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Curriculum Vitae also called as CV. CV is something similar to resume. It is a document that describes one's educational and working background. CV contains the more detailed information than resume.

How to come out a good CV? A good CV must be contains all the needed information like personal details, skills, education history, hobby and so on. A good CV also has to be clean and short. All the content of the CV must be arranged nicely so that reader can easily read through it. A good CV also has to be always showed the real information but not fade. Only the positive information will be showed in the CV as well.

Cover letter is the thing that cannot miss. This is because a good CV must be come along with a good cover letter. In the cover letter, we have to involve the title, name, course, term and date.

CV is very important because it is the way we advertise ourselves to our employer. A good CV can show all the strengths of us to the employer but not weakness. From the CV we showed will affect the decision of the employer whether he want to hire us or not. At the first time of we meet with employer, he must be no idea at all about us. Employer doesn't know anything about us, CV will be the thing that employer use to know about us. Employer will gain more confidence on us if we showed a good CV.

In this assignment, I'm going to do research on how to make a good CV and I will come out a CV by refereeing to the CV template that I think is good.

Aspects of Computing & IT

Information Technology which major of people called it as IT. IT is a technology which is used to acquire, store, organise and process data into a form which can be used in specified applications, and publish the processed data. Information is the processed data which can improves our knowledge and allow us to do our work better.

Nowadays, majority of the people know about computing and information technology. Most of them know how to use it as well. Computing and IT make their life better. Today, people can do anything through online. For example, play online game, seek information through internet, purchase things through web site and so on.

There are many kinds of aspects of Computing & IT and I'm going to discuss three of the aspects which are related to my chosen programme of study that is software engineering. They are:





Programming is one of the aspects of Computing & IT which are related to software engineering. As a good software engineer, we must expert in programming. What is programming? Programming is a set of instructions which can tell the computer what to do. It is also means that programming is the way we use to control the computer. We can use programming to set what tasks we want the computer to carry out in what situation for us.

The instruction that I mention jus now also called as command. The reason why we choose to write command in order to instruct the computer is because human language is too difficult to understand by the computer. Commands that used to instruct the computer normally will be written in one or more languages. There are two ways to give the commands. There are:


Interpreter is a program which is use to execute instruction that written in high-level language.

Interpreter execute the instructions by translate the high-level instruction into an intermediate form.

The advantage of interpreter is that it doesn't need to go through the compilation stage during which machine instructions are generated because it can immediately execute high-level program.

Interpreter is normally used by the programmer when he or she wants to add small sections at a time and test them quickly.


Compiler is a program that translates source code into object code.

Compiler translates high-level instructions directly into machine language.

Compiler will analyse and execute each line of the source code in succession, without looking at the entire program.

Compiler take longer time to execute compare to interpreter but programs produced by compiler can run much faster than the same program executed by interpreter.

Programming language is the set of grammatical rules for us to instruct the computer to perform specific task. Programming language consist of four types of languages. There are:

Machine languages

Each CPU has its own unique machine languages.

Consist of numbers only.

Assembly Language

Similar to machine language but it is much easier to program in as they allow programmer to substitute names for numbers.

High-level languages

Dealing with human languages and easy to develop and maintain.

Fourth-generation languages

Also called as 4GL

It is far removed from machine languages

Represent the class of computer languages closet to human languages.

Diagram1: Types of programming language


Network is the interconnection of computers, terminals, or other devices that form path over which the devices communicate and share hardware, software and other resource. There are two types of network which widely used by people. There are:

Wide Area Network (WAN)

WAN consist of servers and clients that are located in widely dispersed geographical areas.

WAN developed for mainframe and minicomputer networks.

Two LAN networks can connected to form a WAN.

Local Area Network (LAN)

LAN is the network in which all the nodes exits in a relatively small area like an office, or building.

LAN developed for personal computer networks.

Networking means that two or more computers connected to each other. There are two ways for the connection. There are:

Wired network

Wired network is a connection between two more computers by using cable base medium.

