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A non-profit organization has established a small village primary school. The teachers are using white chalk and marker with A2 size paper to present in the lesson to the pupils. They need to keep all the students record and records can't destroy, it have many documents put it into storage room, but it's no more space for coming document right now. The senior management of the school applies the government funding for purchase computers and other equipments to improve the performance and handle the entire document as electronic media format.

They have received government funding specifically to buy a network of 8 desktop computers with Internet connection, two interactive whiteboards for classroom use, a networked laser printer and a database system for school administration. The senior management requests me to handle this project.


There are only two very old computers and no network connection in village school.

The village school has about 60 students and 3 teachers.

The teachers in the village school have only the basic knowledge to use the computers.

It have 3 Class room, one will be change it to computer room. And they have a staff room. Room to room distant is not over 100 meters.

ISP companies are available to provide Internet Connection Service in that location

The amount of the government funding is up to HKD$400,000.

They need to print out about 50000 pages per year (about 40000 black and white and 10000 colors).

Their white chalks, markers and A2 size paper need about $9000 per year.

Task 1

1.1 Feasibility Study

1.1.1 Requirement

Not more than 6 months to set up the computer and network system in a small village primary school.

The system requires the below items:

8 desktop computers with Internet connection

2 interactive whiteboards for classroom use

1 networked laser printer

school administration software

The system allows the students to:

a) Access the Internet for research purposes, and for learning materials.

b) Prepare written assignments and print them out

The system allows the teaching staff to:

a) Keep records of student attendance at classes and marks for tests, exams and assignments.

b) Access the Internet for teaching materials that can be used on the interactive whiteboards.

1.1.2 Technical factors

We decided to use Web-based application software, and all data are storage at service provider. They will provide data backup and make sure 99.9% function. We don't need to invest in any server at school. The main hardware involved in the project:

Client Computer (Workstation):

We are going to choose a desktop computer instead of notebook, because it can use a bigger monitor and more security(less risk for stolen).

Suggested item:

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90p Tower


Intel® Coreâ„¢ i5-650 Processor (3.20GHz 1333MHz 4MB)

Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32bit

2 GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM 1333MHz

320GB 7200rpm Hard disk

16x DVD-/+ RW

Network Printer

Due to their require buying a networked laser printer, not ink jet printer. We are providing two opinions and we select a brand name (HP) to compare.


Option 1: Black & White laser printer with network function

Option 2: Color laser printer with network function

(Option 1)

B/W. laser printer

HP LJ P3005dn(Q7815a)

(Option 2)

Color laser printer

HP CP3525dn(Cc470a)

Printing speed (B&W)

Printing speed (Color)

Up to 33 ppm


Up to 30 ppm

Up to 30 ppm

Printing type

Black and White

Color, B&W

Printing resolution

Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

Up to 1200 x 600dpi

Purchase price



Running cost



Wireless network



Maintenance cost



PPM = Pages Per Minute DPI = Dots Per Inch

Recommendation for network printer:

Option 2 >>The HP CP3525dn (cc470a) color laser printer is recommended.

The black toner can print up to 5000pages per toner.

Other 3 color toner can print up to 7000 pages per toner.

Interactive Whiteboard

Option 1: touch-based IWB

(Figure: 1)

Transform lessons into creative opportunities to inspire learning with a library of interactive tools that allow you to make notes, draw diagrams, and illustrate your point with digital ink. Call on two students to collaborate on the board simultaneously with the FXDUO's multi-touch technology and intuitive Starboard Software.


It is easy and natural to use.

No need to use other equipment

Have 16 function shortcut buttons


The higher cost of the device.

Must be wall mount, not moveable.

Must require a projector to operate

Option 2: Pen-based IWB

(Figure: 2)

Simply connect it to a computer and LCD projector, and control the board using the software call easy-to-use Starboard Software. This board only supports the wireless electronic pen to ensure pinpoint accuracy by eliminating unintended interaction from body contact or other objects.


It is more accuracy then use finger.

As a natural pen and the screen will display at the same time.

It supports more than one pen at the same time.


The higher cost of the device.

The specific pen is required.

Must require a projector

May need to replace the sensor.

Recommendation for IWB system:

Pen based version of Interactive whiteboard will be recommend.

