Contrast Java With Other Programming Languages Computer Science Essay

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A network of Microsoft server technology. ASP.NET is an OO approach implementation of the language of a webpage programming. Each item on an ASP.NET page is treated as an object and is executed on the server. An ASP.NET page gets an intermediate language, compiled by Runtime of a language compatible network Common compiler. A compiler intermediate JIT native code for code of the machine and the code machine processor in the long term. Because the code is executed directly from the processor, loads pages much faster than classic ASP pages. Where she plays the integrated VBScript or Java Script and had kept permanently.

ASP.NET to create Web pages and Web services and is an essential part of the vision for

ASP.NET Web pages recognized officially as Web Forms are the highest component for the development of applications. Web forms are contained in files with the extension "aspx"; these files generally containing static XHTML markup. As well as define marked Web server controls, and user controls where the developers placed all the rc of the content Web page. In addition the dynamics of code that runs on the server can be placed on a page within a block dynamic cod, which is similar to other technologies such as PHP, JSP and ASP Web development. When comparing asp .net and java code embedded in JSP (java server pages) then the support of such as VB, c#, and J Script languages. JSP Java is platform-independent while that (active server depending on the Microsoft .net platform.

On how develop and manage Web applications without doubt have heard names like Java Server faces and ASP.NET. It is likely that he is much more aware with technology than the other. The two represent the next generation of web development frameworks. ASP.NET is a associate with Microsoft .NET platform and is a successor to pages ASP (Active Server pages) Microsoft technology that has turn into popular in the 1990s.

Java Server Faces is associate with J2EE (Java (2) Enterprise Edition) family. JSF may be considered pure applications Web JSP (Java Server Pages) successor while JSP is still a consistent standard. Java Server Faces often abbreviated to JSF is a technology supported by software like Sun, Oracle and IBM vendors.


PHP is a server side scripting language mainly developed for Web development. But it is also used as a general programming language. PHP is now installed at more than 244 million Web sites and 2.1 million web servers. First created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. it is the reference execution of PHP is now formed by the PHP group. While PHP was originally for personal pages is now said to view for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor a recursive abbreviation.

PHP code is taken by a Web server with a PHP mainframe unit that generates the resulting Web page PHP script can be embedded directly in an HTML source document instead of calling an external file to calculate. It has become a command line interface ability and can be used in separate graphical application

PHP is free software which released under the PHP license. It is not compatible with the general public license GNU (GPL) due to the limitation of the use of the term PHP. PHP can be arranged on most Web servers and as an independent in almost every operating system and platforms free of charge.

When comparing PHP and java, PHP is a language that is used primarily for Web development. It is dynamically written type of variable can be modified running. In PHP can be a procedural or oriented approach object and recent versions are elements of functional programming also add (and closures for example.) No overload of the method. But the functions and methods have possible parameters. Java is strictly object oriented amassed to byte code and uses of strong (static) typing. They can overload methods by declaring them with different argument types.

It is many differences in syntax too and the way for development and production environments that are established and maintained.


Java is a programming language designed to have as little as possible, concurrent execution use the computer units based on an object-oriented class. Its purpose is to allow developers to write once run anywhere (WORA) which means that the code that is running on a platform should not be compiled to run in another. Java applications are usually compiled to byte code (class file) that run on a Java virtual machine (JVM) irrespective of the computer architecture. In 2012 one of the greatest popular programming languages in use is java. Especially for client/server applications Web with 10 million reported users. Java was first developed by James Gosling in Sun Microsystems (which has later combined with Oracle Corporation) and released in 1995 as an essential component of the Sun Micro systems Java platform. The language grows from much of the syntax from C and C++ but has less low level of services that each of them.

Original and reference implementation Java compilers, virtual machines, and class libraries were developed by Sun from 1991 and published for the first time in 1995. Relicensed from May of 2007 according to the terms of the Java Community Process Sun most of their Java technologies under the GNU General Public License. Others also have another implementations of these technologies the Sun as the GNU and GNU Java compiler class developed road.

Java is a programming language with a number of features that make the right language for use on the World Wide Web. Suitable for general purposes. Small Java applications can call Java applets and be downloaded from a Web server and run on your computer by a Web browser compatible Java. For example Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

There are many differences between Java and other programing languages. As there are also matches are managed code. Java does not give native code. But a few bytes of code, which is an executable in something called “virtual machine “. The best thing is windows build and arrange the application on UNIX.

Object oriented comprehensive, even more than C++ where global variables as possible. In java everything must take place in an object. It works on many operating systems. Many technologies in J2EE covering many features of the programming of the company servlets. JDBC, JSP and EJB to access the database.


Ruby is an energetic, reflective, combine’s general purpose programming language encouraged by Perl with Smalltalk features of programming language syntax. He was also influenced by Eiffel, and Lisp. The first Ruby was designed and developed in the mid-1990s.

Ruby supports many programming paradigms, including functional, object programming and focused on the need. It also has a dynamic type system and automatic memory management. It is consequently comparable in several aspects (Smalltalk, Python, Perl, Lisp, Dylan, Pike, and CLU)

Difference between java and ruby is java and ruby is very different with each other. Ruby is a scripting language and is taken from the fly. However java programs are compiled and then executed. Java and ruby both are object oriented programming languages.

Though Ruby uses dynamic typing as the static type of Java. On the surface is usually shorter and more sensitive than the counterpart of Java code. Java has a clear advantage in terms of performance and is a better established technology.