Cots Dbms Security Issues Computer Science Essay

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To restrict access of impotent documents or data of any organization from an unauthorized user it is very impotent to provide security on the data base which is used in company. The main aspects of security of any data base are confidentiality, data integrity, authentication and availability a data is said to be secure if it fulfill al this security aspects.

The database of any organization is the primary secretary of the organization so the target of any organization or any data base is to prevent there data from being compromised. Various models have been proposed to provide secure data base management like relational data model, network data model, and hierarchical data model. In this topic we will discuss about various security issue related with DBMSs (data base management system).we can define DBMS as a computer system which provides storage and maintenance of a data base system. DBMS was first introduced in 1960s. A data base management system consists of specialized software and hardware, which provide secure backup, concurrency and recovery of the data base and which is acceptable by users too. To get a DBMS which is secure and acceptable by users multilevel secure DBMS has been introduced called S-DBMS or Stargres distributed database management System.


COTS distributed system is a combination of the distributed sever components and DBMS. The Distributed server has features of relational database management system to stargres DBMS.COTS DBMS has been adopted to provide multilevel security but because of the security and cot issue related with it a database management system with multilevel security at the tuple , attribute and each and every element level called DDBMS has been adopted.

Various policies for security purpose-

There are security levels for insert operation related with tuple insertion they are system high and system low, when a user wants to insert tuple he should be in system low level otherwise he can not insert tuple.

For retrieve operation a user should be in the level in which the data has been classified. For example to retrieve data of low level security a user should be in low level a user who logged-in in high-level can not retrieve data.

A user at his or her security level can update tuple.

For delete operation a user should be in system low level otherwise he or she can not delete tuple.


Threats which can affect DBMSs are denial of the service attack, communication attack trojen horse attack etc.

Threats can make unauthorized access to data, illegal modification in data no data integrity that is damage in data so this should not present in particular data base management system.

An attack in which legitimate user is not able to use his services like accessing the account insertion, deletion, updating etc…

Communication attacks are those attacks in which an unauthorized user insert disturbance between communication links like he could handle communication nodes illegally and misuse the information he got from communication. This can be done by inserting a Trojan horse inside the links or system.

Trojan horse attack is an attack which could highly sensitive information. In a COTS DBMS user process receive acknowledgment of sent data if it does not get acknowledgement that means that data has not been received by another user or lost between the paths or due to system crash data has been lost. The DBMS like satrgres does not have this feature.


The development cost and complexity of COTS DBMS IS very high and has number of security issues.

The following issues may arise:

The solutions provided by COTS DBMS products do not provide assured solution and the operation performed was complex enough. The integration of constituent is also very challenging.

The second issue is compilation problem because stargares source code is uncommented and there is no explicit reference to external file was present so at the time of adaptation it results in delay.

The third issue that when a function altered other modules get errors like cascading nature of logical error.

When command like register node at the time of security label entry several error introduced like referential error and memory consistency errors in the CDM and Random Access Memory of the server.


An enterprise focuses on following features while purchasing a DBMS:

Auditing provided by any data base management system are should be sufficient in case of centralized auditing heterogynous DBMS software should consider sufficient DBMS security features.

The intrusion detection and prevention provide high level of protection to the data base management system. So a data base should have high level of intrusion detection technique.

Only some vendors are present who offer data base encryption and decryption technique, this technique is very important and should be present in all DBMS.

Security assessment tools should also be present in data base to which an enterprise is going to use.

Market landscape of DBMS SECURITY

If we compare all the data base management system lots of DBMS does not cover the security requirements very few of them provide security related functions. The DBMSs which provide security functions some times may not cover all the requirements like authentication, intrusion detection and prevention, auditing capabilities and encryption techniques etc…

LEADING DBMS IN MARKET (According to security issue)

ORACLE is the leading data base management system according to the security features provided in oracle. It provides security functions like virtual private database, auditing, LDAP integration, encryption and decryption, intrusion detection etc…

According to market survey statistics shows that DBMS like oracle (Nasdaq:ORCL),IBM,MICROSOFT and Sybase are some of the DBMS which will lead the market of 2011.Since 2005 oracle is the DBMS which is leading the market continuously. So an enterprise should choose DBMS like oracle, Microsoft or IBM For better security of there data base.