Database Management System Software Computer Science Essay


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We need have are project for the school. The school should buy 8 desktop computers and have are internet connection, also the school would like to have two new interactive whiteboards for the classroom to use and the networked laser printer, finally the school should have an "off-the-shelf" database for school administration. This project is the government funding.

For the purposes of the network, the students can research on the internet and learning materials. Also the students can prepare written assignments and print it out. In the system, the teaching staff can use the system to keep the records of student attendance at classes and marks for tests, exams and assignments. The staff also can use the internet for teaching materials that can be used on the interactive whiteboards.

Q : Carry out a small-scale feasibility study, investigating and evaluating the technical, operational and economic factors involved. Include a cost/ benefit analysis and risk assessment

In our project we need to augment some equipment for the school. We should setup the network for the student and teacher to connection the internet. Also we would have are interactive whiteboards, laser printer and the database for the school administration. The school will decision which internet service provider they should use and finish the ISP install before August and arrange the place to setup the computer.

For the network, the school needs to have eight computers can connect the network. When we would like to have a network, we need some hardware include the router, switch, cable and computer.

The router is a device to connect two or more computer to the networks. A router is including the switch function, it can provide the connection for the internet service provider (ISP) and your computer, include the ADSL, Cable or LAN to LAN connect methods. A router will have a DHCP function, for the DHCP function, it can allocate the computer automatic to get an IP address to connect the network. A router can monitor the network, what IP address of the computer used was. Also a router will have a firewall function, it can flitting the IP Address, MAC Address and website to prevent the students to browse the sex website, it will have a log to save the hacker attack record and the user browse a ban website record. This record can save the attack come from, IP Address and service port. In the market, we can found out some router, main it for two types, cable router or wireless router. In our project, we will select the cable router because we don't need the wireless.

The switch is a device to provide two or more port to computer connect the network, it is used in local area networks. The switch and a router function are likely, but a switch doesn't have a function to connect the ISP, so we also need the router, if we couldn't like to have a router we can use the computer to act the router role, but this method the computer can't shutdown. In our project we need eight computers and one networked laser printer, but in the market, don't have many router has 9ports, so we suggest using one router and one switch for the network.

For the network cable, we can have two types to choose, Cat5 cable or Cat6 cable. Cat6 cable is base on Cat5 and Cat3 cable. The Cat6 cable has support the frequency range is 1 to 250MHz, Cat5 is 1 to 100MHz. Also the Cat6 cable has support 10GBSE-T, 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet), 1000BASE-T/X(Gigabit Ethernet) and 10GBASE-T (10-Gigabit Ethernet), but the Cat5 cable hasn't support 1000BASE-T/X and 10GBASE-T. So in our project we suggest to use Cat6 cable, because we should consider in the future. If the school will upgrade the computer and the network service, we don't need to replace the cables.

For the computer, we suggest to use a basic performance of the hardware, because the computers are using to research on the internet, written assignments and print them out, also the computer should keep records of the student's attendance at classes and marks for test, exams and assignment. So we think the computer should has two core CPU, 2GB Ram, 320GB hard device, inside display card, DVD-ROM, LAN Card, it has enough performance for the students and the teachers to use. Also we should choose what operation system we should use is. In the market, have some operation systems in the market, for example Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In our project, we suggest to use the Microsoft Windows because Microsoft Windows all version of the market share is 91.16% at May of 2010 (Source: Net Market Share), we think some of the students are using the Microsoft Windows at home, they can use the computer on the school easily. Also some of the printers don't support Linux. We suggest using Microsoft Windows 7 on the computer, because Windows 7 is a new product for the Microsoft, it will have a good support for it.

In the market, we can see the inject printer and laser printer, in our project the school would like to have a laser printer and the printer should connect to the internet. For the laser printer, two types we can choose include color laser printer and black and white laser printer. We suggest to using color laser printer, because some of the assignment maybe has a color, if we use the black and white laser printer we can't print the assignment in the color. When we choose the laser printer, we can see the printer speed, compatible paper sizes and how many consumables will use and the price, also our laser printer must have a LAN Port to connect to the internet.

Database Management System Software

Database Management System Software (DBMS) is a computer programs to controls the database. It can allow the database administrators to development and management that. The DBMS allow different application program to access the database, like "Adobe Dreamweaver". The DBMS will provide the ability to logically present database information for the user. In the market, we can find some DBMS software, for example Oralce, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office Access, all of the programs has a different function. But all of them can use the SQL common to create or modify the database.

