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The aim of this project is to examine different software available to build a website that will establish fitness 4 women on the internet. To do this, research on similar websites on the internet will be conducted to see what would be the best interface and design that will make the website look more approachable by the women, which will provide an online presence for the women's only gym.

The objective of this project is to create a website for the fitness 4 women gym based on research. A prototype of the website will be built and tested for the women's only gym to see how it will work. So far different software has been examined to see which would be the best to use for designing the website. The original plan was to design a website and build a database system but considering that I was more interested in websites so the decision was to only build a website and compare it with other sites and software that are available online. The website will also be an advertising point for the business.

Draft chapter

2.1 Introduction

As an IT student I have been interested in websites and how they are developed. I have had a little experience in designing websites and using graphic images through other coursework which has made me even more interested in how website work and how they are developed. This project has given me the opportunity to develop and explore more into website design.

My knowledge of this field of study at the start of this project was casual. I had done some work on building website using HTML, PHP, Dreamweaver and Photoshop, but still needed to gain more experience in using the software.

The aim is to have an online presence for the women's only gym and research online to see what would be the best interface to use for the website which will improve the business and bring in more profit. The idea of having a website is so women who don't know about the facility may come across it while searching on line and will discover that fitness 4 women studio provide an all women's environment where they can relax and enjoy themselves with the benefit of improving their health. The website will have promotional offers and will be promoting the business to a wider area and will offer health advice. The website will also describe what the facilities are like and what other things the gym offer for instances there is a beauty paler on the premises and a creche for the children if anyone cannot get a babysitter the creche facility is available for them. An online presence means setting up a Web site for your business. The Web site may have a variety of functions, ranging from promoting the company to a wider audience, offering support/advice or selling products and services through e-commerce. (bix/ed, 2007) Website are an important part of the internet. Website design is an interesting area to work on because there are all sorts of website and different designs. If every website looked the same on the Internet searching the internet would not be interesting at all. The advantage of having a website is that it allows your service or company to work more effectively by improving communications.

The reason why this project is worth doing is so there is an online presence for the fitness 4 women studio. Setting up a website will help in advertising the fitness 4 women studio and more women may join after knowing what offers are available which will improve the business.

The objectives are:

To research and find software that will be simple and easy to use by a non expert.

Information gathered from existing websites to develop the new website.

Research, understand and describe current popular software available. The emphasis will be on how these are implemented and the use of colour and font ( Jumla, Dreamweaver, HTML,)

Design and implement a user interface with software.

Build and test a prototype website on the women's only gym.

Literature survey

The history of web design began all the way back in August of 1991.  Tim Berners-Lee who was the inventor of the Web was the first person to use an actual designed web page.  He simply joined email, the Usenet, and hypertext language all in one fell swoop.  HTML became the popular markup language for these websites. (wp theam. tv, 2010) All deigns and implementation at that time was, understandably, on an ad hoc basis, with little in the way of standards yet established: there was no pattern of acceptable styles and approaches. Web pages were mainly text and with little attention to visual layout and design. (dave lawrenc, 2007)

The term web design means the process of web site creation, including planning, modelling, designing and arrangement of web pages which make up a web site. The main aim of web design is to create a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate web site devoted to a specific subject area and suitable for interpretation and displaying by a web browser in the Internet. (Astra Design Company, 2010) So from this it is the interface of the website is most important. If a website looks good people will be tempted to browse the website, but if it is not, they may not understand how to use it and will not browse that website.

Many companies, big or small, have one thing in common a website that promotes there business online. What separates the good websites from the great websites is the way that the websites are presented and used. (Cusack, 2010) Even if your Business offers a service that cannot be sold or offered directly online the importance of an effective web presence is all too clear. With company buyers using search engines more and more to locate services and suppliers, the business to business trade, where leads and contacts are found via web sites is essential, Businesses all over the world want an easy to use website that presents information that is understandable. (creaction web desin , 2010) By focusing on good web design and navigation system companies can have good looking websites that are more appealing to the client and which sets them apart from the competitors.

There are many different software available to create a website. For this project the software that will be researched will be Dreamweaver, joomla, text edit. There is other packages available (e.g. Microsoft expression web, windows html editor, notepad,)only going to examine three software.