Hitachi FX-77Gâ…¡ Interactive Whiteboard + Hitachi CP-D10 Projector The main software involved in the project:

Operation System (OS) in client computer:

Microsoft Windows 7

Windows 7 is a better performing, more users friendly, more stable and more secure operation system than before. It has 4 versions, but mainly it is three only. Which are Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.

Three main editions are compared as shown:

Home Premium



Desktop navigation improvement




Start programs faster and easily




Web experience improvement (IE8)




Create a home group network easily




Run XP program (XP mode)




Connect to company network with Domain Join




Full-system backup and restore




Protect data on storage devices against loss- BitLocker




Multi-language (switch between 35 languages)




Recommendation for client OS:

MS Windows 7 Ultimate edition mostly is the stronger and the best one, but usually it won't bundle with workstation computer that I recommend and professional version can be considered too.

Software package for data processing

Microsoft Office 2010

Three main editions are compared as below:

Home and Student

Home and Business


Word 2010




Excel 2010




PowerPoint 2010




OneNote 2010




Outlook 2010




Access 2010




Publisher 2010




Recommendation for data processing software:

MS Office 2010 Home and Student Version is recommended, because students they only need to use word, excel and PowerPoint mainly. And if they need to receive E-mail, they can use window Mail which is built in Windows 7 operating system and they don't need to use Access because they chose to use a very strong school admin software can handle it.

Software for school administration

We recommend a complete school management software solution by that is a one database on the web software. The functions are including bookstore management, event calendar, student database, staff management and more…The more details in Administrator, Classroom, Home's benefits. It's showing in Figure 4,5,6


Web base, no need to invest in server equipment.

Strong data encryption and virus protection

Daily backup by

24/7 technical support if any problem

Free data conversion at the beginning.

6 month money back satisfaction guarantee.

Can access at home by Parents, students, authorize people.

Centralized all the database, no need to re-enter data

Reduce paper from classrooms

Parents can use this software to check their children result and other information.


Need to pay for data management and maintain fee.

Figure: 3.

Figure: 4

Figure: 5

Figure: 6

Anti Virus software

Antivirus software is protecting computer attack by any virus, malwares and spam. Due to our database virus protection is offering by We just need to install in our clients computer. And I suggested downloading a Free Avast! Antivirus 5.0, it's one of the three best free antivirus in the market. It can save our running cost.

Suggested item:

Avast! Free Antivirus 5.0 The networking safety


We are not recommended software firewall, so mainly I will explain and introduce a hardware firewall. A hardware firewall mostly is added between modem and router to act as monitoring and filtering function.


Hardware firewall built in own processor, so it is running faster than software firewall.

Hardware firewall have more function than software and more reliable.

Support and protect unlimited users in the same network.

Traffic can restrict for incoming or outgoing.


Hardware firewall may be difficult to configure.

Recommendation for firewall:

Sonicwall TZ-200 firewall

1.1.3 Operational feasibility

Internet Service Plan

Symmetric bandwidth with Static IP

We need an Internet service plan with one static IP and symmetric bandwidth. It means both downstream and upstream are the same speed.


PCCW 2M up/down service plan with 1 fixed IP addresses.

Network Scenario

Pure Wired Network

Figure: 7

On Figure: 6 that is the network diagram that show how this school network going to setup. Six of the desktop computers, color laser printer and the network equipment will put it in the computer room. A projector and an IWB device and one desktop will put them in each classroom. A cat6 network cable will wire from computer room's Giga switch directly connect to classroom desktop computer.

In the coming future if this school want to change it to wireless network for portable device, it just need to add a 5 ports switch and a wireless access point in each classroom. But now I am not recommending adding it in this moment.

1.1.4 Economic feasibility

Development costs



Unit Price (HKD)


Total Amt. (HKD)


Lenovo ThinkCentre M90p Tower




LCD Display

Lenovo ThinkVision L2250P




Device for IWB

Hitachi FX-77Gâ…¡Interactive Whiteboard





CP-D10 Projector & CPD10WALLARM mount





SonicWall TZ-200




Switching Hub (16ports)

AsusTek GigaX 1016P 16Port 100/1000 switch




Laser Printer

HP CP3525dn (cc470a)




Cable & tools

Cat 6 cable 1000fts with tools




Sub-total: $127,906


Edition / Version

Unit Price (HKD)