Interactive whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard should connect to a computer and projector, in our project we need to buy two projectors. The projector will projection the screen of the computer on the interactive whiteboard, it can use the finger, pen or other tool to control the computer. Also it should install some software in computer. In the market can find some interactive whiteboard, for example a resistive touch-based, an electromagnetic pen-based and a portable ultrasonic, IR pen-based interactive whiteboard.

For a resistive touch-based interactive whiteboard, it can use a finger or other pointing device to touch the board.

For an electromagnetic pen-based interactive whiteboard feature an array of wires embedded behind the solid board surface that interacts with a coil in the stylus tip to determine the (X,Y) coordinate of the stylus. In the most common electromagnetic system, pens are passive and alter electrical signals produced by the board but contain no batteries or other power source. As the pen is brought near the surface of the board, the mouse pointer will track it.

For a portable ultrasonic, IR pen-based interactive whiteboard the user can use the electronic pen to control the computer. The additional brackets can be added so the users can share between different classrooms.

In the project, we suggest to use a resistive touch-based interactive whiteboard. Because it isn't need the big space.


The projector can project the computer screen on the interactive whiteboard. For the projector select, we can see resolution, brightness contrast ratio, video input or output interface. When we install the projector, we need to attention the projector and the interactive whiteboard of the projection distance.

The Supplier can deliver the hardware within 5 working day, So we should reserve some time to order the hardware

I will have a checklist for the hardware and software specification and the price on task 3, in task 3 you can see that which hardware I should suggest to select.


For this part, I will assessment the cost of the project, include the equipment, salary, maintenance and the ISP fee.


1 Year

2 Year

3 Year









Laser Printer












Cable(Cat6 & VGA)




Interactive whiteboard




Consumables for printer




Salary of worker




Maintenance(Don't include hardware)








Total Cost




For this calculate, all of the hardware is I suggest to use. Consumables for printer should pay $4500HKD per year, because I estimation that we need to replace the black color consumable 3 times for each year and the color should replace two times each year, one color of the consumable is $500HKD, so we need to pay $4500HKD per year. For the ISP Fee, we need to pay $300HKD each month, so we need to pay $3600HKD per year. For second and the third year we only pay for ISP fee maintenance and the consumable fee, so we only pay $9100 per year. For the first year, the total cost is $99700HKD. Each computer is $5398HKD, we need to have 8 computer, the total cost of the computer is $43184. The interactive whiteboard and projector, each one we need have two, so the price is $15800HKD and $9998HKD. All of the hardware of the price is $73600HKD. The new laser printer will have the consumables, so the consumables should pay $2500 on first year. On the first year, we also should pay the salary for worker, I plan for working time have 24 day, so I assessment the cost of the salary is $20000HKD.

All the cost is assessment, so the real cost maybe have high or low, we need to see price at the time for starting the project.


For this part, we will have a risk management for the project.

Police Risk Management

I hope that the school can setup some camera, digital video recorders or other related equipment for the security. Because Hong Kong has some steal the projector and computer case. 2004 year in "Tin Shui Wai Methodist Primary School" and 2006 year in the Tai Po School. If we need to setup some equipment for the security, we should pay up to $10000HKD to install it. But I suggest installing it.

For the working time, maybe have unallied people entry, we should register the worker and give work visa for the worker

Calamity Risk Management

Some calamity maybe comes, should we buy the insurance for the equipment. The insurance fee should pay up to $10000 per year. Our hardware total cost in this project is $736000HKD, I suggest having a insurance for the equipment.

Working Time Risk

For the working time, maybe have some of the event, for the example the equipment late to deliver or out of the store we need to select the other model or the hardware isn't work we need to replace it or the ISP install can't finish on August. Also the tropical Cyclone come to Hong Kong, all the work should stop it. Some of the event may be postponing the working progress, our schedule may need to extend that.

Hardware Risk

All of the hardware has a one year warranty. We should think the second year should we extend the warranty of the hardware. I suggest extending the interactive whiteboard and the projector warranty only. Because some of the IT product will easily out of date, so I don't suggest the computer, switch and the router extend the warranty if we using careful it can using long time.

Task 2

Q. Using the technique of network analysis, construct an activity diagram showing the main activities to be undertaken in the project. Choose a suitable project process model e.g. waterfall model, to show the key stages of your project, and provide a written explanation of what will happen within each key stage. Show what activities are dependent and what activities may run in parallel. In particular, include staff training within your plan.

For this task, I will use the activity diagram to show the project schedule and have a time line for the project. All time of the work are assessment that.

