Computers Have Proliferated Into Various Areas Computer Science Essay

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Create a flyer that can be used by real estate agents to highlight their properties. Include a place for large picture, and include a convenient place for property and agent information. The flyer should within one page only.

2. Assuming that you are marketing of Samsung (M)Sdn.Bhd., prepare at least 10 power point slide for your potential customer to promote the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. You are required to include the following information in your presentation slide

-Image of your product



-Comparison with any other model from the same manufacturer

-Other relevant information


Computers have proliferated into various areas of our lives. For a user, a computer is a tool, provides the information you need, when you need it. You can use computers to get book tickets (rail, air and cinema), a library, a person's medical history book, a map, or a dictionary meaning of the words in one place information. Can you text, images, video clips, and other forms of presented information. Example, computer application in education, computers are widely used, and assistance as a tool, imparting education. Description educators use computers to prepare and present their lectures. Computers are used to develop computer-based training packages, providing distance education using e-learning software and online exams. Researchers used computer access and log the details of the Conference, as well as global access to research materials.

Besides that, people also using computer application in advertising. The computer is a powerful advertising medium. You can display ads on different sites; you can send e-mail and post comments of a product by different customers. Computers are also used to create a Visual and sound effects of advertising. For advertisers, through which the computer can make advertising a global vision of the advertising medium.Almost all online advertising has become an important element of the company's marketing plans. Then, use computer application in medicine also important now. Example, medical researchers and practitioners is using computers to access information about medical advances or worldwide to take the doctor's advice. In the patient's medical history is stored on your computer. Computers are like ultrasound machines, CT scanners, MRI machines and other advanced medical device an integral part. Medical surgeons doing laparoscopic surgery, the computer can also provide assistance.

And then, use computer application in entertainment also very important because computers have had a major impact on the entertainment industry. The user can download and view movies, play games, chat, book tickets for cinema halls, use multimedia for making movies, incorporate visual and sound effects by using computers, etc. The users can also listen to music, download and share music, create music by using computers. At last, people are using computer application in science and engineering. Scientists and engineers to perform complex scientific calculations, design and production of drawings (CAD/CAM applications) and simulation and test design is the use of computers. Computers perform complex calculations and are used to store complex data visualization of three dimensional objects. Complex science application launched like rockets, space exploration, impossible without computers.

Introduction of question 1

Doing a flayer need to use the Microsoft Word. Because can use Microsoft Word to design your flayer. Microsoft Word is the world's leading word processing application. It can be used with a wide range of documents (such as letters, memos, press releases, and blog now work too with Word 2007. In this article we will explore the new interface of Microsoft Word 2007.

Insert picture have many steps. First, place the cursor where you want to add graphics in the document. Second, go to the Insert menu and select picture. Third, if you want to from the Microsoft library; insert clip art, if you select a clip you want to insert the picture you scanned or created in another application or drawing, select from file. Forth, Microsoft Clip art, select images from the gallery and then right-click it and select Insert (the first icon in the menu). Fifth, for other pictures, locate the file on your hard disk, select it and click Insert. Sixth, after the image appears in the document, resize it by dragging the handles (small box) is located in one of the graphics around the outside edge of the frame. Now, we also can change styles of word. Styles of word can change to be colorful and more creative.

Design flayer can use Microsoft Word. Such as insert picture and shape, change style and size of word, and design background. Microsoft Word also can design the beautiful and creative flayer.

Conclusion of question 1

Microsoft word has many benefits. Examples spend more time writing and less time formatting. Office Fluent user interface provides you with the right tools when you need them, making it easy to quickly format documents. Now you can find the right features in Office Word 2007 to make your documents more effective communication. Using quick styles and document themes, you can quickly change the appearance of text, tables, and graphics throughout your document to match your preferred style or color scheme. And then, communicate more effectively with SmartArt diagrams and new charting tools. New SmartArt diagrams and a new charting engine help you use three dimensional shapes, transparency, drop shadows, and other effects to create great-looking content. Besides that, using Microsoft Word also design beautiful flayer. Design flayer in Microsoft Word can insert picture or design styles of word. This can make the flayer more creative for attract people.

Introduction of question 2

Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 is your ultimate entertainer, in the most ambitious scale provides a multimedia Tablet experience. And then, Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 can watch full HD movies, 8MP camera, play games or surf the Web on Flash Web sites and large 10.1 "display and dual surround sound speakers. All run smoother, faster and better with powerful dual-core 1 GHz processor and the Android 3, the cellular platforms. At last, Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 have 599 g incredibly light weight, but still features, Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 is fully loaded is your superb entertainer and it is always ready to perform.

8 million pixels camera is sold by Vodafone in Europe are available on 10.1V. This is a thinner, lighter version and the 3M pixel camera. Samsung to its largest slate, should help it fare better describes some of the finishing touches. At the last minute, the company announced it will appear larger batteries (7000mAh), 30 grams of low-weight than initially announced, and DivX and XviD it would be supported. It seems to have been more competitive device advantages over their competitors (although on the edge of Tab 10.1 is slim) a good way. It has an attachment, allowing you to insert a SD card and USB flash drive. Memory cards easily with card reader connected to your computer, it contains all the things in it, so that you can easily replace a card. Few people say that about three months after using the device, phone starting trouble. Touch screen does not mean to give a battery life as well as a rapid response. But there are a lot of applications to download. Unfortunately renters have no support in the market. And 3G are mainly used for connecting to the Internet and video conferencing. Video conference is a very different type of voice calls, but looks completely replace it. Galaxy Tab 10.1 3 g WiFi and cellular networks that can send and receive data. AFAIK 10.1 3 g cannot make phone calls using the mobile phone network, but can be used on Skype.

Now, Samsung GALAXY Tab sold RM1899 only. And then, it has many functions also very better than another tablet pc. Such as it has 8 MP camera, can insert SD card, can play full HD movie and more fast processor. This can attract customer to buy this products.

Conclusion of question 2

Samsung GALAXY Tab can bring many benefits in our life. Examples, can watch movie in full HD or can more fast to internet. And then, Samsung GALAXY Tab can save battery no needs every time also worry to charge the tablet pc. Samsung GALAXY Tab also has support Voice Calls. Galaxy Tab 10.1 has no phone but a SIM is used for GSM DATA connections like GPRS and EDGE. At last, Samsung GALAXY Tab can download application and games in the Android market. Besides that, many applications also free no need to paid money. Finally the product is very good for us to buy.


Computer application can bring many benefits to our life. Examples, Microsoft word can do a flayer need to use the Microsoft Word. Because can use Microsoft Word to design your flayer. Microsoft Word is the world's leading word processing application. It can be used with a wide range of documents (such as letters, memos, press releases, and blog now work too with Microsoft Word. Now, all the tablets pc also can use computer application. Such as can watch the movie, listen the music and use internet. Besides that, processor also very fast like computer. Then, we also learn how to browse the site to pick out important information, translating this information into a descriptive brochure. Finally, we have learned how to compare three different possibilities, as well as their costs and benefits, and had found the basis for a decision.


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