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Our project is a conduction of online voting system. The purpose is to provide a secure and faster way on data collection by improving the processing cycle, reducing man-day and costs. This is a PHP / MySQL, based polls program. A system component consists of poll form with question and possible answer, PHP scrip that updates poll with a vote and / or displays current result. Results are displayed through graphical horizontal bars.

The polls module allows webmasters to start simple polls and surveys. Anonymous users and registered members can vote. An added security feature, voting the system checks to see if there are any votes from this IP. Just allows members to vote only once. It can prevent users from voting multiple times by using cookies and IP address




Problem definition

In the traditional paper polling system, if the need to build a Million copies of the voting results, you need an accountant to process data, the two interviewers collected data, about a 2million of paper sheets and 2million of envelopes.

There are some disadvantages / limitations in traditional voting method (paper works) when compared to online voting system:

Higher cost in long run many paper works and more man-power are needed. In the case, Accountants will need to work fourteen days, one thousand dollar a day for the unit will need to fourteen thousand dollar, the other two interviewers need to work fourteen days, one thousand dollar a day for the unit will need to fourteen thousand dollar, a total of twenty-eight thousand dollar.

Lower efficiency: need more time in data entry, analyzing process and generating the results.

Results in a million, the data input time to be about 2-3 weeks; other analysis process takes about 14 days, and finally issued a report in 3 days,

Lower accuracy: may have chance in obtaining ambiguous selections as human error.

Results in a million, two weeks collecting data needs, data input time to be about 2-3 hours; other analysis process takes about 2 to 3 weeks, to final report issued by three days

Lower reply rate: not easy to find people to wait and vote.

Results in a million, when voters receive ballot papers, the first letter is not opened to abandon lost about 20%, would fill the votes only 60% but stamped only 50%. Less risk of lost in the mail about 5 %. Finally, only about 45% recovery rates, which are only 45,000 outcomes successfully.

Environmental protection: Completion of data analysis, the paper voting processes will become garbage.

A tree can be made into a thousand pieces of paper, for example, in the voting process produces 1 million sheets of paper, twenty thousand envelopes, and so about thirty trees will be chopped for the polling.

Global Success Stories

Maryland voting system

In 2001, the Maryland General Assembly passed a law that required the State Board of Elections. A Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting system as the statewide voting system for polling place voting. The DRE voting system was selected because it offers many advantages over other voting system.

Eliminate issue of voter intent / Prevent "overvotes" / Provide voter with a summary of a voters selection before casting a ballot / Allow most voters with disabilities to vote a secret ballot / Accommodate multiple languages / Easy to use

Monash University Gippsland Student Union - secure vote with no personal data transferred

Monash University Gippsland Student Union (MUGSU) ran its 2007 General Election online. MUGSU used the remote sign-in technology which enabled voter to sign-in from Internet using their usual sign-in details. Optional preferential voting was used in all ballots and voting used the totally anonymous.


Special write it out, not related to the program. All refer to the handbook marking scheme

Research methodology

Case study success


Analysis result

How many used

Agree useful

Concept of Course Management Ssytem (CMS) - list out common features, adv & disadv.

(1/4 of GPR, 10-15 pages)

system analysis

Mine map


2. System Environment Description

It was list out our description on the System scenario and operating of the project. Thus knew who is the intended users, what is the intended usage of the system, when is the system being used, the number and type of intended users, the kind of machines to be used, the kind of operating system to be used, etc.]

2.1 The Function Scenario of the Project

We preferred any using world web users, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or Fire Fox was the intended usage of the system. The system was used begin after finish the testing system.

2.2 The Operating Environment of the Project

We expected the system begin used will 100 users to browse for each days, after that it will addition 250 to 400 user to browse for each days and users type was chiefly of programmer. Personal computer and notebook computer were main kind of machines to be used, and it will use Microsoft Windows XP of operation system. User will be registered as a member. This site is required to add a number of features that are commonly found on other social networking sites and almost 90% of page content is based on users' own generation.

hardware & software design

UI design, flow, webpage design, 800x600 resolution

Software design

testing (lewis)

Test plan

Functional Test

Administrative function

Create voting user

Assign / Change user to questionnaire

Create/Update/Delete the questionnaire

Create multiple questionnaire

Generate / view the voting report

Close the voting questionnaire

User function

Login the system by correct username and password

Login the system by invalid username or password

Select the voting questionnaire

Answer the voting questionnaire

Review the voting result

Access the online voting system HTTP/HTTPS

Exceptional case or error handling

Duplicated voting

Duplicate voting by same username

Duplicated voting by same IP address

Incomplete voting

Partially answer the voting question

User connection broken before finish the voting questionnaire

Duplicated login or concurrent login

Duplicated login by single account on two or more system

Duplicated login by single account on two browser

Session timeout or invalid session

No response from user after login

Session timed out before finish the voting questionnaire

Copy the URL from ongoing voting session, paste the URL to other browser or system to access the voting page

Load test / stress test

Using web server loading test tools to test the system capacity

Load test for the max. number of transaction per hour

Test the max. number of concurrent access

Security test

Using web security scanning tools to discover the vulnerability

Test case

To be create the test case and procedure later.


the E process... Ev. Criteria, MERLOT Ev. Criteria for Peer Reviews, e.g. according to Dr. said....

with Ev. Form 5,4,3,2,1

Ev. Results

Evaluation on effectiveness of Course Management system (actually, save how much money, e.g. how many students get higher marks while using e-learning


(about the product itself, only 16-32 pages), all other about the products can be placed in


critical review

Lesson learned by Calvin Ko, what did you learn from research