Controlling pc with mobile

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Controlling PC with mobile

Controlling PC with mobile is a project focusing on wireless communication with special focus on Bluetooth and IR. The basic aim is to implement controlled server that can be controlled by a regular cell phone assuming it has Bluetooth capabilities. The focus is sighted towards Bluetooth networking.

Bluetooth is using the radio frequency 2.4 GHz .Mind storm system is using IR and not Bluetooth or similar radio communication. To solve this we had a cell phone connect to a handheld device (PDA) attached on the robot and via Bluetooth sends commands to it. The PDA will then translate the commands into IR and send it to the Lego RCX (A mini computer which controls the Lego). The RCX then executes it and the server performs the action.

Controlling PC with mobile subject is chosen due to a rising interest in the upcoming, new wireless technology and because it would be a real challenge. It could also be a chance for us to be able to provide documentation and real-life programming using java, c++ and Lego.


The project entitled "Controlling PC with mobile" is aimed at accessing the devices using a blue tooth enabled mobile. This is the brief description of "Controlling PC with mobile". Using this basic idea we try to access applications in a personal computer using mobile. Applications which we try to access in our project are notepad, calculator, winamp. This project also has coded such that a mobile can be enabled to behave as a keyboard and a mouse.

Product functions Overview

It must provide access and operation of the basic features. Based on the user request a particular application is executed. The client may request for applications such as controlling all the application of pc through mobile via bluethooth.

User Characteristics

The target users are mobile users who require access to application of basic features of "Controlling PC with mobile".The users should have basic knowledge about working of Bluetooth and also usage and knoweledge of j2me.

General description of inputs and outputs

The application consists of following modules

Play winamp

Open notepad

Open calculator

Accessing all drives of pc

Play power point slide

Move the mouse pointer




Open and play a song


Open, write, save and delete.


Open and perform basic operations.


Open, play a game, pause, save and stop.


Displays Alphanumeric characters.


Cursor movements including right click,left click and double clicking.

A software requirement is an official statement of what is required for the systemÿÿdevelopers. It is also called as SRS (Software requirements specification).

It includes requirements definition and requirements specification. Requirements that the software requirements should specify are:

It should only specify external system behaviors.

Software used to develop the Application:

Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0x.

Java development kit 1.5.x.

Java 2 Micro edition development kit 2.2(WTK).


Operating System used

Windows xp service pack 2


RAM 512MB Minimum.

Storage Capacity minimum 3GB.

Dongle supported by Microsoft.

Software used to run Application (Server side)

Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0x.

Java development kit 1.5.x.

Java 2 Micro edition development kit 2.2(WTK).

Software used by the Client (External Requirement)

Bluetooth enabled Mobile

2.2 Functional Requirements & Non-Functional Requirement:

By transferring .jar and .jad files to the mobile phone ,the users can control basic operations of the computer like operation of the keyboard,opening and closing of the notepad,playing winamp,gaming and operation of the cursor all via mobile using a mobile phone and a computer attached with a dongle.