Computer Systems For Disabled People Computer Science Essay

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By this service, the disability people can listen to the text sounds just by the touch on the screen and even with the key stoke. The communication service of telephone with a voice recognizer so that, when they raise the question to the service, that connects directly to the relevant department and they get the solution for their query/answer from the person of the service department. This service helps people make their work faster by connecting to the department member for in no time and it also helps person avoiding the mess of mind by cursing the slow/holding services.

The increment or the decrement of the font sizes would be really helpful for them in reading the data very easily for visual disability people. These people can use the web by increasing the font and even done by the enlargement of the images. But if they watch it for long time it may create some problem for vision. So this Speech synthesizer can avoid watching the screen for a long time and while any images are any complicated marks they can look out and read it for a while.

Solution for an the service that helps for person with hard hearing is, getting up the information required clearly by the adjustment of the volume accordingly to the person convenience for the people to get the better service from this software provided. As people use the services, can be given output for the information on the screen into a speech synthesis/producer which helps them to hear or they can even use word based browsers such as ‘Linux’ so that they can read every word on page in this service. Some services should even have the service of increment or the decrement of the font sizes that would be really helpful for them in reading the data clearly for the visual disability people. The increment / decrement of the font and even done by the enlargement of the images makes their work very easy for the vision disabled person.

People with speech disability, needs the voice based interaction on the web with no alternative input mode for this service can be provided for such disability people. We can make changes that become more complex and easy to use and for the people who have age related disabilities can use the screen magnifier.

People disability of deaf and has the low vision may be benefited by the captions displayed on the screen including the audio files and this can be done only with the enragement of the captions and the color contrast can be adjusted.

People who cannot move their hands, and has difficulty in seeing the screen well, can use the combination of input and output speech.

The service of the system for the mental disability is Visual and audio element services. They need the service done by switching off the rest elements which provides them to focus only on the particular element. For this system service, people with capture disability need the avoidance of visual and audio frequencies.

Finally my documentary explains al about the people disabilities and their usage source of usage within their Personal Computer without any obligations of the usability.

Final design of the system:



This document concludes the different types of disabled people and their problems facing while using the Personal Computer. In this we have discussed about the usage of the web and the implementation of the software

Finally the conclusion for the people who are blind can be benefit from hearing using audio description of the Web-based video and the people who are deaf; they are benefited by seeing the scrolling captions displayed on the screen. People with both deaf and blind, they need to access the transcripts of the audio and video description that helps them to access the displayed text.

And finally my conclusion for the Personal Computer is, the Personal Computer browser became a main part of usage for human life and I feel the disabled people must also get the fruits to use all the services of my proposed system, which gives many more other services and should be implemented into the Personal Computer provides them very well.

As for Present, all these services are provided by only some software’s that are developed only in few of the highly paid institutions. In my view this should be implemented in at most all the systems as inbuilt. This states that, there shouldn’t be any difference when they sit in a group/public about their disability and lead their life happily without any mental stress.