In our project some of the works we need to do. We need to have cat6 cable network, the database development, install the computer, laser printer, interactive whiteboard and the projector on the school. Also we need to setup some software, include the operation system and the database management system on the computer. After we need have some test for the project. Finally we will have a training of the staff for use the computer and the interactive whiteboard. For the project, we prefer start the working on 12/7 and finish working on 1/9, because the students have a summer holidays, we don't want to influence the student study and the teacher can use the new equipment in the new session.

Now we will talk about our working schedule. Every part we will having to expand that.

You can see the Completed Network Activity Diagram on appendices fig.35(P.36)

The time started initially

During time

The deadline initially

Work name

Started at latest

Stop at time

Deadline at latest

In this table, you can understand how to see the Network Activity Diagram.

Fig. 1

When we start to working, we need investigate on the spot. We should calculate that the cable how to walk, between the switch and the computer, also we need to calculate the cable how long should we need. For this part, I am planning one day to working.

Fig. 2

When investigate on the spot is finish, we need to design the system include the hardware how to install, what tool we need to have, how many and which worker for work on this project. The school needs to have a work visa for the worker. So for this part, I am preferred to have 3 day to working.

Fig. 3Fig. 4Fig. 5

When finish to designing the system, it can start to the database design and order the hardware, after we need have a cable work.

We need to order the hardware for the suppliers and deliver the hardware, I am planning 5 day to order.

For the cable work, it should make a cat6 cable network to connect the computer, laser print, switch and the router. For this part, I am planning one day to work.

For the database design, the database should keep records of student attendance at classes and marks for tests, exams and assignments. The Database Designer will requirement the school to provide what the data they need are. For this part, I am planning 9 day to work.

Fig. 6

When finish the database design, it can start to have the training design. For this part, we need to plan what method to teaching the staff and making some note for the staff learning is. And prepare some lab for the staff. We need to teach the staff how to use the database and the computer, also we need to teach the staff, interactive board and the laser printer how to use. For planning the training, I am planning have 5 day to work.

Fig. 7

When the database design had finished, it can start to test the database. For the database test, we should entry some data to test the database, do it has any bug and then fix it. For this part, I am planning have 2 day to work.

Fig. 8

For the hardware install, first we need to finish the cable work. We need setup two projectors, computers and interactive whiteboards in the classrooms, also we need to install the laser printer and six computers. I am planning 4 day to install the hardware.

Fig. 9

The hardware install is finish on 15 day of working, but we need to wait for database test finish. For the software install, we need insert the database in the database management system program and the network setting includes the firewall setting. I am planning 2 day to install the software.

Fig. 10

When finish the software install, we need to test all the equipment, aren't work. We should make sure the network is work and the computer can connect the printer on the network to print the assignment. I am planning 2 day to working

Fig. 11

The school should receive the system, when the system test is finish. The school should check all equipment function was worked. I am planning 1 day for this part.

Fig. 12

Finally, we need have training for the staff, when the system test is finish. I am planning 4 day to training the staff, how to use the new equipment.

Time Line of the project

12/7/2010 - 12/7/2010

Investigate on the spot

13/7/2010 - 15/7/2010

System Design

16/7/2010 - 22/7/2010

Order the hardware

23/7/2010 - 23/7/2010

Cable Work

16/7/2010 - 28/7/2010

Database Design

26/7/2010 - 29/7/2010

Hardware install

29/7/2010 - 30/7/2010

Database test

2/8/2010 - 3/8/2010

Software install

4/8/2010 - 5/8/2010

Test the system

6/8/2010 - 6/8/2010

The school receive the system

9/8/2010 - 12/8/2010


The school can only work 5 day one week, because the student will have an interest class on Saturday, we don't want to influence the student study. So we prefer we can finish the project on 12/8/2010.

Task 3

Q. Construct a supplier specification for both the hardware and "off-the-shelf" software purchases. Create a checklist that specifies the criteria for supplier selection.

In this task, I will have a checklist for the hardware's, include the router, switch, computer, network cable, laser printer, interactive whiteboard and the projector. Also I will have a checklist for the Database Management System.

First, I will have an interactive whiteboard and the projector checklist.

