, one click full size image view, would made the website look more user friendly. For mobile users, another CSS file could have been made available that render the content more properly. One page could be developed to receive comments, queries and suggestions from customers. Further development should also include page for the number of vans available, services to customer for picking them from their desired places and dropping to their destination. In the age of 21st, an online booking facility is also a plus point for a website with touring and hiring facilities.