Wireless network

Wireless network is a connection between two more computers by using wave base medium.

Point-to-point link is the most direct way to connect two devices one network. Point-to-point link is means that devices will communicate without any interruption with each other through dedicated. The introduction of switched and broadcast networks provides an alternative to using point-to-point links.

Switched Networks

In switched network, data will be exchange from one node to the other node through system of the nodes.

We called it as Switched network because data is switched from source to the destination.

There are several types of switch networks like circuit switching, message switching, packet-switching, and cell switching.

Broadcast Network

In broadcast network, radio waves will be the used to send data instead of via wires.

Networking is mean that a group of computers connected by communications equipment and software. Internet means that two or more network connected together. Internet is used to describe a global WAN of connected network. Internet allows pubic to access to global information and services. World Wide Web (WWW) is one of the parts of Interne which supports multimedia. Internal network that user internet and web technology is called as Intranet.


Database is a shared collection of logically related data, and a description of this data, designed to meet the information needs of an organization. With database, computer program can quickly retrieve any desired data. Database can be considers as an electronic filing system.

File-Based approach is a program that provides several services for users like producing a report. File-based approach is the kind of traditional database which organized by fields, records and files. Field means a single piece of information, record mean complete set of field and file mean a collection of record. By using file based approach, data is store isolation and separately. Because of data are store isolation, duplication of data may occur.

Database Management System (DBMS) is a software system which enabled users to define, create, maintain and control access to the database. There are two types of languages which commonly used by users in DBMS. They are:

Data Definition Language (DDL)

User used DDL to specify the data types and control how the data will be store in the data.

Data Manipulation Language (DML)

User used DML to insert, modify, delete and get data from database.

Information Technology Industry Today

Nowadays, all people know what IT is. IT is around us. People now cannot live without IT products like computer and hand phone. They need it to do their work, play game, download software, seeking job and so on. All of these activities they can perform easily by just go through online.

Nowadays, computer plays a very important role in people life. This is because computers consist of so many features which make people's life better. For student, they need computer to search information through online for their homework or assignment. This can save a lot of time of the student from spending time on searching book in library or other places. For office worker, they may need to use computer to perform their task. For example, typing a report by using Microsoft Word or prepare a presentation slide by using Microsoft Power Point.

Today, hand phone is one of the devices that each of us must have. We need hand phone to keep in touch with each other. People will normally to use it to make a call, send a message or even online through WIFI or 3G (for smart phone). People can communicate with any one at any place by using hand phone. With the technology called Bluetooth, people also can send data with each other via hand phone. For example, person A can send a picture through his hand phone to person B via Bluetooth.

There are so many others IT products which people now would like to have. For example, MP3, Gaming devices like PSP, Video Camera and so on. Form here we can know that, IT industry has a really huge market in today world.

The reason I chosen to study software engineering

There are two reasons why I chosen to study software engineering. The first reason is, I got the interest in coding. I will have a really good feel every time I created a program successfully. I feel so satisfied and that feeling give me the motivation to study further about the programming and software. Besides these, I like to design system, program and web site. I like to create something which is new and special.

The second reason is I know that nowadays, IT is very important and market is lacking of software engineer. To ensure that I have a job once I graduated I chosen to study software engineering.

Knowledge that I had gained

While taking the software engineering program, I had learnt so many things. There are:

Able to write coding such as C++, JAVA, HTML, XML, XHTML, ASP.Net and JavaScript

Able to create database and able to insert, modify, delete and retrieve the data.

Able to do research.

Able to do proper documentation.

Able to do a professional presentation.