Fig. 13 Smart Board 640 Specification

Fig. 14 Polyvision TS 610 Specification

I am finding that it have two brands of the interactive whiteboard to fit in with our requests. One brand is "Smart" one brand is "Polyvision". Two of the products are 60inch model, but the "Smart Board 640" aspect ratio is 4:3, "Polyvision TS 610" is 16:9. Two of the product is a resistive touch-based interactive whiteboards, also they are using the USB to connect the computer. "Smart Board 640" the price is $7900HKD and the "Polyvision TS 610" is $6400HKD. For the interactive whiteboard, I suggest to use the "Smart Board 640", because our projector the aspect ratio is 4:3, it is fit my size and some of the schools in Hong Kong are using this brand, for example "G-Set English Centre", "West lsland School", "Pui Ching Middle School", "Fresh Fish Trader's School" and any other school. Some of the teacher has Shares the opinion of the "Smart Board", "Price Memorial Catholic Primary School" Chan teacher said "Use SMART Board teaching, I can use existing teaching material teaching, needn't make teaching material again, I think SMART Board as Presentation tool, it can increase the study atmosphere of having a class.", "St Bonaventure College & High School" Lam teacher said "SMART Board is an educational aid very apt to use, even if I have never participated in the application training course of SMART Board, can know how to use SMART Board. And students see every day how the teacher use SMART Board, they are very familiar with controlling, how to use to carry some teachers even more sometimes".

Now I will talk about the projector.

Fig. 15 Hitachi CP-RX80 Specification

Fig. 16 Samsung SP-P410M Specification

Fig. 17 Sanyo PLC-XW200 Specification

I am finding some projector have fit in with our requests, include "Hitachi CP-RX80", "Samsung SP-P410M" and "Sanyo PLC-XW200". All projectors of the aspect ratio are 4:3, they also have a Composite and VGA input. "Hitachi CP-RX80" and "Sanyo PLC-XW200" the resolution are 1024x768, brightness are 2200 Lumens and the contrast ratio are 500:1. But the "Samsung SP-P410M" of the resolution is 800x600, brightness is 170 Lumens and the contrast ratio is 100:1. For the price, "Hitachi" is $5980HKD, "Samsung" is $4380HKD and the "Sanyo" is $4999HKD". In the projector, I suggest to use "Sanyo PLC-XW200", because it has a good performance and the price is cheaper than "Hitachi". Our interactive whiteboard is 60inch, so when we setup the projector, we need to have 1.7m of the distance

In this part, I will talk about the laser printer.

Fig. 18 Samsung CLP-350N Specification

Fig. 19 Canon LBP5050N Specification

Fig. 20 Epson AcuLaserC1100 Specification

I am finding some laser printer have fit in with our requests, include "Samsung CLP-350N", "Canon LBP5050N" and "Epson AcuLaserC1100". All the laser printers are "A4 color laser printer" and have a LAN port to connect the internet. For the print color speed "Canon" is faster, but the mono print speed "Epson" Is a top. And the first print time "Epson" is a top, it is only to use 17sec for the color and 9sec for black and white. Also "Epson AcuLaserC1100" each Toner can printing 4000 pages, it is the top of these three products. All model for the each consumables of the price are same (about:$500HKD). So I suggest use the "Epson AcuLaserC1100" for our project. Though "Epson AcuLaserC1100" is most expensive.

In this part, we will have a list for computer.

Fig. 21 HP Pavilion Slimline s5100 Specification

Fig. 22 Dell Inspiron 560s Specification

I am finding some computer have fit in with our request, include "HP Pavilion Slimline s5100" and "Dell Inspiron 560s". For the CPU "Dell" is faster than "HP", they are also have 2GB Memory, 320GB hard drive, 20-inch LCD monitor, card reader, LAN port and the Microsoft office professional 2007. But the display card, "HP" is faster than "Dell". For the OS, "HP" is use Windows Vista Home premium, "Dell" is Windows 7 Home premium. For the computer select, I will suggest the school use the "Dell Inspiron 560s". Because the computer don't need to play game and have a graphic work, so the display card don't need faster. And the "Dell Inspiron 560s" is using "Windows 7 Home premium", it is a new product for Microsoft, we think it will have a good support for it.

In this part, we will talk about the router.

Fig. 23 TP-Link TP-R460 Specification

Fig. 24 LevelOne FBR-1430 Specification

Fig. 25 D-Link DI-604 Specification

I am finding some router have fit in with our requests, include "TP-Link TP-R460", "LeveOne FBR-1430" and "D-Link DI-604". Some of the Specification for three routers is same. They have one WAN-Interface and four LAN-Interface port, all routers support the ADSL, Cable or LAN to LAN connect methods, also they are support the NAT firewall. So I suggest using "D-Link DI-604" on our project. Because three routers for a performance are same, also the "D-Link DI-604" is cheaper.

Now we will talk about the switch, which switch we will select in the project.

