Designing A Computer System For Soccer Club Computer Science Essay

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For security purposes, the inactivity timeout for a session login is 4 hours. This means if you are logged into the system, but have not clicked on a link or button for a period greater than 4 hours, you will be automatically logged out of the system, potentially losing any unsaved information. Please make sure you have saved any changes, and logged out when you are not using the system. To logout, select the "Logout" link found in the top-right portion of the page.

Getting Started

PIs and Contract Representatives can register for an account in under the "Sign In/Register" section of the home page. To register, select the "Register here" link, and complete the required information.

PIs may start a new pre-application by selecting the "start a new pre-application" link from the "Registration" section. To continue, select a program award mechanism from the list. A registration ID will be assigned by the system has selected an award mechanism and completed the registration information. After the registration Log Number has been created, the Summary tab for the pre-application will be displayed that provides an overview and status of each section in the pre-application submission process. All sections must be completed and the pre-application must be submitted under the Submit Pre-Application tab.

PIs: Please be advised that you should assign a Contract Representative to your proposal as soon as possible so that your Sponsored Programs Office is aware of your intent to submit a Registration application. You must assign a Contract Representative to your pre-application in the Proposal Contacts section. Your Contract Representative will be notified by email immediately after they have been assigned.