Curriculum Vitae - HONG LING SIM

Personal Details


Hong Ling Sim



Jalal Mida2-1,

Taman Mida 2,

85000 Segamat,


Date of Birth

5th June 2010



E-mail Address

[email protected]


2009 - Present

B.Sc.(Hons) in Software Engineering, Conventry Univeristy - INTI International University, Nilai, Seremban, Malaysia


Foundation Programme in Computing & IT - INTI International University, Nilai, Seremban, Malaysia

2003 - 2007

Form 1 to Form 5 -

S.M.K Paduka Tuan, Segamat, Johor, Malaysia



JAVA, C++, HTML, XHTML, ASP.Net, SQL, XML, JavaScript


Networking , OOA/OOD (UML, Design Patterns, Refactoring), Unit, Module and System Level Testing


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Visual Studio, Blue J.


Windows (95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7)


Network/Memory Cards, Peripherals, PCs.


January 2009 session

Excellent Awards for outstanding scholastic achievement in the B.Sc(Hons) in Software Engineering, Coventry University Programme

January 2010 session

Merit Awards for outstanding scholastic achievement in the B.Sc (Hons) in Software Engineering, Coventry University Programme






Reading novel

Analysis of Three Most Desirable Job Vacancies

Nowadays, software engineering is very popular in the market. This is because software engineer able to develop software which is needed by the company. A small applications and system may need to hire more than one software engineers to take care on the entire software development process. For a big system, jobs will have to break down into several groups which focus on one specific area of software or specific features.

There are some common job titles for software engineer such as senior software engineer, software programmer, software developer, software designer, application developer and so on. There are so many jobs available for software engineer in the market.

I had chosen three most desirable job vacancies. They are software engineer, database administrator and web developer.

Software Engineer

A software engineering is in charge for design and carrying out of a variety of software solutions. Software engineer may need to design and testing any computers games and business application to operating system and software in order to control the highly technical hardware. After that, software engineer has to test, debug and maintain the system which is fully designed.

Software engineer is expert on handle work which is highly complex and technical nature. Software engineer can become a system or application specialists, it has to depend on the company he or she working at.

A good software engineering must be keep upgrading in different areas like programming language and application so that more work he or she can participate in.

There are some typical work activities which have to carry out by a software engineer showed below:-

A software engineer has to analysis user requirement.

A software engineer has to do research, design and write new software programs.

A software engineer has to test every new program and fault finding.

A software engineer has to evaluate software and system which make computers and hardware works.

A software engineer has to analyse and identify areas of modification so that can make improvement to the existing programs.

A software engineer has to make sure the existing software products can work together.

A software engineer has to make sure the incompatible platform could work together.

A software engineer has to investigate new technologies.

A software engineer has to come out the technical specifications and test plans.

A software engineer has to work with computer coding languages.

A software engineer has to write operational documentation with technical authors.

A software engineer has to monitor and correct software defects in order to maintain the system.

A software engineer has to work closely with other staff. For example, project managers, developers, system analysts and so on.

A software engineer has to guide the client on the maintenance and performance of software system.

A software engineer has to ask question in order to get the information, analyse details and implement information.

A software engineer has to always update their technical knowledge and skills

Justification (Software Engineer)

Software engineer is a really challenging job. To be a professional software engineer, we have to take care on full lifecycle application development. As a software engineer, we have to always updating our technical knowledge and skills. For example, increase knowledge of programming language. A software engineer has to always come out some new software or application in the market. As a software engineer we have to always design some software or application creatively.

To me, software engineer is a really great job. As a software engineer, I have more chances to involve in challenging job. For example, develop a really huge system. To develop a system is not easy. Many steps have to carry out in order to come out a great system. I like the process of producing the system such as designing, coding, implementing and testing.

Database Administrator

Database administrator which is also known as DBA is in charge for the performance, integrity and security of a database. Database Administrator is playing an important role in a company. Database Administrator is the one who take care on all the data of the company.

There are some typical work activities which have to carry out by a database administrator showed below:-

A database administrator has to create what the user want and control the access and security of the database.

A database administrator has to control the performance and manage the parameters in order to provide the fast query response to the front-users.

A database administrator has to come out the outline of conceptual design for a planned database.

A database administrator has to consider accessibility of front-end for users and organisation of data for back-end user.

