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Computer machines cant run without an operation system. According to the statistics from, the data was shown the Microsoft Window 7 was the most popular Operation System (OS) platform among the Vista(3%), NT(1.8%), WinXP(22.1%), Linux(4.8%), Mac(9.2%) and Mobile(1.8%) on the October 2012.Therefore, Window 7 is very important and it will bring a lot impact to us such as in an organisation or business in our daily life.

Business and Organization

Business these days is going computerized and all is about being connected. Almost every business is running with computer machines. Window 7 designing their user interface (UI) with Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) which is simple to use, clear enough and it will bring more convenient for the users. Besides, Window 7 allows users to install application to support their business running more effectively and convention. For example, users can install the Microsoft Access to collecting the database very easy and accurate, fast and more productivity to help their business to become more successful. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), "Staying on Windows XP is an expensive investment when Windows 7 provides dramatic savings". IDC found that the base IT and end user labor costs of Window XP is five times as much as the cost of running the Window 7.(, 2012)

Moreover, Windows 7 gives businesses back hours of user productivity. In addition, Window 7 provide and deliver enhanced for the organisation, organisations can worry less about sensitive data on the computer, laptop or USB drives because Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption encrypts external thumb drives and hard disks with BitLocker to Go, and provides recovery keys so that the data is accessible when needed.(Comparinc, 2012) Window 7 can make the job easier because IT professionals able to manage and deploy desktops, virtual environments or even laptops. Beside this, Window 7 come with new scripting and automation capabilities base on the Windows PowerShell 2.0 to reduce the costs of troubleshooting and managing computers. (Comparinc, 2012)

In Windows 7, users can productive anywhere with fewer interruptions because Windows 7 provide solid performance and reliability from day one with DirectAccess feature. DirectAccess which allow the users can simply and with the securely access corporate resources when out of the office. Plus, Windows 7 Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a set of web and cross-platform tools which allow developers work together and particularly on audio-visual playback, animation, High Definition (HD) video streaming and applications with a rich user experience.(Avanade, 2012)

Society and Education

Nowadays, most of the new desktop computer and laptops are included and come with Windows 7 operation system. In education, students are completing their task, homework and research on their computer based with Windows 7. The modern of learning help and bring a lot of convenient to the users to complete their task and learning more easily and more accurate. For example, student can use the Internet Explorer(IE) to browse to the internet to find information and resources . Besides, Wndows 7 design by HCI which allow user easy to use it and easy to learn. Therefore, learning how to use Windows 7 doesn't required very professional IT knowledge that is because Windows 7 provide with user-friendly user interface.


Nowadays, there are thousands of infected web pages are being discovered every day. The average unprotected computer which does not have proper security controls in place connected to the Internet can be compromised in moments. Therefore, the security protections are very important and they will help us to protect and secure our data and systems.

2.1Security Features

The Windows 7 operating system are simplifies computer security and making it easier for user to reduce the risk of attack and damage caused by the spyware, viruses and other malware. Besides, Windows 7 also come with professional enhanced protection to secure and protect your information safe.

2.1.1The Action Center

The Action Center is a function that in the Control Panel that help you make sure that your computer system running properly, firewall protection is on, your antivirus software is up to date and your computer is set to install the windows updates automatically.(Microsoft, 2012)

2.1.2The BitLocker Drive Encryption

BitLocker probably one of the best new security features in Windows7 and it encrypt our sensitive data at the hard disk drive to protect being hack or attack by theft, hackers and accidental loss. BitLocker even automatically encrypts new data while it's running and  helps limit the spread of sensitive data to malicious hands. (Microsoft, 2012)

2.1.3The Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials can defend your computer against worms, viruses, Trojans, spyware and other malware. It is feature is totally free download for Window 7 users. (Microsoft, 2012)

2.1.4The DirectAccess

DirectAccess allow the users connects to a corporate virtual private network (VPN). DirectAccess can streamline the process of securely connecting to a corporate network. It also ensures that no data will be leaks during the transmission. Besides, it also allow the users can simply and with the securely access corporate resources when out of the office.(Eweek, 2012)

2.1.5The AppLocker

AppLocker is an useful tools especially for IT admins. The software help the IT admins to decide exactly what applications users can run on the network and it also can limits the scripts and installation programs users can have running on their computers. It is useful for IT department to maintain the control over the security of employee computers.(Eweek, 2012)

2.2How does BitLocker Drive Encryption work

Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption is a new security feature that provides better data protection for your computer by encrypting all data stored on the Windows operation system volume. It can works with just simple volumes, where one volume is one partition.

BitLocker protect the data by encrypting the entire Windows operating system volume used the TPM to lock the encryption keys that protect the data.

TPM is a microchip designed to provide basic security-related functions, primarily involving encryption keys. The TPM is usually installed on the motherboard of a desktop or portable computer, and communicates with the rest of the system by using a hardware bus.(Microsoft, 2012) By encrypting the entire volume will help to protect all of the data, including the operating system itself. Because the keys needed to decrypt data remain locked by the TPM, an attacker cannot read the data just by removing your hard disk and installing it into another computer.

2.3Security Issue

Windows 7 come with many security features. However, there are still many hacker and cracker successfully to hack and crack the Windows 7. Windows 7 allow user to set an password protection on the computer. But there are still many ways can hack into it and bypass the password. For example, hackers can use a software which called "Anmosoft Windows Password Reset" to reset and bypass the security within just few simple steps as below.(resetwindowspassword,2012)

1. Run the program, select the device that you insert into the computer(a CD/DVD or USB drive), then click Start.

2. Click Yes to continue burning a Windows 7 password reset disk.

3. After the Windows 7 password reset disk is created successfully, click Close, then take it out and quit the program.

4. After the program starts, when password reset Windows appears, select the OS that your locked account belongs to, then click Next.

5. After all the user accounts display before you, click the accounts that you want to reset password for, then Next.