Design Of Long Distance Robot Control System Based On 3g And Gps Technology Computer Science Essay

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This paper is related with the design of long distance robot control system based on 3G 3rd Generation and GPS Global Positioning System.

This paper is focused on remote control operation of the GSM mobile telephone, circuit techniques and development of embedded system including hardware and software design of control system terminal, transmitting communication of 3G, monitoring system, and compensating the error of GPS positioning. Solved the system bottleneck

problems that deliver short distance in the wired control and the wireless control in currently, deliver data little, and the difficulty of localization. Carried out to control of robot in the long distance and video frequency information etc...

Keywords: 3G, GSM, GPS, Wireless, embedded system.


Wireless and mobile communications is one of the fastest growing areas of modern life. It has an enormous impact on almost every aspect of our daily lives. A world of ubiquitous wireless devices is emerging, from wireless sensors and tags to mobile terminals. There are a number of wireless systems and networks in operation such as GSM,

GPRS, EDGE, IS-95, UMTS, IMT2000, DECT, IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth. In the world, some of the big companies such as Siemens, Omron have just integrated the control systems based on wireless GSM into their products, but construction of the one's own GSM automation board based on cheap and accessible electronic components for educational purposes and control of the appliances in the long range is almost the new area. This paper will describes how to use 3G and GSM technology for long distance robot control using ARM processor.

The long range control system of robot based on 3G/GPS mainly use to implement the robot position, the condition of spot, displacement and speed etc. and the video frequency information of various appearance information and the target point of long range Real-time supervise and control, can implement to command and control the robot in Real-time. This system includes terminal module, backstage Monitor system, and a network for transmitting. It includes the correspondence technique, GIS (geography information system) technique, data processing technique, 3G technique; satellite fixed position, the robot control technique and a Streaming media application technique. The total system constitution of long range Monitor such as figure 1.

The system mainly includes: The hardware designed of robot control, the software designed of robot control, the

designed of 3G correspondence data transmission, the software of Monitor, and the precise GPS position .

Figure 1. The structure of the system

1. Hardware design: The hardware designed of robot control adopt embedded System development terrace, the main module contains processor, the 3G correspondence module, the GPS signal acceptation module, information collection module, power module, storage module etc; Adopting ARM chip on the choice of processor, it have high operation speed and data processing ability and easy to carry out a built-in system development, can implement processing to the video frequency etc. The structure of processor as follows fig 2.

Figure 2. The structure of the Robot Processor

2. Software design:

The software of the robot processor controlling adopts C and assembly language; through developing toward the

ARM chip embedded System, control it to action according to the program. The workflow of processor is: The first, the

processor passes the plank of GPS OEM to deal with the GPS satellite signal and get the position current and some other information, such as the speed and the direction...etc., and hand over ARM to process. Then send back the Monitor center though the 3G correspondence. The second, the processor accept Monitor center control orders, open the

camera, implement to collect the video frequency information, after the date processing, send back the information to Monitor center though the 3G correspondence, implement the video frequency contact between the terminal and the backstage. The third, the Monitor center send out various control orders to the robot processor, the processor controls the servo organization after processing the information, finally, the robot takes the long range control orders, and complete various rescue missions.

3. Monitor and control system:

Monitor system need to complete the robot fixed position and follow, robot region video frequency, audio frequency

information supervise and control. Many window ways show and supervise and control several robot works in the real time and monitor system still need to carry out conductor and control the long range robot [6].

4. Monitor and control system design:

According to the request of the system design and GIS system develops trend currently, what this system adopt is the development mode that the module type GIS and worldwide- web GIS(WebGIS) combine, because the module type GIS according to standard module type terrace, the each module can not only carry on a vivid reorganization, but also

have the interface that can see to turn and use convenient of the standard connect and support ActiveX norm; The system integration efficiently sewn, do not need a specialized GIS development language, popularize GIS, cost low etc.; Speak for the Web GIS, from a arbitrarily WWW node, the Internet customer can browse the world-wide-web GIS station to order medium space data, creation special subject diagram, and carry out various space index and space analytical. The network calculator that adoption mature C/S and B/S combine currently mode, make use of DELPHL development language, used GIS the module (MapX) in the network and completion originally the development in the system of Windows XP.

5. GPS fixed position the error analytical:

The GPS satellite navigates fixed position is according to the principle of passive type to measure, that is GPS signal receiver passively the diagraph come from the fixed position signal of the navigate of GPS satellite of spread postpone, but measure the distance of the GPS signal accept antenna phase center and GPS satellite to send antenna phase center (namely star station distance), then unite with GPS satellite

in the track position it to solve calculate customer of 3D sit a mark. Be showed from this, the GPS satellite navigates fixed position and the error can mainly divided into three types: The error margin of GPS signal, include orbit error

with SA, AS influence; The GPS signal

delivers error, include the sun press and the ionosphere delay, the convection layer delay, and many path disseminations influence or other reasons; The error of GPS receiver, mainly including clock error, the deviation of passage, lock mutually the wreath delay, the code follows wreath deviation, antenna phase center deviation etc.


So far the present system is designed mainly for the supervision applications.

The long range control system of robot based on 3G/GPS mainly use to implement the robot position, the condition of spot, displacement and speed etc. and the video frequency information of various appearance information and the target point of long range Real-time supervise and control, can implement to command and control the robot in real-time. Further the key

board can be interfaced with the TV connected at receiver side to increase the number of comments given to the robot. Amplifier is needed to be connected to the speaker of the mobile interfaced with the robot to pass the comments directly through mobile from the remote mobile. The RF camera can be replaced with the 3G mobile for long distance communication. The above system can also used for military purpose as bomb detection and as spy robot.

Figure3. Robot control system.