A database administrator has to refine logical design in order to translate it into a specific data model.

A database administrator has to further improve the physical design in order to meet system storage requirements.

A database administrator has to always get the latest version of Database management system and install it and test it.

A database administrator has to write database documentation.

A database administrator has to control access permissions and privileges.

A database administrator has to develop, manage and test back-up and recovery plans.

A database administrator has to ensure storage, back-up and recovery procedures are functioning correctly.

A database administrator has to work closely with database programmers, web developers and IT project managers.

Justification (Database Administrator)

Database Administrator is a person who manages and controls on the database of a company. Database is the place where all the data of a company will store at. To be a good database administrator, we must have the ability to overcome problem patiently, carry out work carefully and communicate well with other staffs. A database administrator must make sure that all the data in the database is always available for the end-users.

To me, database administrator is a really great job because as a database administrator I can control all the data of a company. It is a really challenging job as well. Just like software engineer, database administrator playing an important role in the company. The only different is, software engineer is take are on the system or application and database administrator is take care on the database.

Web Developer

Web developer is responsible for the interface and features of a web site. A web designer must have a strong graphic design skills, database knowledge especially SQL Server or MySQL, and technical knowledge of how to create web pages.

There are some typical work activities which have to carry out by a database administrator showed below:-

A web developer has to communicate closely with customer at the design stage in order to figure out the reason of why the web site is needed and who will be the target customer.

A web developer has to produce a design which will attract the target user such as good features are provided in the web site.

A web developer has to use programming language to come out a web page, or create a web page by using code-generating programs

A web developer has to make the decision on how things on the web page will look like and the arrangement of the content of the web page as well.

A web developer has to make sure that every people can access to the content of the web site including people who with disabilities.

A web developer has to test the site for functionality in different browsers and at different resolution.

A web developer has to fixe error.

Justification (Web Developer)

Web developer is the one who design and create the web site. A good web developer could produce a web site which is attractive to the target user. Web developer should able to listen to the customer and develop the web site based on their requirements.

To me, web developer is an interesting job. I like designing, that why I choose web developer as one of my desirable job vacancy. As a web developer I can design every single thing in the web site, from interface to functionality. For interface, I could design the layout, colour, background, images and so on in the web site which make it look more attractive. For the features part, I could think and design many new features which I think will attract my target user.

Job Application Letter

Ms. Sarasvathi Nagalingham

IT Department Manager

ABC Company

1100 Industrial Way

Nilai, Negeri Sembilan 90111

Dear Ms. Sarasvathi

I am writing to apply for the web developer position advertised in the Star newspaper.

I'm now pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering in INTI International University and I will probably graduate on May 2011. I have experience in completing projects which are related to software programming and web site development. After having completed those projects, I believe that I could contribute to this company with the knowledge I had earned in ASP, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, XML and CSS programming language. I also have knowledge of graphical design software such as Photoshop and code-generating program like Dreamweaver.

I really hope that I get the chance to contribute and improve myself in this company. I can be reached anytime via email at [email protected] or my cell phone, 017-7271005.

Thank you for your time and consideration. A copy of my resume is attached within the letter as requested. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.


Hong Ling Sim



In this assignment, I had do research for the aspects of Computing & IT. Programming, Networking and Database are the aspects that I choose to discuss further in this report. Besides this, I also had talk about today IT industry. I also had briefly explained why I chosen to study software engineering and the knowledge I had gained so far. I had prepared a Curriculum Vitae (CV) in this assignment. I had search for the job vacancy that I most interested with. Software engineer, data administrator and web develop are those job that I had further describe in this report. Each of the jobs, I had wrote the justification for it. At the end of the report, I had written a job application letter for the job I want to apply between the three jobs I described in the report.

In conclusion, after complete the assignment I know well what is the aspects or Computing & IT. I also know how to create the Curriculum Vitae. Beside these, I understand what kind of jobs is available for me in today market. I also clearly understand which job I have interest and I would like to apply for.