Total Amt. (HKD)

School admin Software by Renweb

Web Base with 75 User Cal




Avast Antivirus Free edition

Version 5.0




Microsoft Windows 7





Microsoft Office 2010

Home and student (3 Users)




Sub-total: $103,297

Engineering Task

Handled by

Total Amt. (HKD)

Setup the internet connection network

ISP company


Router and Firewall configuration

Team manager of network setup task



Team manager of the cable wiring task


Sub-total: $9,380

Operating costs



Estimated annual charge (HKD)

Toner cartridges

Black toner(5000pages)

Three other color (7000 pages)


Maintenance fee for hardware

Workstation, printer, network device and IWB device.


Service charge of ISP

For the internet connection service


Charge of the lamp for projector

The life of lamp is 4000 hours. Assume the usage is 2000 hrs per year.


School admin software storage and maintain

Data storage and support


Sub-total: $58,100

Total amount for the development (HKD):

$127,906 + $103,297 + $ 9,380 = $240583

Total operation cost per year (HKD): $58,100

Cost / Benefit Analysis

Tangible factors

Tangible cost & benefit

Tangible cost includes the development cost and operation cost which are mentioned in 1.1.4.

Save the cost of the white chalks, markers and A2 size paper

Government support yearly

Cost and Benefit analysis

The Cost / Benefit diagram is as below shown:

From the above diagram, the breakeven point is about 9th year.

Intangible factors

Save time to communicate with parents

Save time to get the students result and other reports

Save paper notices

Save management time

Save paper and white marker or chalk can help the environment.

More interesting in the lesson

Students can learn and touch more fresh things via internet.

Risk Assessment

Risk 1 : Theft

What can affect : It can affect the cost of investment and will make the project delay.

What action take : Put those stocks which arrived school at a safety room, which included a door lock and better install a CCTV system for monitor it. And that room's key only keeps it by one person.

Recommendation : Make sure the door locked when leave that store room and be sure the CCTV system is working and count the items daily. And add a wire lock between each stock.

Who response : Should be one of the administrators in that school

Action start time : When those stock arrived school

Risk 2 : Improper to handle Hardware and software, which are included main PCs, Printer, keyboard & mouse, software media, router and switch.

What can affect : It can affect the cost of investment and will make the project delay. If made the hardware defective by improper handle by person (physical damage), the manufactory warranty is not cover it. If software disk damaged, it may need to pay for another disk, not the licenses.

What action take : Give staffs instruction to let them know how to handle those products. And important items need to be handling by two or more people.

Recommendation : Read carefully before action, be sure you know how to install that or fully understand what it is.

Who response : Project Engineer

Action start time : I assumed it's come with a good packing. So should start this action when the product is opened.

Risk 3 : The environment of computer room setup or class room setup

What can affect : If the lighting is not setup in a proper area, their eye will be very tired, and they may feel headache for long time use.

: If the projector is setup next to an air-conditioner, may affect the projector shake. Student and teacher may feel dizzy.

: Improper table height and the distant between the monitor and the user, may affect them easy to injury.

What actions take : Setup a lighting controller, so they can adjust the light power or adjust the table place to ensure is good.

: Avoid the air-conditioner install next to projector, change the place if need.

: choose those chairs can adjust the height and add some gel arm pad can protect the arm won't feel tired after long time using computer.

Recommendation : Before purchase those furniture, give them collect information form staffs and teachers and may give them opinion.

Who response : Project Engineer

Action start time : When the computers are set up in the computer room.

Risk 4 : Improper cleaning method >> computers / equipment

What can affect : Improper cleaning method likes use water or other liquid to clean the keyboard or monitor can make it damaged for long term. Use spray directly to spray to those electrical devices, is very dangerous.

What action takes : Instruct the correct cleaning method and steps to the cleaning staff.

Recommendation : Keep import new information to them.

Who response : Administrators of the school

Action start time : After the hardware has been set up.

Risk 5 : Improper use computers by users

What can affect : Improper use of computers: likes Del unknown files, hard restart the pc when still using the pc under windows. It can make the system very not stable and files corruption. It may need to reinstall the operation system and data loss too.

What action takes : Scheduled backup task for full system backup and create restore point automatically.

Recommendation : Teach staffs how to do system restore.