Software examined

In the early days of web design the code used to create web pages was entered in manually which required the designer to have reasonable knowledge of hypertext mark up language in which the web pages were written in. then software like Dreamweaver and joomla were introduced which made the process easier to create websites because it did not require you to add code in manually.

2.2.2 Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is one of the most popular professional web development software packages available. It offers power and flexibility to create pages that meet your needs. (Jennifer Kyrnin, 2010)

(ntc hosting, 2006-2010) Says "Adobe's Dreamweaver is far more than a simple HTML editor With its support for a great number of scripting languages (PHP, ASP, CSS and more), Dreamweaver is the most powerful, most fully featured web developer tool". Hear you learn that adobe Dreamweaver builds website with all the languages but does not need you to put the coding in. It does all that for you.

"Dreamweaver is an industry standard for a web development environment. Any type of users can use it, from beginners to professionals, from designers to developers, who can easily and conveniently create simple or complex dynamic websites". (ntc hosting, 2006-2010) The convenience it gives to customers is that you can use it for making WebPages without writing the code of lines due to its visual editing environment.

There are many advantages for using adobe Dreamweaver for designing and developing websites. It Builds and edits website faster, the split view interface allows the user to quickly build a page in the design view and then refine the html in the coding view, Hundreds of third party extensions that add functionality may be downloaded for free or purchased. Dreamweaver makes it easy to manage many sites easily and switch between sites you are working. Rollover buttons are super-easy to create in Dreamweaver, and Dreamweaver does all the behind the scenes coding for you.

There are disadvantages of using Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a complex programme that is difficult to master. Many of the feature need to be improved the check in/checkout feature needs to improve. The user must switch between code views and various design views in order to optimist table construction. The sit map needs a lot of improvement for it to be useful.

(cargman, 2003-2006) ( , 2006)

2.2.2 Text edit

Text edit is free text editor it does not come with a lot of features specifically for web development if you want to start building website quickly and don't want to have to download anything then this is the best place to start from it is free but you need a deep knowledge of the html language if you do not know html that well then this is not the right software to create website for you. (Jennifer Kyrnin, text edit, 2010)

2.2.3 joomla

Joomla is one of the most powerful content management systems available it is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications. Joomla is easy to install, is simple to manage, and reliable, and offers the perfect balance of power Joomla is a web application written using PHP, and hence it needs a web server‟ to run. To make a Joomla! Website available on the World Wide Web, you need to host it on a web host. But to learn Joomla, you can convert your own computer into a web server, and Install Joomla on it. joomla is used for corporate website or portals, Online magazines, newspapers, and publications, Small business Web sites School and church Web sites, Personal or family homepages. (open source, 2005-2010)

For the women's only gym the software that I am thinking of using is Dreamweaver. From examining the three Software the findings were that Dreamweaver was the easiest and simplest to use which does not require any coding. Dreamweaver is primarily a WYSIWYG web authoring program that provides an effective interface for creating quality web pages. In addition it contains a range of powerful tools for incorporating the latest web-design element into websites to give them a professional look. Overall Dreamweaver is an ideal program for designing websites. As the best way to promote and advertise the business is to build a website. The website Design needs to be interesting so it will interest the women to join the gym. (vandome, 2010)

2.3 Methodology

To achieve my objective I will research in books and online to find good software. I will make a design of the website by hand first by making a storyboard in rough by making a storyboard I can determine what colours can be used and what size the pictures need to be and what size the website will be. I will use information on other woman's only gym websites and see what I can use for my website and what else I can improve on. Work with Dreamweaver and research on how it is good software to build a website for a small business. By using Dreamweaver I will build a website that is user friendly. I will build a prototype website to test it out first to see if it needs any improvement and then have it go live.

Proposed structure for final report

The proposed structure of the final report:


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1 Interdiction

1.1 Aims

1.2 objectives

2 Literature survey

2.1 History of website design

2.2 website design

2.3 software examined

3 Methodology

3.1 How the study was carried out

3.2 methods used

4 Results/finding

4.1 Benefit of using website for small businesses

5 Discussion

Review and analyse your finding of the outcome of your development.

6 Conclusion

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7 Recommendations for further work

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