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What products does my local area import? You can research one product, a type of product, or several different products. You will need to look at the current trends and how these are changing, and how they are expected to change in the future. You should look at the reasons behind the trends. You can research this online and also get information from local business or shops. You do not necessarily have to look at large scale imports in major industries - it could be a small store which imports fruit and vegetables from a nearby farm.


With the ever-increasing types of smartphones in Brunei, ranging from Apple's iPhone, Android mobiles and the recently launched BlackBerry. Smartphone is the most wanted gadget in Brunei. It is very popular not only among teenagers but also among the working class and the middle ages. One wonders how this smartphone became the most wished items among Bruneians.

With the introduction of applications for the smartphones, the needs for a phone becomes a necessity. Application such as Facebook has invaded the world including Brunei. It is a social network that allows people all over the world to connect with each other. We like to know what our friends are doing and where there are. From facebook, we can share information on the latest news, online shopping, etc. Each one of us are obliged to check the facebook from time to time. However it is inconvenient to switch on the computer in order to check on the facebook compare to checking it on the Smartphone.

The smartphones fever is sweeping Brunei as mobile phone users are switching to smartphone due to its technology that has been enhanced and additional applications that a normal mobile phone doesn't have. This is just one of the reasons why smartphones are highly demanded gadget in the world. Because of this demand, local specialized shops such as Dee Jay, QQeStore, and AV Electronic respond by importing this product.

Current Trend and changes

Basic mobile phones allow its user to make and receive phone calls as well as to support text messages (SMS). Most of them had monotonic and polyphonic ringtones on the phone itself. As mobile phones technology getting advanced, new features are being added to the new phones such as Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), mp3 format ringtones, wallpapers, Bluetooth file sharing, third-party software such as Java or BREW which allows us to surf the internet with low data cost.

Smartphones are seen as complex and might have features that many mobile phone users don't need or want. Mobile phones are easier to use, and are cheaper to boot. Compared to software for smartphones, Java or BREW software for feature phones is often less powerful, less integrated with other features of the phone. They are also less integrated into the main user interface of the phone.

Mobile phones back then were only used for calls, text messaging. However, with the emergence of 3G calls and internet services, smartphones offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than contemporary basic mobile phones that enables us to do the following:

Voice call or Video Call

Text messaging


Social networking such as twitter facebook




Video recording and editing

Video streaming

Built-in Camera

Instant news through web applications

Push Notifications

GPS tracking

Office tools

Phone banking capabilities





According to the Authority for Info-Communications and Technology Industry (AITI), the number of mobile phone users in 2009 increases from 376,000 users to 408,000. In 2010, there are 429,306 users had been recorded; this shows that with the features added in the mobile phones affect more and more people to use it. Mobile phones are overtaking Brunei's population.

Future Trend

This trend will likely to continue in the near future as more people are upgrading their phones to smart phones. The need to have a smartphone is very high. With the introduction of applications like those in iPhone, Android phones or Blackberry phones, it makes life much simpler and convenient for all users.

The trend of smartphones in the Brunei today is on the wide range of applications available on each platform. DST, one of Brunei's mobile telecommunication services has put some affordable and attractive price plans for BlackBerry users in Brunei. As part of the package when we purchase a BlackBerry smartphone, there are a number of different connectivity options, but one that most people will always want to take is the ability to connect to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), which is BlackBerry user community communication tool.

The launching of BlackBerry solution has increased the number of smart-phone users in Brunei which correspond to the increase in data-usage and Value Added Services from DST. Mobile users in Brunei able to take advantage of the BlackBerry solution and enjoy easy access and information that are most important to them throughout their day.

BDFONE Sdn Bhd, Brunei's first mobile phone manufacturer, producing about 3,000 phones a month that currently is being marketed as "high end, low cost" mobile phone. The company has the capability to produce PDAs and Android phones.

Future updates will improve:

Easy to use the phones in terms of accessibility and functionality

Cheaper to use internet over the phone than using text messaging

Offers wider coverage

On The Go - Flexibility in mobility

It is easier to use a smartphone to do all the above than using the computer because of its compact size, portability, instant usage.

Offers a built in 20 Megapixels camera

High Speed Internet Access

In terms of mobiles designs, manufacturers has offered slim and stylish designs

3D display

Face recognition on video captures


In conclusion, it shows that the demand of smartphones are increasing from time on to time due to special features the smartphones have. In my opinion, the introduction of the BDFone will received good responds from the public as they have the capability to produce PDAs and Android phones. And finally as my recommendation, Brunei should start to invest and invent phones which had similar features as the smartphones.

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Task 2 - Presentation

Give an oral presentation to the class about your report. Overall duration should be 6 to 8 minutes long

Explain how you wrote it.

You will to discuss the following in the presentation:

The topic of your report - what you chose to investigate

The topic chosen is "Smartphones". Investigates on how the evolution of mobile phones changes. How smartphones impact on the global users nowadays

The conclusions of your report

In conclusion, it shows that the demand of smartphones is increasing from time on to time due to special features the smartphones have. In my opinion, the introduction of the BDFone will received good responds from the public as they have the capability to produce PDAs and Android phones. And finally as my recommendation, Brunei should start to invest and invent phones which had similar features as the smartphones.

The research that supports your conclusions

3G Mobile phones demand -

Available at :

Brunei's BDFone -

Available at :

How the research supports your conclusions and how you came to these conclusions

I came to the conclusions that the demand for the smartphones in Brunei will be increasing by first, examining the evolution of mobile phone. I identify the changing trend in mobile phones usage. With the spread of internet, email and social networking becomes a necessity in our lives. Today lifestyle require us to be fast and multitasking which mean we must have a mobile phones that include application like email and web surfing.

The steps you took to research your report

First I did a survey of sale in several mobile phones in Brunei. Next I search a relevant article on the internet and local newspapers. Lastly I in incorporate my own experience and observation of my peers.

How you conducted the research

Surveyed findings out the fast selling mobile phones in several local mobile shops.

Researched on the internet and local newspaper regarding this topic

How you evaluated sources

I seek advice from the shop owner/ sales person of the relevant shops regarding this topic.

I gained the information only from the local newspaper and website that are trusted.

Why you chose your sources

The shop owner/ sales person have many useful information I needed.

From the local news paper and internet, they offer many information on the mobile phones that I need for this topic and the information written are credited and reliable

The steps you took to write and edit your report

I focused on answering the provided question by using the materials gathered from my research. I edit my report by arranging the facts into 4 parts. Lastly, with the conclusions, it summarise all the information needed for the audience to capture and understand.

How you feel about your ability and skills as a writer

I believe that I have the potential to be a good writer as long as I have the information I need, the aim of what I wish to write and who will be reading this materials/report.

Your strengths and weaknesses

My greatest strength is that I am able to use the internet to gather materials to write this report. I am able to accomplish what I need in order to submit the report.

In terms of my weakness however I need to improve on writing skills and vocabulary. Researching takes time which I need to improve as I tend to look for information that is not available in areas which I looked into.

What you would change next time and why

In the future I hope I can write this report effectively and more efficiently with proper guidelines, grammar and also sufficient information gathered.