Who response : Teacher or administrator

Action start time : Before the users start to work in the system.

Risk 6 : Any attack from the internet (Hacker/ Virus/ Spam Mail)

What can affect : it can cause the internal network become slowly and it may have data stolen and it can suspend by the ISP because of Spam mail attack.

What action takes : A good function firewall is need, and need to have a right setting on it, plus the antivirus software need to have a latest virus debilitation.

Recommendation : Teach the administrator to check the firewall log weekly, if there is anything unusual. Call you professional assistant.

Who response : Project Engineer

Action start time : Before the users start to work in the system.

Risk 7 : Room temperature

What can affect : Over heat will cause the hardware fail.

What action takes : Air conditioner need be setup computer room.

Recommendation : The thermometer should be installed in the computer room. And Set the rules when temperature or even humidity is too high, air-condition must turn on.

Who response : Administrators of the school

Action start time : Before the equipment turn on.

Risk 8 : Floodwater

What can affect : If the village school is located at the lower geographic location. The floodwater cause the hardware fail

What action takes : Make sure none of the electrical device is put it directly on the floor. Must install or put it over 1-2 feet high.

Recommendation : Install a water gate in front of the door, and buy insurance to reduce the lost.

Who response : Management staffs

Action start time : Before the set up and installation of hardware.

Risk 9 : Water leakage

What can affect : Rain water leakage from ceiling may cause the hardware fail.

What action takes : inspect the ceiling every half years and repair it when discover damaged.

Recommendation : Management staffs can consider adding a big panel in the ceiling, so that even water leakage is only from the 4 corners.

Who response : Management office

Action start time : Before the set up and installation of hardware.

Risk 10 : Fire

What Affect : Hardware damage by the fire accident

What action takes : Fire distinguisher must be available and locate near the computer room.

Recommendation : The fire distinguisher must be inspected by the authorized agent annually.

Who response : School Administrator

Action start time : Before the set up and installation of hardware.

Risk 11 : Unstable electronic supply

What Affect : Hardware damage or data loss

What action takes : Install a UPS and a good power bar can protect that equipment.

Recommendation : The UPS need to check every half year to make sure it's functioning.

Who response : Project Engineer

Action start time : Before hardware installation

Task 2:

2.1 Project Life Cycle Stages

The waterfall model is shown the 7 stages of the project life cycle:

2.2 Activities Dependency List



Dependent on

Duration (days)

Internet connection service, application, internet router setup and configure.




Prepare the network device (firewall, switch and network printer).




Cable wiring between room and room and install patch panel




Prepare workstation computers.




Prepare the Avast antivirus software




Prepare the projectors and the devices for IWB.




Prepare the Microsoft office 2010 software




Setup the firewall, switch and network printer




Setup workstation computers in the computer room.


D, C


Setup IWB system in classroom , included projector, computer and the Interactive white board


D, F, C


Configure the firewall, Router and Network printer


A, H


All software and driver installation.


E,G, H, I, J


Configure the projectors and the devices for IWB.




Configure workstations as the preparation for the RENWEB application




Setup and configure and test RENWEB








User Acceptance Test




2.3 Activities Diagram

Task 3:

Procurement Criteria

The below criteria for selecting the suitable suppliers:

The Main criteria to consider when evaluating the suitability of the supplier organization are as following:

- Company size - Number of staff and skills

- Financial - Financial strength, market presence, time in market place

- The experience and ability of the management - standards, processes for quality

- Company History

- Culture - values, openness, risk sharing

The main criteria to consider when evaluating the suability of the contract being drawn up between yourself and a third party supplier for the provision of goods or services are as follows:

- Price and payment terms

- Supporting and maintenance

- Ownership of materials

- Assignment if responsibilities

- Service level agreements

The main criteria to consider when evaluating the technical capabilities of the proposed solution put forward by supplier organization are as follows:

- The product meets requirements

- Capacity for growth

- Sufficient features

- Adequate quality

- Will it work in your environment?

- Match your standards?

3.2 Hardware and Software

The check list and the supplier specification for the hardware and software are as below shown:






Lenovo ThinkCentre M90p Tower (with keyboard and mouse)


- Intel Core i5-650 Processor ( 3.2 GHz 1333Mhz 4MB)

- 2GB PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz memory

- Hard disk 320GB SATA II 7200rpm 16MB cache

- Windows 7 Professional 32bit OEM

- DVD Recordable

- 3 years on-site maintenance included parts and labour.