Fig. 26 LevelOne GSW-0804 Specification

Fig. 27 TP-Link TL-SG1008 Specification

Fig. 28 ZYXEL ES-2108 Specification

For our project, we have eight computers and one laser printer should connect to the network. The router only have 4 LAN port, so our switch should have 5 port or more. I am finding some switch have fit in with our requests, include "LevelOne GSW-0804", "TP-Link TL-SG1008" and "ZYXEL ES-2108". All of the switches, only the "ZYXEL ES-2108" don't support the Gigabit Ethernet. Some of the specification is same. So in the router select, I suggest to using "LevelOne GSW-0804" for the project. Because "LevelOne GSW-0804" is a cheaper and it is support the Gigabit Ethernet.

In this part we will talk about the cable include the Category 6 cable and the VGA Cable.

Fig. Category 6 cable Specification

I am finding two Category 6 cable, include "Belden 7881a" and "Stellar Labs 1000' Cat6 cable". We have one laser printer, eight computers and two of the classroom computer should connect to the switch, so we need to have 1000ft cable for our project. For the Category 6 cable, I suggest to use "Stellar Labs 1000' Cat6 cable", because it is cheaper and the purpose is same.

Fig. 29 VGA cable Specification

Also we need two VGA cable to connect the computer and projector, I think 25ft is fit on our classroom.

Finally, I will talk about the database management system. In the market have some DBMS programs, include Oralce, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office Access.

Fig. 30 Oracle Database Standard Edition One Specification

Fig. 32 Oracle Database Standard Edition One Specification

Fig. 33 Microsoft SQL Server Specification

Fig. 34 Microsoft Office Access Specification

For the database management system, I suggest to use Microsoft Office Access, because when we buy the computer, we will have a Microsoft Office Professional 2007, it is include Microsoft Office Access, Communicator, Excel, Groove, InfoPath, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word 2007. So we don't need to buy a new database management system. Microsoft Office Access also can create, query and modify the database.

Click list of we suggest to select for the hardware and DBMS


Dell Inspiron 560s

Laser printer

Epson AcuLaserC1100

Interactive Whiteboard

SMART Board 640


LevelOne GSW-0804


D-Link DI-60

Cat6 Cable

Stellar Labs 1000


Sanyo PLC-XW200


Microsoft Office Access

You can see the photo of the equipment on appendices.

Task 4

Create a table showing: -

• the stakeholders in the project e.g. senior management, suppliers etc.

• how you will communicate with them e.g. reports, task assignments, specifications etc.

• when e.g. at what point in the project

• and why e.g. for review purposes, needs analysis etc.

For this task, I will create the table to show the stakeholder.

Stakeholders A

Project Manager : Robert Cheung





Preferred Method of Communication

Second Preferred Method of Communication

Project Management

Robert Cheung




Senior management

Ken Chan




Project Engineering

Yang So




Computer and painter Supplier

Man Ho




Switch and Router Supplier

Ken So




Interactive whiteboard and Projector Supplier

Ben Lee




Cable Supplier

Mary Yip




Database Designer

KK Lee




Technician of hardware

Peter Kobe




Junior Technician of hardware

Alex Leung




Technician of software

Tom Fai




Junior Technician of software

Ho Lam





David Wong




School administration

Lee Lam




For this table, you can see which people of the role in the project and the communication for them.

Stakeholders B

Project Manager : Robert Cheung


Work time in the project


Project Management

All of the time of project

To Management the project, include the rate of progress

Senior management

Receive the system

To decide the system is work

Project Engineering

All of the time of project

Design the system and allot the work, also Project Engineering should management the rate of progress.


To deliver the hardware

Supply the equipment for the project.

Database Designer

Design database and test

Design the database for the school to keep the record for the student, test and fix the bug.

Technician of hardware

Working in the cable install and hardware install. And working in the testing time.

Install all the equipment and the cable and testing it.

Junior Technician of hardware

Working in the cable install and hardware install.

To assist to install all the equipment and the cable;

Technician of software

Working in the software install. And working in the testing time.

To install the software and testing it.

Junior Technician of software

Working in the software install

To assist install the software.


Training time

Training the School teacher for use the equipment and database.

School administration

Training time

Receive the system

Study the database and Receive the system check it that it is no problem

School teacher

Training time

Design database

Study the equipment and database how to use. Provide some data to the Database Designer

For this table can see which part the worker need to do is and the working scope.

(Number of words:4562)


Fig. 35

Equipment photo

Interactive whiteboard

Smart Board 640

Polyvision TS 610


Hitachi CP-RX80

Samsung SP-P410M

Sanyo PLC-XW200

Laser Printer

Samsung CLP-350N

Canon LBP5050N

Epson AcuLaserC1100


HP Pavilion Slimline s5100

Dell Inspiron 560s


TP-Link TP-R460

LevelOne FBR-1430

D-Link DI-604


LevelOne GSW-0804

TP-Link TL-SG1008


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