LCD Display

Lenovo ThinkVision L2250P


22" viewable image size

Resolution 1680 x 1050

1000:1 Contrast Ratio

- 50% less mercury content than conventional monitor

- Analog and DVI-D video signal connectors

- 3 years limited warranty

Device for IWB

Hitachi FX-77Gâ…¡Interactive



Active Area Size: 77 inches

Display Aspect Ratio 4:3

Accuracy : Approx +- 1.5mm

Function Buttons :12

Infrared and ultrasonic

5 years warranty

Electronic Pen Included

USB bus power, no AC adaptor necessary


CP-D10 Projector &



1024 x 768 pixels (XGA)

2,000 ANSI Lumens

Short throw 36" for 80" screen

4,000 hour hybrid filter

Power saving mode

Switching Hub (16ports)

AsusTek GigaX 1016P 16Port

100/1000 switch


16 ports 10/100M Fast Ethernet switch

IEEE 802.3x for full / half duplex

MAC address auto-learning and aging


Sonic Wall TZ-200


Supports Unlimited Nodes

100 Mbps (FE limited)FW Throughput 

40 Mbps UTM Throughput 

75 Mbps VPN Throughput 

8,000 Concurrent Connections 

10 Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels 

Laser Printer

HP CP3525dn Color Laser with networking function (cc470a)


Color LaserJet Printer with Automatic 2 Sided Printing

Print Speed Black and White and Color: Up to 30 ppm, Letter

Hi Speed USB 2.0 Port for Easy Direct Connections

EIO Expansion Slot for Optional Networking, storage, and Connectivity Options

HP Jetdirect Gigabit Ethernet Embedded Print Server

Resolution: 600 x 1200dpi

Maximum Duty Cycle: 75000 Pages Per Month


License type

Number of CAL

School admin

Software by Renweb

Web Base only


MS Windows 7 Professional

OEM version -bundled with the workstation


MS Office 2010 Home and Student

One pack can install in 3 computers

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft OneNote


Avast Antivirus Free


Free version


Task 4

4.1 Stakeholders

Stakeholders are an integral part of a project. They are the end-users or clients, the people from whom requirements will be drawn, the people who will influence the design and, ultimately, the people who will reap the benefits of your completed project.

It is extremely important to involve stakeholders in all phases of your project for two reasons: Firstly, experience shows that their involvement in the project significantly increases your chances of success by building in a self-correcting feedback loop; secondly, involving them in your project builds confidence in your product and will greatly ease its acceptance in your target audience.

There are four parties should be involved in this project.

The steering committee ---The senior management and the teachers' representative in the village school)

The project manager

The suppliers of the software, hardware and ISP

The team manager for the cable wiring task

Communication table

Issued by

Received by

Communication Document (How)

Reason and Objective (Why)

Time (When)

Steering Committee

Project Manager


To delegate the project manager to handle a project.

When the steering committee want to start a project.

Project Manager

Steering Committee

Project Proposal

Let the steering committee understand whether the project can be undertaken.

After the delegation letter has been received by the Project Manager

Steering Committee

Project Manager

Proposal Confirmation

To approve that the project can be started.

When the steering committee accepts the proposal from the project manager.

Project Manager

Steering Committee

Stage reports

To inform the progress and the financial status after each stage of the project.

The steering committee also need decide whether the following stage can be started.

Before a new stage of the project is started.

Steering Committee

Project Manager

Project Change Request

The document describes the changed items which is not the same as the original idea of the project.

If the steering committee changes the idea or objective in the project.

Steering Committee

Project Manager

Project Termination

An official document to terminate the project.

Steering committee decides to terminate the project.

Project Manager

Steering Committee

Design Change Request

To request the change about the design and the planning of the project.

When the project manager find the original design of the project can not be realized due to any reason.

Steering Committee

Project Manager

Project Completion

To identify the project to be completed

When the user acceptance test is completed and the result is accepted.

Sales Engineers and Team manager for cable wiring

Project Manager


To list the product and service provided by the suppliers.

The payment term, the trading conditions and responsibility.

When the project manager start to research for suppliers.